Thursday, 1 October 2015

THEY want a multicultural Europe!

The BBC's Dateline London features a variety of journalists discussing the previous week's politics. 

Le Monde's Marc Roche has appeared countless times on this programme. On the 26 September 2015 edition of Dateline, this Belgian worthy let the cat out of the bag in no uncertain terms, saying:
"Eastern Europe has a different conception of Europe. They want a Christian Europe WHICH WE DON'T WANT. We want a MULTI-CULTURAL EUROPE!"

Who's this "we," Marc?

The New World Order? The Global Elite? The faceless bureaucrats of the EU? The military-industrial complex? The PC Crowd? Blair? Brown? Cameron? Clegg? The Milibands? Clinton? Bush? Obama? Netanyahu? Rupert Murdoch? The international financiers who own them all?

Whoever you were thinking of, Marc, you were, most assuredly, NOT thinking of us, the British people. We never wanted your anti-Christian Multicult. We liked it the way it was before you who knew better and saw further f***ed everything up.

Excuse me for being less than diplomatic for once in my life but I do hope this gentleman, and all who think like him, die screaming.

They did, after all, murder our world.

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