Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Whoever tells the truth is quickly labelled as a Nazi

On 22 December 2015, Police Commissioner Tania Kambouri said this in Stuttgarter Zeitung:
"The numbers of criminal acts by refugees are politically undesirable. I think many of the officials are kept in control in leading positions of policy, or at least influenced. Whoever tells the truth in these matters is quickly labelled as a Nazi… I can only say, my colleagues and I go every day on the street. We know what happens there...

Young Muslim men... do not identify themselves with the German state, even if they were born in Germany or have long lived here. Some openly say ‘sh*t on Germany’... I know, as the daughter of a Greek family, that everyone in Germany has the chance to become something, even if you look foreign… We must impose harsher penalties."
Responding to a recent report by the Federal Criminal Police Office which showed immigrants committing no no more crime than the rest of the population, Tanya said:
“My service experience and that of my colleagues shows a different story. I would imagine something had been falsified or glossed over so not to stir fear in the population.”

Glossed over? Tell me about it. British politicians have been lying about and covering up immigrant criminality since the 1960s. Those whom the British sheep vote for are so foul, so corrupt, so bought-and-paid-for that they were prepared to allow vicious Muslim immigrants to rape and prostitute our little girls with little in the way of investigation for at least three decades.

Not only that. When the BNP, the National Front and a variety of concerned individuals spoke out, the same bought-and-paid-for parliamentary and media whores called them 'racist,' 'Fascist,' 'Nazi,' 'bigot.' And, if that didn't work, the politicians criminalised those who wouldn't shut up, using their recently invented race laws.

Now that the treachery of the political classes in the West is so manifest, we must begin to consider those who still vote for them culpable. It is the unthinking voter who keeps the traitor in power. In Germany, that voter has seen a million 'shit-on-Germany' types enter the country in just one year. In this country, as previously stated, the predatory Muslim paedophile has been encouraged and enabled by a similarly stupid electorate.

Those who care about the world that their ancestors made cannot afford to leave the future of their descendants in the hands of the dumbed-down, drugged-up 'X-Factor' and 'Big Brother' groupie, who can be guaranteed, time after time, to fall for the cynical blandishments of a political class that despises him.

Keep finding out, folks.

Keep publishing your findings.

And sharpen your pitchforks.

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