Monday, 14 September 2015

Jeremy Turner for Prime Minister?

On 11 September 2015, I introduced this tweet to Twitter (along with the graphic below it):
"Most wouldn't dare put it quite so boldly but doesn't Jez voice what many are thinking here?"
Jez had taken part in the BNP rally featured below: (he can be seen saying what he says here in the video)

Here are some of the comments that the tweet elicited (Michael Graham @ironwand is yours truly): 
David Andrew Watson ‏@David_A_Watson: "I look forward to the day when #JezTurner moves into Number 10."
Michael Graham @ironwand: "Not a bad idea! I bags Immigration Minister! (Won't have to work very hard)
Border Reiver ‏@Reivers2014: "I've seen his speeches on YouTube and he definitely should be leading a party like the BNP or NF. He is intelligent, funny and..."
Michael Graham ‏@Ironwand: "Jez is an affable, honourable, intelligent chap and 'neanderthal' suits a bought whore way more than him!"
Check out the enormous response the above tweet generated here:
Cormac Chambers ‏@CormacChambers: "The irony is that this man served in an army that is complicit in the war crimes that created the crisis."
Michael Graham ‏@Ironwand: "The politicians commit the war crimes. The soldiery, mostly young and unknowing, follow orders."
John Wolf ‏@Angry_White_Goy: "I went through the Chunnel before. What a shame it's being used to destroy England."
Border Reiver ‏@Reivers2014: "Leadership ability. I am shocked at how utterly useless and invisible A Walker is."
Border Reiver ‏@Reivers2014: "Not wishy washy. Plus he was a British Army officer whereas Walker was just low ranks, and it clearly shows who has the most..."
Gillian Byrne ‏@Misnomeron: "An excellent solution."
Morning ‏@Morning86906174 "Now he doesn't sound like a terrorist at all."
If anyone thinks Jez's comments were a bit O.T.T. you should remember that, not only have the 'do-gooding liberals,' 'the politicians,' 'the mass media' and 'the bankers' betrayed us, with a great deal of malice aforethought in the case of the latter three, but the kind of barracking and hostility one sees the BNP folks subjected to in the video is routine. Jez's impassioned response was captured in the middle of this.

Jeremy Turner for Prime Minister or Jeremy Turner for leader of the BNP?

Both would be nice.

Don't you think?


  1. The Daily Mail today reports that "Germany has said today that it approves of cutting EU funds to member states that refuse migrant quotas" By their own reporting we are being blackmailed into allowing mass invasion of our country. The EU must be destroyed before it destroys us! Jez Turner isn't alone in his thoughts! Yesterday I had a conversation with a woman who said she'd like to put the Callais lot against a wall and shoot them, which made me smile as I have also thought the same. I added to her comments that I'd like to see bLiar and his wife shot and bLiar's head on a spike on Tower Bridge.

  2. Tony Blair's head on a spike... "Bliss was it in that dawn to be alive."