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What do Gentiles want to do with the Jews?

On 2 September 2015, The Independent informed us thus:
"British three-year-olds have been told 'the non-Jews' are 'evil' in a kindergarten worksheet handed out at ultra-Orthodox Jewish schools in north London."
Here are a couple of questions posed by the 'worksheet,' together with the answers provided:
QUESTION: “What have the evil goyim (non-Jews) done with the synagogues and cheders (Jewish primary schools)?” 
QUESTION: “What did the goyim want to do with all the Jews?” 
Thus we learn that, in 2015, and, presumably, for many decades previously, Jews, at the most impressionable and credulous age, are being taught to fear, distrust and outright hate the host community. To hate us, the British people, who, at some point in the recent past, gave the Jew sanctuary. This from, far and away, the most privileged, cossetted and politically influential section of British society.

Emily Green, a former teacher at the Beis Rochel girls’ school, was quoted thus by The Independent:
"It's not uncommon to be taught non-Jewish people are evil in ultra-Orthodox Jewish schools. It is part of the prayers, teaching, their whole ethos... Psychologically, you become so afraid of the world out there after being taught how dangerous and bad and evil non-Jews are, that it makes it harder to leave.”(Harder to break away from the community that teaches these things)
The Independent also quoted a 'source' as saying:
“It’s a document that teaches very young children to be very afraid... actively teaching the children extremism, hatred and a fear for the outside world.”
A spokesperson for Beis Rochel said:
“The language we used was not in any way intended to cause offence."
So that's all right then.

Actually, I'm not the least bit offended. I'm just delighted that a nasty little bit of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish mindset has been exposed for what it is. The only thing that surprises me is the fact that someone from that community actually dared to blow the whistle.

Many non-Jews have, over the years, tried to warn their fellows of the reality only to be howled down, demonised and occasionally prosecuted for issuing such warnings. 'Racist, Fascist, Nazi, bigot, anti-Semite!' That's how they kept so many in check as their world was being spirited away. Such politically correct bogey words were utilised remorselessly to quell all dissent from the official 'Jews must never be criticised' (no matter what they do) party line.

But when the warning comes straight from the horses mouth, what can the censors say or do to prevent the facts from reaching a wider audience? They can say they didn't mean to offend us, can't they? If he was still alive, and in a British prison awaiting trial, Rabbi Ovadia might well say he didn't mean to offend.
Rabbi Friedman might say the same:
Rabbis Lior and Dahan also:
But as for Barbara Spectre, who is married to Sweden's former Chief Rabbi...
... one really does wonder how she could possibly get away with 'the language... used was not in any way intended to cause offence.'

I don't think Emma Barnett would be silly enough to go the 'I didn't mean it' route:
The offending, of course, goes way back. 

Of particular significance, perhaps, at a time when the establishment is encouraging the mass migration of the third world into Europe, would be Israel Zangwill's contribution.

In his 1921 book, 'The Voice of Jerusalem,' he says:

"Men form one universal brotherhood… their individual lives, their nations and races, INTERBREED AND BLEND and go on to merge again at last in one common human… This NEW WORLD ORDER would… reduce racial frictions to a minimum by the world-policy of THE OPEN DOOR… In particular, boundary questions could be denuded of their significance…
Bolshevism may be good or bad, but the UNITED STATES OF RUSSIA would be in greater congruity with World-Peace than a swarm of conflicting nationalities; and if the Bolshevists can succeed in re-uniting them, they will to that extent be promoting the larger and truer ideal".
Leon Trotsky, head of the Red Army, and many top Bolsheviks including Zinoviev, Sokolnikov, Kaganovich and Kamenev, were Jewish. (Lenin was one quarter Jewish) They had already done their bit for 'world peace' by slaughtering millions of mostly peaceable types, by the time Zangwill wrote the above.

In the collected Speeches, articles and letters of Israel Zangwill, (1937) he tells us that the philosophy of 'interbreed and blend' lined up for the rest of us, would not be not for him or his own tribe.
"I say that without the vision of a League of Nations the whole world will perish… In such a world... would it matter if we Jews did have a single nationality?"
65 years after Zangwill collected speeches were published, Havard Professor Noel Ignatiev wrote the following in the September-October 2002, edition of Harvard Magazine.
"The goal of abolishing the white race is on its face so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists."
In the UK, laws were needed to ensure the bewildered majority did not protest too loudly as Ignatievs, the Zangwills and the Spectres rearranged their world. Such laws were invariably conjured up at the behest of the Board of Deputies of British Jews.

On 17 December 1998, in a report titled: Response of the Board of Deputies of British Jews to proposals to amend the Race Relations Act, 1976, the Board issued the following triumphal communiqué:
"The Board has been at the forefront of the development of proposals for race relations legislation in the UK… The Defence Policy and Group Relations Division, which monitors the activities of political extremists and racists, has urged successive governments to enact and strengthen race relations legislation… It has also sought allies and made common cause with other religious and minority groups.

The Board played a fundamental part in urging upon government the first Race Relations Act which was based, in part, on reports prepared for the Board by Professor Geoffrey Bindman and Lord Lester of Herne Hill. Subsequently the Board has provided written and oral evidence to enquiries which preceded the passage of the Public Order Act 1986, the Criminal Justice Act 1994 and the Crime and Disorder Act 1998...

There remains some scope for improvement... In particular we draw attention to proposed 1B, which recommends that the Race Relations Act should apply to all aspects of the activities of Government and all Public Bodies. We would support the extension of the RRA to all government and public bodies. These organisations play a leading role in forming public opinion on social issues…

The Board can also see the case for new legislation to combat discrimination and incitement on religious grounds… We are also shortly to respond to the Government’s request that it might consider introducing specific legislation to outlaw Holocaust Denial…

In addition to changes in the main body of national law, changes are needed in the rules and regulations of many institutions and organisations to decrease or remove discrimination on religious grounds."
So there we have it.

The poor little cringer who never did anyone any harm, the long-suffering, much wronged and put upon 1-in-200 minority fellow whom the whole world has hated since time immemorial for no good reason (other than that we're all rabid anti-Semites), somehow got the parliamentarians we elected to look out for OUR interests to create a whole lot of law that did exactly the opposite.

Perhaps now you know what the ultra-Orthodox have been teaching their children, you'll be able to figure out where the hatred that spawned such pathologically ungrateful anti-indigenous legislation comes from.

Perhaps now you'll begin to realise why the Jewish voice can always be heard above the rest clamouring for the alien to be granted permanent access to our world. And, behind the scenes, why they connived so treacherously to see him accorded precedence within it.

P.S. South African immigrant, Eldred Tabachnick, a lawyer who just happens to be a close friend of Tony Blair, was the Chairman of the Jewish Board of British Deputies at time the statement above was published.

P.P.S. Anyone wishing to register disapproval of the ethos that produced the Gentile-unfriendly curriculum cited above can do so by writing to Beis Rochel Satmar Nursery School: 79 Cazenove Rd, Cazenove, London N16 6BB.

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  1. We all know now what korandroids think of humans, but to those of us not immursed in Jew study this comes as something of a shock and a wake up moment.