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The agenda of those who want us gone

They 'will breed children' with us.

In other words, they will breed us out of existence, which, believe it or not, has always been a fundamental objective of the New World Order. Oh yes, the melting pot was never just an airhead song of the sixties. 

The Fabian Society, the intellectual wing of the Labour Party, was formed in 1884 after 17 leading Socialists had gathered to discuss a 'Fellowship of the New Life' the previous year. 

Israel Zangwill, who was one of the original seventeen, said this in his 1921 book, ‘The Voice of Jerusalem:’
"Men form one universal brotherhood… their individual lives, their nations and races, interbreed and blend and go on to merge again at last in one common human… This conclusion was in fact the starting-point of Hebrew literature…
This new world order, would… reduce racial frictions to a minimum by the world-policy of the open door…  
Bolshevism may be good or bad, but the United States of Russia would be in greater congruity with World-Peace than a swarm of conflicting nationalities".
Zangwill wrote that 94 years ago and the plan, of course, is considerably older than that.

In a February 1919 essay, Zangwill lets us know where the capital of the New World Order will be.
"With the arrival in France of President Wilson, the champion of the League of Nations, the most momentous episode in all human history begins... Judaism stands to gain… the repossession of Palestine! And if this… could be united with the setting up of Jerusalem as the seat of the League of Nations… the Hebrew metropolis… would become at once the centre and symbol of the new era".
On page 336 of Zangwill's collected speeches, articles and letters, we are told that, when the League of nations is finally established, the policy of 'interbreed and blend' lined up for the rest of us, will not be not for him or his own tribe.
"In such a world… would it matter if we Jews did have a single nationality, if within all these leagued nations there was this still finer core of comradeship?" (Ibid)
So, the Jew 'interbreeds' the rest of us into a happy-clappy, racially and culturally indistinct melting pot, whilst he hovers benignly above the hodge-podge, a distinct 'single nationality.'

Do you think this Jewish gentleman would have wanted to blend in with us khaki fellows when his vision was finally made flesh? Do you think he would be prepared to be a dustbin man in this fawnly similar Utopia? Or do you think he'd still be giving the orders?

Zangwill wrote the hit play of the 1909 Broadway season, of which Wikipedia tells us this:
“The use of the metaphorical phrase ‘melting pot’ to describe American absorption of immigrants was popularised by Zangwill's play ‘The Melting Pot”… It celebrated America's capacity to absorb and grow from the contributions of its immigrants."
Count Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi was the founder, and President for 49 years, of the Pan-European Union, the original incarnation of the Europea

In his 1925 book, ‘Praktischer Idealismus,’ he says this:
"The man of the future will be mixed-race... The Eurasian-Negroid race of the future... will replace the diversity of peoples...

Russian Bolshevism constitutes a decisive step towards this purpose, where a small group of Communist spiritual aristocrats govern the country…

From the European quantity-people… the mass, two quality races rise up: blood aristocracy and the Jews… both of them stick to their belief in their higher mission, of their better blood… In both of these… lies the core of the European nobility of the future…

Modern Jewry surpasses all other peoples in percentage of important men… with Trotsky as the frontrunner of modern politics… The prominent position held by the Jews these days is owed to their spiritual supremacy… Modern anti-Semitism is one of the many reactionary phenomena of the mediocre against the supreme…

As a people the Jews experience the eternal struggle of quantity against quality, inferior groups against high quality individuals, inferior majorities against superior minorities.”
Coudenhove-Kalergi was, himself, mixed-race. His father was an Austro-Hungarian aristocrat, his mother was the daughter of a Japanese oil tycoon.

At war with Japan, Austria and Hungary in WW2, at war with Austria-Hungary in WW1, done over by the Norman aristocracy and their Jewish tax-farmers since 1066, and, in 1925, an aristocratic, mixed-race, Austro-Hungarian Jap, two of whose three wives were Jewish, wanted to breed we ‘inferior’ mediocrities out of existence. After which Communism would be installed as the creed of the Eurasian negroes taking our place, with the ‘superior’ Jew and the 'better blood' aristocrat in charge.

Does this sound at all familiar?

Ladies and gentlemen, 90 years ago genocidal New World Order treachery at its most hair-raisingly in your face, was up and running in the corridors of elite power, at all levels in the Western World.

In his memoirs, Coudenhove-Kalergi says:

"At the beginning of 1924, we received a call from Baron Louis de Rothschild. One of his friends, Max Warburg… had read my book… and wanted to get to know us.
To my great surprise, Warburg spontaneously offered us 60,000 gold marks...

Max Warburg… had a principle of financing these movements… He arranged his 1925 trip to the United States to introduce me to Paul Warburg and financier Bernard Baruch."

The businessman and banker, Bernard Baruch, was the intimate advisor and confidant of no less than four American presidents.

Paul Warburg, the brother of Felix and Max, was the man most responsible for the creation, in 1913, of the Federal Reserve. 

In ‘Warburg, the Revolutionist,' Harold Kellock told us this in the May 1915 issue of Century Magazine:
"Paul M. Warburg is probably the mildest-mannered man that ever personally conducted a revolution… He stepped forth armed simply with an idea and he conquered… He imposed his idea on a nation of a hundred million people…

Warburg does not look like a… revolutionist but he’s played that role for nearly seven years… The passage of the Federal Reserve Act… made his revolutionary ideas the law of the land. There is no doubt that without Mr. Warburg there would have been no Federal Reserve Act.”
On 17 February 1950, addressing the US Senate, Franklin D. Roosevelt’s top financial adviser, James Warburg, said this:
"We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent."
James Warburg was Paul Warburg’s son.

The Warburgs were Jewish.

On 19 November 2012, the European Council website said :
“The President of the European Council, Herman Van Rompuy, was awarded the Coudenhove-Kalergi Prize... to celebrate 90 years of the Pan-Europa movement.

The prize is awarded to leading personalities for their extraordinary commitment in the European unification process…

The idea, which was also at the centre of Coudenhove-Kalergi's work, has lost nothing of its importance 90 years later.”
The melting pot endeavours of Richard von Coudenhove-Kalergi on behalf of ‘Communist spiritual aristocrats’ and the ‘quality races’ of ‘aristocracy and the Jews’ were rewarded when, in 1950, he became the first recipient of the Charlemagne (first Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire) Prize.

Other winners of the prize that bears Charlemagne's name have included Winston Churchill; Roy Jenkins; Edward Heath; Bill Clinton; Henry Kissinger, Tony Blair and Angela Merkel.

On 31 August 2015, the BBC told us this:
"Germany is the main destination for migrants arriving on the EU's eastern borders and expects the number of asylum seekers it receives to quadruple to about 800,000 in 2015."
The BBC then quoted Angela Merkel thus:
"Germany is a strong country - we will manage."
She added:
"If Europe fails on the question of refugees, then it won't be the Europe we wished for."
It will not be the Europe WE wished for?

Not the one she, Coudenhove-Kalergi, Israel Zangwill, the Warburgs, Kissinger and those who own the Blairs, the Clintons, the Heaths, Jenkins' and Churchills wished for.

As for us, the unconsidered and wholly despised majority, the 'European quantity-people… the mass,' well, we never did count for much in the eyes of the above, did we?

In the long war being fought to eradicate the white tribes of the world, the Coudenhove-Kalergis, Zangwills, Warburgs and Kissingers are the Generals, the Merkels, Blairs, Clintons, Heaths and Churchills are their captains, the Shekh Muhammad Ayeds are the sergeants and the Muslim hordes interbreeding and blending with our girls are the footsoldiers.
On 31 August 2015, The Daily Mail told us that: more than 100 teenage girls in Rotherham gave birth to their rapists' children

Now multiply that number by 600,000 divided by 1,400.

Or multiply 100 by 1,000,000 divided by 1,400.

However you want to apply the maths, the agenda of those who want us gone is drawing close to fulfilment.

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