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Bad moral attitudes remain

On 30 December 2015, the BBC cited a memo written by Oliver Letwin in 1985.

Letwin, who is currently David Cameron's policy chief, was then a part of the policy unit advising Margaret Thatcher.

Following the Broadwater Riots where PC Keith Blakelock was stabbed 43 times (more than 230 police officers were injured), Letwin and fellow wannabe MP, Hartley Booth, were minded to say this:
"The root of social malaise is not poor housing, or youth 'alienation', or the lack of a middle class.

Lower-class, unemployed white people lived for years in appalling slums without a breakdown of public order on anything like the present scale; in the midst of the depression, people in Brixton went out, leaving their grocery money in a bag at the front door, and expecting to see groceries there when they got back.

Riots, criminality and social disintegration are caused solely by individual characters and attitudes. So long as bad moral attitudes remain, all efforts to improve the inner cities will founder...

David Young's new entrepreneurs will set up in the disco and drug trade; Kenneth Baker's refurbished council blocks will decay through vandalism combined with neglect; and people will graduate from temporary training or employment programmes into unemployment or crime."
As you might expect of a smarmy British politician who gets caught out thinking or saying the wrong thing, Letwin was quick to apologise for telling an unsanitised truth.

However, despite the sneers and snarls of a gaggle left-wing champions eager to make their PC mark, the truth remains the truth and Letwin and Booth told it just as it was back then.

But in a world constructed by cultural Marxism, pretending that things are NOT as they actually are is much more important than the facts and, as Letwin realises, those who transgress the PC writ must make fulsome obeisance to the God of all deceitful things if they wish to benefit further from the secrets he keeps and the truth he covers up.
Labour's David Lammy, who grew up alongside the Broadwater Farm estate, said the riots 'had nothing to do with moral bankruptcy,' which is bull. Why do you think 'lower-class, unemployed white people lived for years in appalling slums without a breakdown of public order,' Dave?

Lammy said the memo was 'an indication of how the powerful can be so utterly, utterly out of touch with what's going on.' Well, they sure can. But, in this instance they were bang on the money. I suspect the MP for Tottenham realises this. if he doesn't, here's a stat that, if he checks it out, might illuminate the Lammysphere somewhat:
MP, Chuka Umunna, who grew up in Brixton at the time of the riots, added this: 
"The authors of this paper illustrate a complete ignorance of what was going on in our community at that time, as evidenced by their total and utter disregard of the rampant racism in the Met Police which caused the community to boil over, there is no mention of that racism in their paper. 
The attitudes towards the black community exhibited in the paper are disgusting and appalling. The tone of it in places is positively Victorian."
Yeah, you're right, Chuka.

However, though the Victorian era wasn't the finest for the British working-classes, honesty was a hell of a lot more fashionable than it is now.

I loathe those who would imply that, somehow, the beasts who murdered Trevor Blakelock were justified in doing so. These truly exemplify the 'bad moral attitude' of the environment that made them. And now, though not in power, these are still able to dictate the terms of the debate to us, the descendants of the lower orders who 'lived for years in appalling slums' but did not riot.

Funny how all the race law (the first of these pernicious laws was introduced by Harold Wilson's half-Jewish, Russian Home Secretary, Frank Soskice, in 1965) constructed by the Letwins, Umunnas and Lammies over the course of the last 50 years has been aimed at the non-rioters, isn't it? Interesting how PC has rewarded the riotous type as it disenfranchised, demoted and tormented those rather more inclined to respect 'public order.' 

Letwin knew how things were back then and yet, in the same year that the memo was written, his fellow Jew, Home Secretary, Leon Brittan, raised the additional penalty for racism connected with criminal offences to two years. (Jack Straw, another Jewish Home Secretary, oversaw the raising of this penalty to SEVEN YEARS in 1998) Letwin, Brittan and the parliamentary hoi-polloi, would certainly have been aware that the race laws were intended to bear down on those who had not up to that point, according to Letwin at least, displayed bad 'moral attitudes.'

They were never meant to deter the immigrant communities from rioting, that's for sure.

The kinfolk of Letwin, Brittan and Straw were crucial in the making of these anti-indigenous laws. 

In a report titled: Response of the Board of Deputies of British Jews to proposals to amend the Race Relations Act, 1976, the Board of Deputies issued the following triumphal communiqué:
"The Board has been at the forefront of the development of proposals for race relations legislation in the UK… The Defence Policy and Group Relations Division, which monitors the activities of political extremists and racists, has urged successive governments to enact and strengthen race relations legislation… It has also sought allies and made common cause with other religious and minority groups. 
The Board played a fundamental part in urging upon government the first Race Relations Act which was based, in part, on reports prepared for the Board by Professor Geoffrey Bindman and Lord Lester of Herne Hill. Subsequently the Board has provided written and oral evidence to enquiries which preceded the passage of the Public Order Act 1986, the Criminal Justice Act 1994 and the Crime and Disorder Act 1998...  
The social climate affecting racism and racial discrimination has also evolved during that period, and many proposals have been put forward for correcting deficiencies or anomalies in the legislation… But there remains some scope for improvement. 
We regard the proposals of the CRE for legislative change to be well thought out and substantiated… We are pleased to welcome and endorse the CRE’s published proposals. 
In particular we draw attention to proposed 1B, which recommends that the Race Relations Act should apply to all aspects of the activities of Government and all Public Bodies. We would support the extension of the RRA to all government and public bodies. These organisations play a leading role in forming public opinion on social issues… 
The Board can also see the case for new legislation to combat discrimination and incitement on religious grounds… We are also shortly to respond to the Government’s request that it might consider introducing specific legislation to outlaw Holocaust Denial… 
In addition to changes in the main body of national law, changes are needed in the rules and regulations of many institutions and organisations to decrease or remove discrimination on religious grounds."
A south African immigrant by the name of Eldred Tabachnick, who just happens to be a close friend of Tony Blair, was the Chairman of the Jewish Board of British Deputies at time the statement above was published.

Anyway, I've a great deal more contempt for those who know what the score was and STILL screwed us to the hilt with dishonest and destructive law, than those who profited greedily prom it.

In the end, Letwin and his fellow Tories did nothing to stop the onward march of Brit-bashing political correctness, even though it appears that they knew the absolute moral difference between 'lower-class, unemployed white people' and those who were likely to 'graduate from temporary training or employment programmes into unemployment or crime.'

They stood aside as an historically destructive minority who wished to belabour and dishearten the indigenous good guy, did just that.

I loathe the Lammies and the Umunnas.

But I hate the Letwins.

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