Saturday, 25 February 2017

Former marine asks a simple question

We are not alone, folks.

In fact, many more think like us than think like THEM. The mainstream media and the political establishment have had many believing otherwise for many decades now but Brexit, Trump and the internet whistleblower have exposed this century-old fraud for what it is.

The few wish to control the many. The only way they can do this is via unending deceit. The brainwash that never ends. Eternal propaganda intended to leave us unprotected and, eventually, to see us off.

Listen to Steven Gern. He knows what he's talking about. He lives the cold, hard fact every single day.

The snowflake does not. The crybaby does not. BLM does not. George Soros does not. The political and media establishment does not.

Whose advice and opinion should carry more weight?

His or theirs?

Friday, 24 February 2017

Illuminating quotations, headlines and memes - 2017

Zion and organised crime - The cover-up

Do NOT automatically believe everything the schoolbook history tells you.

Do not automatically believe history as told by the TV screen and Hollywood. RESEARCH! Find out for yourself. Scratch the surface of the news and you'll find much of it is fake. Scratch the surface of the officially sanctioned history and you'll find those in charge are telling you half the tale if you're lucky and keeping the most instructive bits to themselves.

Thus it is with Jewish history. There's is much more to the 'people of the book' than the crucifixion, dispossessed Palestinians and the 'Holocaust.'

A few more 'Jewish gangsters' are revealed here.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Treason is the new normal

General Flynn's resignation - Deep State sabotage!

If you've never seen any of Paul Joseph Watson's 'Infowars' videos, you really should check them out.

Paul is THE most patriotically and engagingly articulate young man. He doesn't say it all (he rarely touches upon the Jewish Question, for example, although he is happy to criticise Jewish individuals), but what he does say he says more effectively than anyone else.

Check him out - @PrisonPlanet