Friday, 2 October 2015

Tim Farron - for the minority, against the majority

On 16 July 2015, Tim Farron made his first speech as leader of the Liberal Democrats.

During the course of the speech he said these things:
"Let me be crystal clear what the Liberal Democrats are for… We see immigration as a blessing not a curse."
This is a blessing, Tim?

Tim continued:
"We see the best in people. We trust people."
You see the best in these? You'd trust characters like this?

"We stand up for the minority against the majority… It is who we are!"
 I see the best in the 'majority,' Tim.

I see the best in these.

I see the best in these, as well. These 'majority' folks were all slaughtered in Tunisia by just one of those 'minority' types you're so happy to tolerate.

I see the best in the majority murdered on 7/7/2005, Tim. 

Why do you seem to care more for minority who murdered them? You’ve never told us why you care more for them than us, your own people. You know, just a few short years ago, those who put the foreigner before the native Briton in Britain could be charged with treason.

Do you never think of yourself as the enemy within, Tim? Does it not bother you that so many British people now think that the politician with a liberal, foreigner-first mindset is a traitor?

Why would you stand up for a minority times more homicidal than the indigenous majority? Why would you stand up for another times more?

Interracial Homicide Statistics

Why would you stand up for them against those whose ancestors are all buried in this land? Why would you stand up against a gentle majority who are statistically a great deal less violent than the minorities you support?
"This is still an open, generous and tolerant country, a liberal country."
I have a feeling, Tim, that with people in power invariably siding with the unwanted immigrant, so many of whom have proven to be a great deal less 'generous and tolerant' than us over the course of the last six decades, our ‘liberal country’ may not remain liberal much longer.
"If you think its wrong to demonise immigrants… foreigners, Brussels…join us."
What if we think it’s wrong to demonise the patriotic ‘majority,’ Tim? As the PC Crowd, the do-gooder, the left-wing intelligentsia and the shiny eyed liberal has for so long now?

Personally, I think it’s wrong to demonise anyone unjustly. I think actions, deeds and, to a certain extent, philosophy, should determine the reaction of the rest of society to the man.

On 24 September 2015, Tim Fallon gave his first conference speech as Lib Dem leader.

It was very well received by the membership. It will have very poorly received by those who would put the Briton first in Britain. Here's why:
"The rewards of globalisation are real. The free movement of people, of capital, of ideas, have all made our society better... 
But if you lose your job, through cheaper labour costs in another continent… If you lose your home, through currency changes and interest rate hikes… If you lose your pension, through decisions made by far away bankers... well, you could be forgiven for thinking that globalisation hasn’t really worked for you."
Precisely, Tim. So why do you speak of 'rewards' so categorically?
"Britain’s future relies not on turning away the best and the brightest from our shores, relies not on attacking migrants. Migrants who make a net contribution to our economy. Migrants who are less likely to claim benefits than our own citizens.  
Instead we should be grateful and proud that migrants have chosen to relocate their lives here and are working to build our economy. These people make Britain great, we should celebrate them not demonise them... People know that Britain’s future is as an open, inclusive society. 
Nationalism, isolationism and misanthropy of UKIP and the Tories is a serious threat and it needs to be treated as such... Patriots love their country, nationalists hate their neighbours. Nationalists... displace all blame for our predicament on others. People who are different because of their race, their passport, their class, their accent, their faith, their sexuality."
What was that you were saying about demonising people, Tim?

Nationalists really don't seem to rate too highly on your non-demonisation scale, do they?
"The problem isn’t globalisation, it is Britain’s response to it... People... are not interested in the past, they are interested in the future."
You're wrong there, Tim. Many of us long for a time before political correctness, globalisation and the foreigner-first first politician.

I’ll tell you what, when I see people like you debating honestly with representatives of the BNP and/or the National Front, (never mind UKIP) without reaching for the ‘Big Girl’s Best Book of Bolshevik Bogey Words,’ (racist, Fascist, Nazi, bigot), I’ll believe your determination not to demonise. Until then, liberalism in this country is what it says on the tin.

'For the minority, against the majority.’

For them, against us.

‘Crystal clear,’ Tim.

Crystal clear.

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