Tuesday 14 November 2023

Telling the truth in an upside down world will never be forgiven!

On 13 November 2023, the Neil Oliver monologue published above was first seen at the GB News website.
"No good deed goes unpunished, but lying for the establishment is a path to success, to promotion and wealth. Repeating the establishment's lies, cheerleading for them, pushing and supporting whatever lies the establishment tells carries no damaging consequences for the liars, even when the lies are exposed and lies are always exposed. In the end, the liars shrug and move on to telling more lies.

Telling the truth, however, in this upside down world will never be forgiven. Still out there in perdition, exiled never to return to their old lives, to the restoration of the reputations they had before, are those who told the truth. Exile for defying the establishment is a life sentence. But while lying carries no consequences for the liars, there are consequences, all sorts, that the liars never see coming.

Just as for instance, the number of American parents deciding not to submit their children to the state recommended jobs is at an all time high. Never has such a large proportion, as much as 5% in some states, opted to keep their child away from the needle.

Who could blame them? I'm not aware of a similar report here in the UK, but it's reasonable to imagine a parallel trend, hesitancy born of suspicion that those in charge of the medical world, those making the decisions, are not to be trusted. And once trust goes, it never comes back.

The world of medicine has made itself untrustworthy. The lying is everywhere. Now more and more people see the lies coming at them from all over. Every day, the lying about the pandemic, the use of dishonest propaganda, the deceit and obfuscation, the nudging and psyops, the threats and bullying, the censorship and silencing of dissenting voices are more blatantly exposed.

Also exposed is the truth of what some voices warned early in the debacle about the economic suicide of lockdown, about lockdown's inevitable harms to health, physical and mental, about unforgivable harms to children. Every day, the lie about safe and effective, the 100% safety and efficacy we were told to trust in relation to those medical products promoted as vaccines is more obvious. And yet, last week in Brazil, the population was told that if they don't get their children jabbed with those products, they'll be denied state welfare.

Big Pharma was not even asked to test whether its products would prevent transmission of disease. The claim that was the entire foundation and justification for pushing those products, mandating them for health workers on pain of losing their jobs, pushing them on children for whom the risk from COVID was so low, it emerged at one point that 4 million doses would have to be given to two million children to stop a single admission to intensive care.

That the products would not stop transmission. That the benefits of wholesale jabbing of children were vanishingly small, if not non-existence. That the JCVI, the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation, had discussed and acknowledged that the risk from the injectables of myocarditis and pericarditis, especially in young males, was real and serious was, we know now, information available to those dictating policy from before the beginning.

And yet still, the people of this country and the wider world were bombarded round the clock with propaganda that those products were safe and effective, indeed, that to refuse them was tantamount to deliberately killing granny. Lies, I say all of this makes what happened, what was knowingly inflicted on the people of this country, from youngest to oldest, unforgivable.

When I was a child, fairy stories started with Once Upon a time. Now they begin, according to experts, I hold my hand up and say I was in the beginning, as gulled as the next dupe. But in spite of that, for those first weeks it never occurred to me that the government and others in authority would knowingly unleash harm on us. And yet it becomes unavoidably clear that they did. That's precisely what they did. There's now no denying the truth that they were informed of the harms that would be done, but that they went ahead anyway.

Right there is the reason why there have been and will be COVID inquiry or no COVID inquiry, no meaningful consequences for those responsible. Because the appropriate consequences would surely see the highest in the land behind bars for years, if not for the rest of their lives. And let's face it, that ain't ever going to happen. In this upside down world you and I might face jail time for lighting a wood burning stove in winter or saying a man can only be a man and a woman can only be a woman. But for setting and train events that killed, permanently injured or otherwise destroyed, never to be known numbers of people, all that lies ahead are honours, bigger jobs and bigger bonuses.

No meaningful consequences for the liars then. And the same voices that lied about all of it have gone on to lie, I say about one thing after another, about the human impact on climate, about the building of a digital prison with digital IDs, social credit scores and central bank digital currencies, about the war in Ukraine and most recently about the blood drenched hellscape of Gaza.

The peoples of the world are set at each other's throats and as abuse is howled between entrenched groups and sides, all manner of world changing mischief is plotted and acted upon by the usual suspects that never face the consequences of their actions. While the fires burn and the blood flows, Bill Gates's World Health Organization moves to centralised power over 193 member states, including the UK. The same liars are lying about that, of course, saying the amendments to the international health recommendations are nothing at all to fear, that no threat at all is posed to national sovereignty. But liars lie. That's what they do.

I see now, though, the liars are playing with fire. They lied about the war in Ukraine, and now half a million Ukrainians are dead, alongside tens of thousands of Russians. In April 2022, former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson scuppered any hopes of early peace. The big lie about the West's involvement in Ukraine was that it was about saving democracy there. But since that lofty claim was made, President Zelensky has banned opposition, taken control of the media, stopped elections and most recently banned the 1000 year old Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

From the very beginning, there were voices asking questions about that place and that war, about the involvement of the Biden family with business deals there, about the way the United States pushed a coup d'etat in Ukraine in 2014 to get rid of a pro Russian President and replace him with one well disposed to Washington, about Nazis in the ranks of Ukraine's fighting forces. Any and all questions about those matters, and more besides, were loudly shouted down as some sort of treason. There's no doubting the truth now, though. It turns out there was no democracy to save in Ukraine, just lucrative business concerns.

At the time of his death in 1940, Major General Smedley Butler was the most decorated Marine in U.S. history. In 1935 he wrote a book called War Is a Racket, in which he declared War is a racket,it always has been. It's possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It's the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives. Weapons sent to Ukraine by the West, mostly out of date, store cupboard weapons, but good enough for a veritable smorgasbord of death, have since turned up many thousands of miles away, sold on the black market.

What was always going to happen is surely happening. Russia will take the Russian part of Ukraine being the Donbass seat of the civil war that raged from 2014 onwards, and it will retain Crimea and its access to the sea. That's what was always going to happen. And while without the West's contribution to the suffering, it might have happened 600 days and half a million deaths ago, finally everyone is accepting that bloody inevitability.

The war mongers and carpetbaggers, enriched by events in Ukraine, operated in the near certainty that pain caused there would not be felt in their own backyards. Now they're playing with matches in the Holy Land, which is a horse of a different colour. Ancient trouble there, made of decades of wickedness, is being stalked. Cry havoc bellow the worst of them and let slip the dogs of war. But fires that catch there will inevitably spread, perhaps out of control.

Sage commentators warned that the resultant conflagration may consume in its entirety the state of Israel. In any event, tens of thousands of Palestinians are being annihilated. Any voice even suggesting a ceasefire is to be silenced. But we here in the West are hardly beyond the reach of likely flames after decades of people in power cynically and deliberately making trouble for communities across Europe and here at home in the UK, decades of meddling, of turning blind eyes to simmering hatreds and abuse, the populations of Europe and also the UK, are up to our ankles in petrol. The liars and their troublemaking servants are playing with matches again, and the possible, perhaps inevitable, consequences are plain to see.

Are we to be herded into civil war? Holy war? World War? As always? Ask Cui Bono, Who benefits? When all that US weaponry, billions of dollars worth, was casually left behind in Afghanistan, it created a massive, lucrative opportunity for the military industrial complex to replace it all. For hundreds of billions more dollars. Ukraine was another sump soaking up more ordnance that had to be replaced on and on and on. A multi billion dollar merry go round of death that never stops spinning.

Ask yourself what happens next. There are rumours of a draft in the United States. Will American sons and daughters be sent to die in the Middle East? Will yours? Will mine? And for what? Here's the thing, if the liars don't want you to ask questions, it's because they're scared. You might learn the truth. And the truth is that it's lies all the way down."
I have no heroes.

But, if I did, this man would be one.

Monday 13 November 2023

Assorted informational videos the BBC et al will not be publishing (67)

Israel is "very puzzled by the concern that the world is showing for the Palestinian people!"

Have you ever seen racism like this?

In the UK, the Zionist Jew screams 'racist, Fascist, Nazi, bigot,' if we complain too loudly about the unwelcome foreigner in our midst, but in Israel, their behaviour is rather different.

French-Israeli lawyer says, 'there are no innocent civilians in Gaza!'

She then goes onto justify the killing of Palestinian children!

Was the Nova Music Festival attacked by Hamas actually devastated by Direct Energy Weapons?

Republican free speech advocates "turn on a dime" and say exact opposite of what they've been saying all along now Israel is being condemned!

Zelensky has cancelled the elections in Ukraine - Tulsi Gabbard offers her opinion on this and wonders if Joe Biden will do the same.

The USA maintains 131 military bases in the USA deep underground.

They have 1477 of these throughout the world!

Perhaps when they manage to get WW3 up and running, the elites will retire to the sanctuary provided by such off-limit bolt holes.

Trust me, we will not be invited.

Israeli TV is, at last, broadcasting the truth about COVID-19 and the vaccines.

Before British MSM, I may add.

"We're seeing infection and illness in vaccinated individuals!"
"The vast majority of the deceased are vaccinated people!"

Former star football player, Matt Le Tissier, speaks out against the COVID and vaccine scams and blows the whistle on institutional compliance at the FA!

CANADA: 3,400 people in Alberta die of 'cause unknown!'
"We've had too many sudden deaths!"

Dr. Karen DeVore ignored the dire threats of the authorities and never stopped using Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin to protect and enhance her patients' health.

Here she testifies before the South Carolina Senate.

German MEP says:
"Climate lockdown... 15 minute cities... will be a complete impoverishment and enslavement of all the people!"

Co-author of the 2004 work, "The Death of Environmentalism: Global Warming Politics in a Post-Environmental World," Michael Shellenberger says the climate alrmists have sold humanity a “big lie!”

Friday 10 November 2023

How many Israelis were killed by 'friendly fire' on 7 October 2023?

On 9 November 2023, Megatron - @Megatron_ron posted a video at Twitter (X) describing it thus:
"Footage has emerged of an Israeli helicopter killing many people at an October 7 concert in Israel. The IDF basically fired on everyone fleeing that concert using helicopters. Still unconfirmed."
X later added the following 'context'...
"The posted video shows IDF forces firing at the border, not near the Nova festival... The above claims are without evidence."
This last quote seems somewhat disingenuous to me.

The Nova festival took place near the border. So for the 'context' providers to suggest the border area where the IDF helicopter fire was centred was NOT close where the Nova festival took place is, I think, palpably inaccurate.

Anyway, make of the video what you will.

On 16 November 2023, online Israeli daily YNet told us this:
On 21 October 2023, another Israeli publication, 'N12', contained the following quotations:
"At 06:50, the two teams that were on standby at the base are jumped into the helicopters. In less than ten minutes they are on their way to the Gaza Strip. They have no idea what is really happening on the ground...
'I see many cars on Route 232 standing, and some with their doors open,' recalled Lt. Col. A. 'I understand that I am going to have a dilemma here as to who is our forces and who is the enemy, if any, and who are citizens. The whole decision is now on me, there's no one to talk to.'
The communication network said: 'We see a lot of terrorists, we don't know if they are terrorists, but soldiers on vans heading towards the Strip, and we are bypassing them'...
Lt. Col. A. 'This is the first time I have been there I actually encountered the fact that there are loopholes in the fence, there are people crossing the fence and this is a surreal picture. Anyone who crosses the fence is an enemy. There are not even any of our forces in the area of ​​the fence, there is nothing'...
'There are terrorists, I don't know who is who'...
'Mosvat Nahal Oz, there are terrorists there. Go, I don't know who is who, I don't know what these vehicles are'...
It is almost impossible to operate fighter jets in our territory without greatly endangering the residents and fighters...
'While we are shooting, we see an IDF vehicle and we also see armed people entering the vehicle, the vehicle stops, comes towards the gate. And then we're happy and say, 'Okay, fine, Hina, there's a force here to take care of this.' And at the same time they direct us to another place... In retrospect, I understand that it probably wasn't our soldiers'...
The burnt-out car lot from the party in Bari... It may be the first time the squadron learned about the party at all... When the Apache forces got there, there was no one to help.
'I see an insane amount of vehicles, burned... If they attacked all the outposts at the same time... then no one would have known to look to the right or left to see what was happening there'...
Only at noon did the two Apache squadrons gain full strength. If only there had been a warning, things would have been different, but nothing that happened in those hours was written in the books...
The squadron commander adds: 'Someone comes up in front of me and tells me: 'I'm on the phone with a family that is in the MMD, there are terrorists inside their house... Our forces haven't had time to reach this settlement yet, and I've already run out of missiles there', which is the more accurate weaponry. I decide to shoot a cannon 30 meters from this house, a very difficult decision. I shoot so that if they are now there, they will hear the explosions inside the house, that they will realize that they know they are there, and hopefully they will get out of this house. I also tell you The truth is, it crosses my mind if I shoot at the house'...
How do you shoot someone who is returning towards the border?
'Good question, and it's a super-complex dilemma'."
What seems likely to me, given all of the above, is this: in the 'fog of war' the IDF may have killed a good few Israelis, mistaking them for Hamas terrorists.

They may also have failed to prevent a number of deaths, having mistaken said terrorists for their own troops.

On 8 November 2023, CBC posted a video at YouTube of the 'burnt out' cars that had travelled to the Nova festival on 7 October.

These vehicles are, for the most part, utterly devastated.

Such devastation could not have been caused by rifle fire. It's possible that some of the vehicles could have ended up in this state having been subjected to attack from rocket-propelled grenades, which a few of the terrorists will, I'm sure, have had. But it seems inconceivable that the catastrophe that befell these vehicles and their occupants could not, for the most part, have been caused by the light weapons that the terrorists brought with them on that day.

So what happened to them?

I think that the extent of the damage on view can only have been caused by one thing. The heavy artillery mounted on the IDF's helicopter gunships.

I may be wrong.

But I don't think so.

How many Israelis were killed by 'friendly fire' that day?

Will THEY ever tell us?

Doubt it.

Tuesday 7 November 2023


Max Igan's latest exposé of the Gaza genocide.

The Theft of Palestine!

President Harry Truman didn't try to hide the role America played in the theft of Palestine from its Palestinian inhabitants.

He said:
“We took Palestine in small doses… You can’t move 5 or 6m people out of a country and fill it up with 5 or 6m more and expect both sets to be pleased!”
The Ben Gurion Canal project and its outlet to the Mediterranean in NORTHERN GAZA!
Jewish girl on Jewish/establishment 'evil' and the Palestinian genocide!
Bernie Sanders: Israel must ‘stop the indiscriminate slaughter of innocent people!’
Neil Oliver: The Israel-Hamas war is the ugliest, most brutal, most obscene game of all!
Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib accuses Biden of supporting ‘genocide’ of Palestinians!
Israeli bombs hit school being used as a shelter - Children form 40% of fatalities!
Will Israel unite to topple Benjamin Netanyahu?
Asked whether Israel should nuke Gaza, an Israeli Minister said 'this is a possibility!' The 'monsters in Gaza,' he said, 'can go to Ireland or the desert!'
Boris Johnson arrives in Israel for 'solidarity' visit and to meet IDF soldiers!
Israeli ambassador Tzipi Hotovely: ‘Jews feel London is less safe than Israel!’
Gaza could spawn Hamas 2.0 and spread terror into Europe!
Netanyahu defies Gaza ceasefire plea from Pope and Middle East leaders!
Israeli civilians celebrate the destruction of Gaza and its people!
I wonder why MSM never mentions the anti-Zionist Jews of Satmar? (No I don't...)
"Israel is LOSING this war and Netanyahu is done!" - Scott Ritter
Holocaust survivor refuses to support the genocide of the Palestinians!
Netanyahu says Israel will take control of 'overall security' of Gaza after the genocide!
More than 160 health care workers have died on duty in Gaza, says WHO!
Why did Netanyahu want to strengthen Hamas?
Obama says: ‘All of us are complicit to some degree’ in ‘occupation,’ Hamas terror!
Met Police adviser led ‘from the river to the sea’ chant!

Monday 6 November 2023

Nobel Prize Winner says there is no climate emergency!

Senator Malcolm Roberts published a video of a speech in the Australian Senate at YouTube on 19 October 2023.

Here is the blurb he posted along with the video:
"John F. Klauser, winner of the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work in quantum mechanics, went public last week with the following statement:
'I can confidently say there is no real climate crisis and that climate change does not cause extreme weather events.'
In response, the International Monetary Fund, the financial arm of the United Nations, cancelled his scheduled speaking engagements.

Silencing scientists won't save the great global warming scam though. Top US climate scientists have correctly rubbished claims that the Northern Hemisphere's July was the hottest month on record. In an article published in The Australian last month, Cliff Mass, Professor of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Washington, said the public is being 'misinformed on a massive scale' and that there's a 'stunning amount of exaggeration and hype of extreme weather and heatwaves'.

Forests that have been overgrown and not taken care of have a tendency, when a fire is started, to burn catastrophically. When we blame climate change for this rather than environmental mismanagement, we fail to deal with the real problems.

John Christy, Professor of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Alabama, which runs the official NASA satellite temperature records, says heatwaves in the first half of the 20th century were at least as intense as recent ones. In fact, the increase in temperature since 1978 is only 0.3°C in keeping with temperature trends since the mini ice age 200 years ago. Measuring mean temperatures is confounded by urban creep. The growth of cities has subjected existing weather stations to additional heat.
'In central Houston, for example, it is now between 6 and 9°F warmer than the surrounding countryside,' explained Prof Christy.'
It's worth noting here that large solar arrays create the same heat sink effect as creeping urbanisation.

Despite the concerted efforts of climate alarmists to control the narrative, there are growing numbers of scientists and experts who are distancing themselves from the climate pseudoscience promoted by government agencies and the media. Even Jim Skier, head of the UN climate body, says a 1.5 degree temperature rise is not an existential threat to humanity. There is no climate crisis."
MEP: "The declared objective is to change our behaviour... Climate change is just a pretext!"
Nobel Prize winner says climate alarmism is based on ‘pseudoscience!’
MIT Professor of Meteorology, Richard Lindzen, says there is no real evidence of climate change!"
"There is no climate crisis, no consistent correlation between CO2 and Earth's temperature!"
The climate scaremongers: Storm Babet was no more than bad weather!
Spanish official admits arson caused Tenerife wildfires despite ‘climate crisis’ media narrative!
NatWest tells customers to stop eating meat, starts tracking their carbon footprint!
Tony Abbott, the public should 'find a better guru' than Greta Thunberg! Too many have been 'propagandised' by 'climate scares!'
Eco-warriors boast holding meetings with top Labour MPs after causing chaos!
End of the world of woke! Investors turn back on green investing...
HAARP in action?
Acapulco + Maui = Deep State globalism weaponising the weather?
Green, powerless and defenceless!
Bill Gates’ lab grown meat causes cancer in humans?
Tony Abbott: 'One day thisclimate fixation and emissions obsession will be discredited!'
Smart meters and a not-so-smart minister!
Net Zero is unstoppable – except by common sense!
MAUI - Lahaina reopens and new questions arise! Anomalies galore...
Hemp is high in protein, rich in vitamin E and possesses all 8 essential fatty acids!
Why does America ban, and the world frown on, hemp? It's the 'greenest' plant there is!
The Great Electric Car Scam!
Who’s murdering England? Just follow the money!
Another climate talkfest, another waste of time and money!
Just Stop Oil vows 'epic disruption on a level not seen before!'
The planet was considerably warmer in past times, before man mitted CO2, and life flourished!
Sadiq Khan's hated Ulez expansion costing drivers £730,000 a day with thousands charged!
Covid, climate change and the weaponisation of Bad Science!
BBC's climate change lies are highlighted by the Daily Express!
JANE FONDA: "There'd be no climate crisis if it wasn't for racism!"
Will you be fried, frozen or drowned? Your cut-out-and-keep guide to UK climate change!
John Selwyn Gummer spouting b***ocks on behalf of the Climate Nazis!
How to debunk climate change alarmism - James Taylor
The religious cult of climate catastrophism!
Thames Water has worst year for sewage pollution in a decade!
Katie Hopkins takes the mickey, quite resonably, out of 'green' energy!
The climate scaremongers: The day the Earth didn’t catch fire!
Bill Gates wants to hack the weather to save us from extinction? CIA beat you to it!
The climate scaremongers: How the Met Office cooks the temperature books!
KUWAIT: This is the biggest tyre cemetery in the world. The fire is always on and can be seen from outer space. Yet Irish cows = Climate change?
"If we actually achieved Net Zero, at least 50% of the population would die of hunge/disease!"
"What percentage of the atmosphere is made up of CO2? The top decision makers don't know!
Despite rubber stamping draconian climate regulations to reduce CO2, EPA Admin, Gina McCarthy, has no idea what percentage of the atmosphere is made up of CO2!

Sunday 5 November 2023

Bryn Tannar speaks out!


palestinians lives are just as valuable as israelis. stop defending the war crimes Israel is committing. a war crime is a war crime no matter who does it. they should ALL be condemned. it’s 2023 and you are believing the oppressor with no evidence and a history of lying over the victims with ample evidence.

♬ original sound - gradstudentlife

Bryn Tannar speaks out righteously!
"The refugee camp Israel bombed... They bombed it knowing they would kill hundreds... They were willing to sacrifice hundreds of Palestinians for one Hamas member... That's like one of the most insane things I've ever heard.

And then the fact that there's people out there defending that, saying that that's okay, like if there were 400 Israelis killed for one Hamas member, none of you would be okay with it. But you're okay with it because of you value Israeli life over Palestinian life. And you prove that time and time again.

And then you have the audacity to say that you care about Palestinian lives, you care about them, but you think it's okay to kill hundreds of them for one Hamas member...

We're seeing these atrocities from our phones, like as well as Israel, you know, admitting it and like telling us what they're doing, we're seeing it from our phones. Okay, if you think it's okay to kill hundreds of Palestinians for one Hamas member, explain what's also going on the West Bank. There's videos of IDF soldiers just torturing Palestinian men. They have their eyes blindfold, their hands are tied back, they're naked, they're being kicked around... It's absolutely so humane and cruel.

And then there's also videos of the IDF going in, doing their ground invasion and targeting and blowing up civilians cars. I've seen these videos and you'll come in, in the comments and say that they're made up and you don't believe them... You'll say it doesn't happen. Meanwhile, you'll also come in the comments and say the most insane lies about Hamas. and it's not even in the news... And then you're so mad that we don't believe your lies... You're completely making stuff up and you care more about that than what's actually happening...

Meanwhile, we're coming to you with proof. Palestinians are showing you what's happening to them and you're still saying, 'I don't believe it.' You don't believe it? The crimes that the IDF has committed for years, this did not start on October 7th, are atrocious and they're well documented.

Do you know how many women the IDF has raped? In 2020 alone, there was 15,000 sexual assault claims against the IDF, 36 of which were raped! Are you not enraged about that? Do you not care about that? Do you not care about it? Because it was the IDF?... Because it was against Palestinians?... No one will condemn Israel for the crimes committed... The mental gymnastics some of you are doing, to try to say that this video that's in Front of you, this dead child in front of you was made up. It didn't actually happen. It's just insane to me.

And then, aside from that, you're still okay with them cutting off food, water, electricity, medical supplies? You don't think that's inhumane? The fact that there's countries around the world calling for a ceasefire, saying there needs to be a ceasefire, and you're sitting back being, like, 'no, I'm smarter than you, actually, a ceasefire won't help anything'... They've killed over 8,000 Palestinians. And how many Hamas members?

If you posted about the hostages, why have you not posted about the Palestinian hostages? They have arrested over 5,000 Palestinians since October 7th for no reason. And there's so much documentation on how inhumane they're treated in these prisons. They're sexually assaulted. They're physically assaulted. They're not giving food, water. They're not giving medical care. And you're not talking about it. Like you either genuinely don't care about Palestinian lives... There's a lot of you out there who think that...

I makes no sense to me. The fact that you can justify hundreds of Palestinians dying for one Hamas member! For one Hamas member, is insane to me. I am appalled by so many of You. It's despicable."
Bravo, Bryn!

The political class and the mainstream media are, for the most part, at war, not just with the Palestinian people, but all of us! And many now realise it. Some of these are daring to speak out.

Bryn Tannar would be one of these.

Bravo, Bryn!

Saturday 4 November 2023

Spanish Minister, Ione Bellara, calls Binyamin Netanyahu a ‘war criminal!’

"Inaction is making us accoumplices to a planned genocide...

We need to act! We need to do it today! Cut off diplomatic relations with the state of Israel! Carry out exemplary economic sanctions against those responsible for this genocide and bring Netanyahu before the International Criminal Court to be tried as he should be, as a war criminal!"
Thank you, Ione.
One voice speaking out for justice and truth is better than a thousand keeping quiet for the opposite. Elsewhere, Ione has said: “What we are seeing in Palestine is neither a war, nor is it legitimate defense. It is a genocide!"
More on the Gaza genocide: Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib accuses Biden of supporting ‘genocide’ of Palestinians!
Mass Murder in Gaza!
GAZA IRONY - How to stop mass shooting in America?
Boris Johnson arrives in Israel for 'solidarity' visit and to meet IDF soldiers!
Asked whether Israel should nuke Gaza, an Israeli Minister said 'this is a possibility!' The 'monsters in Gaza,' he said, 'can go to Ireland or the desert!'
Dozens killed in strike on Gaza refugee camp!
Israeli bombs hit school being used as a shelter - Children form 40% of fatalities!
Republican Jews say Obama was “complicit” in terror and war!
Obama says: ‘All of us are complicit to some degree’ in ‘occupation,’ Hamas terror!
Will Israel unite to topple Benjamin Netanyahu?
Keir Starmer told to QUIT as Labour politicians revolt over Gaza response!
Met Police adviser led ‘from the river to the sea’ chant!
Poppy sellers surrounded by pro-Palestinian protesters, crowd chants 'shame on you' at child leaving McDonald's!
Palestine protesters do not intend to disrupt Remembrance events', Met police say!

Thursday 2 November 2023

WWIII Warning - Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

"We're on the brink of a nuclear war... Lebanon could come in, Syria can come in, Egypt already has 350,000 troops staged to come in, they're threatening to. Turkey is saying he's going to come in, and, if that happens, Russia will almost certainly come in, and we could easily Sleepwalk into World War I.

And, you know, the United States, the people running our government now, Anthony Blinken, Jake Sullivan, Averil Haynes, Victoria Nuland, (Blinken, Haynes and Nuland are Jewish) I don't think any of them have a healthy fear of nuclear war...

I (RFK jnr.) was the first person censored by the administration 37 hours after he (biden) took the oath of office. President Biden, the White House was ordering Twitter and Facebook and Instagram to remove my accounts and threatening them that if they did not do so that they were going to, the White House was going to try to remove their section 230 immunity, which is existential for them, their companies would die if they didn't have that section 230 immunity. 
And what we found from the Twitter files, and from the from ourdiscovery documents, is that, because of pressure from the White House, Facebook and the other social media sites provided portals to the FBI to go in directly and sensor material! And the FBI gave access to the CIA the DHS, to the IRS, and to about 12 other federal agencies...

I've been censored for 18 years, but not officially, by the government... (but) when the government begins telling you to censor... that's exactly why we passed the First Amendment. To make sure that the government could not silence its critics... A government that can silence its critics has a licence for every atrocity..

I think a lot of people are waking up."
Sadly, prompted by Dave Rubin, RFK jr. begins to spout pro-Israel, establishment bull from around half way into the interview. 

I won't irritate you with it. Watch it if you want but I think I can say, if you are a lover of common humanity, it won't endear you to him any more than you already are.

If I was American, I wouldn't be voting for creepy, election-stealing Joe, that much is obvious, but who do you vote for? Great, Trump is no globalist, but he's a thousand light years up Israel's a***. RFK seems to be a caring soul but he too can't bring himself to condemn Israel for it's horrific, genocidal treatment of the Palestinians.

Nuclear war? Blinken, Sullivan, Haynes and Nuland aren't afraid of it because they'd be a couple of miles underground when the Holocaust they provoke occurs.

I'm not afraid of it because something has to give. Some big thing has to be happen. We cannot be the slaves of the Jewish and the aristocratic elites forever -
- not when they can gleefully shuffle us all off with such pharmaceutical and military ease.

Monday 30 October 2023

OIL and GAS - The real reason behind Israel's latest Gaza slaughterfest?

On October 22, 2023, former mixed-martial arts champion, Jake Shields, posted a tweet where he explained how Israel and the USA had made it impossible for Russia, Syria, Lebanon and Gaza to exploit their oil and gas reserves.

Jake explicitly suggests that this is the real reason behind Israel's latest Gaza slaughterfest.

He also says that:
"Israel and the US killed off all the competition, stole their goods and cornered the market!"

1) The USA did halt the supply of Russian gas to Europe by blowing up the Nordsteam pipeline.

2) Officially, we have been assured that Lebanese officialdom was at fault for the 2020 devastation of the port in Beirut. Jake is not so sure.

3) Israel regularly launches air attacks on the port of Latakia in Syria.

4) Gaza cannot exploit the gas and oil reserves off its coast because of Israel's permanent blockade.

So, along the whole of the coastline of Lebanon, Israel, Gaza and Syria, Haifa in Israel is the only viable port?

Food for thought, eh?