Monday, 14 September 2015

Is it good news that Muslims are invading Europe?

I've been banging on about Jewish supremacism and the desire of some to see us gone for decades now.

The above won't change much, at least not yet. Those who believe the facts are nothing to do with them, those whom the facts embarrass and those whom they threaten will, as ever, turn their faces away and hurry on by. The majority of the flock will still obdurately refuse to take in what doesn't accord with the fashionable PC teachings they all know off by heart.

However, bit by bit, the hard truths do penetrate the consciousness of some. It's beginning to dawn on these that the shepherds are not on their side. Some are listening harder now to the warnings, and a good few of these will hop over the fence when they feel that it's safer to be with the angry and aggressive whistleblowers on the other side than it is to be the docile and easily led on this.

This process is exponential and it's never going to stop.

When most come to realise what the shepherds are really thinking, when they understand that this is what how they have always thought and that this is how they will carry on thinking until they are stopped, then you who take your cue from the Rabbi Ravs should begin to worry.

Long before the most docile sheep in the flock all leap over the fence at the same time, you should be off to pastures new.

If there are any still open to those that, for so long, turned their faces away, that is.

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