Sunday, 7 June 2015

Israel is fighting against the whole world!

On 7 June 2015, Gideon Levy said this in the Israeli daily, Haaretz:
"What are you fighting for... with the assaults of the nationalist politicians and the populist media fulminating against the world?...

An explanation has been invented that absolves us of responsibility: the boycott fell out of the sky, an unavoidable force majeure of Israel hatred...

Israel always has an abundance of fitting (and sometimes violent) Zionist responses, but it’s always about the outcome, never about the reasons...

Israel... is fighting against the whole world to preserve its advanced school of brutality and cruelty, in which it is educating generations of young people to act brutishly toward human beings, old people and children, to tyrannize them... to crush and humiliate them, only because they are Palestinians.

Israel is defending the continuation of apartheid in the occupied territories, in which two peoples live, one of them without any rights. It is defending its entire system of justification for this — a combination of Bible stories, messianism and victimhood, accompanied by lies. It is defending 'united Jerusalem,' which is nothing but a territorial monster... It is fighting for its right to destroy the Gaza Strip for as long as it cares to do so, to maintain it as a ghetto and to be the warden of the biggest prison in the world.

The Israelis are fighting for their right to persist in settling, exploiting and stealing land; to continue breaking international law that prohibits settlement, to continue to thumb its nose at the whole world, which does not recognize any settlements. They are now defending their right to shoot children who throw stones and helpless fishermen pursuing the crumbs of a livelihood in the sea off the coast of Gaza, their right to continue snatching people from their beds in the middle of the night in the West Bank; they are fighting for the right to detain hundreds of people without trial, to hold political prisoners, to abuse them.

That is what they are protecting, that is what they are fighting for — for an area that most of them have not been to for years, and don’t care what happens there, for conduct that is shameful even to some of them. These are the sins and this is the punishment. Does anyone think that Israel can go on without being punished? Without being ostracized? And to tell the truth, doesn’t Israel deserve to be punished? Hasn’t the world been unbelievably tolerant so far?

Orange or SodaStream, academic boycott or artistic boycott, these are light punishments. The penalties will grow worse the longer Israel avoids drawing the necessary conclusions. As opposed to attempts by Israel and the Jewish establishment to divert the discussion, at its heart is not anti-Semitism. At its heart is the occupation."
If there's an 'anti-Semite' out there who can say it plainer than this, I've yet to meet him.

Here is what patriots the whole world over have been trying to tell their peers for more than six decades. Here is what their peers have been refusing to acknowledge for just as long, for fear of the 'racist-Fascist-Nazi-bigot-anti-Semite' accusation.

Well, as long as the patriot has been telling the truth about these things, so has the honourable Jew.
Once in a while, the dishonourable chutzpah-fuelled Jew has said it as well.
Unfortunately, most folks are too far gone these days, fearful of being seen to be unfashionably PC-light, the generations steeped in pity-the-poor-Jew propaganda are unlikely to break free of the brainwash any time soon. But once the sheeple (and our politicians, the majority of whom are 'Friends of Israel') are removed from the equation, what about the UKIPs?

What about the EDLs, the 'Britain Firsts' and, for that matter, the BNP under Nick Griffin? He seems to have had a rethink since the BNP's embarrassing showing in the 2010 election and now speaks out as he once did but none of the others will hear a word said against the Jew, not in my hearing anyway. Indeed, Nigel Farage has, on several occasions, used the ghastly Americanised term 'Judaeo-Christian' when speaking of our cultural and religious heritage. This when 'Christian' would have been much more appropriate and much less sycophantic

What do you say, Nigel? How do you respond to this? I mean, you can't sneer at Gideon Levy as you might at me.

What do Tommy Robinson and Paul Golding think about Gideon's intervention? Would they take their lead from establishment Jewry, whose good opinion you're so keen to curry? Would they, for example, describe Gideon as a 'self-hating Jew?' (The, by now, rather outdated phrase the Zionist cynic coined to smear his whistle-blowing fellows)

(Tommy Robinson) Thing is, lads, you lot portray yourselves, not only as standing up for the British people against those within our society who would do them harm, you also strongly suggest that truth, as opposed to political spin, is the yardstick by which you would prefer to be measured.

And what Gideon says here is true. Whether, for expediency's sake, you wish to acknowledge this or not, it IS true. It is so true, in fact, and the evidence is so overwhelming and open to scrutiny, that no one could, actually, deny it without appearing ridiculous. You can avoid it, you can call those who insist on disseminating the evidence nasty names, you can spin it, you can lie about it and you can intimidate people into ignoring it, but fact is fact, the things of which Gideon speaks are actually happening, and the facts, I'm afraid, cannot be changed.

(Paul Golding) So what's your response? Are you 'patriots' going to carry on ignoring the stuff that doesn't suit you? Are you going to carry on bowing and scraping because, hey, that's realpolitik and not to do so would be political suicide?

Realpolitik, gentlemen, is not patriotism. Cuddling up to 'brutality and cruelty,' 'apartheid,' 'messianism and victimhood,' 'lies,' 'a territorial monster' and 'the biggest prison in the world' is not courageous, honourable or, for that matter, British.

Don't hold your breath waiting for a reply, ladies and gents. The political class, even that bit of it that effects to stand up for us, tends to ignore anything it deems too iffy. Oh yes, the hot potato gets left well alone by those who wish to progress within a system controlled by Jewish finance, Jewish media and Jewish political lobbies.

Here's hoping the aforementioned prove me wrong.

P.S. Thank you, Mr. Levy, for telling the truth in such a candid and unadorned manner.

Please keep it up.

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