Friday, 5 June 2015

Your toxic tap water - The fluoridation scam

Dr. Paul Connett, a retired chemistry professor, is executive director of the Fluoride Action Network.

From the above video:
"We have evidence that fluoridation may, actually, be killing people."
"We don't use the public water supply to deliver medicine because it's a stupid thing to do. You can't control the dose. You can't control who gets it... So, first of all, you start by saying this is a crazy thing to do, for most people.

Then you say, what are the dangers? I spent 15 years pursuing the dangers but then I woke up one day and said, if it doesn't work anyway; why would we take any risk at all? Why would we lower a kid's IQ by even a small few number of IQ points? Why would we run the risk of making our bones more brittle when we get old? Why would we run the risk of arthritis? Why would we run the risk of lowering thyroid function?

Why is it that the governments that fluoridate don't investigate any of the things that I have just listed, and yet spend most of their time attacking the methodology of the studies that have found harm in India and China and elsewhere?"
Because THEY are at war with us, Paul.

Extraordinary though that may sound, that's your answer.

Lowering our IQ, enfeebling us, making us less attractive (tooth mottling) and generally damaging and depressing the majority of the people on planet earth has been a casual New World Order strategy for more than a century now. 

I preach hatred of our politicians. Thus far, I'm not sure that I've had much success. In 2015, 23 million people voted for the LibLabCon lie machine in the General Election. I wonder how many of them know about the fluoridation scam? 

They're poisoning us, you know. Institutionally - by law. 

It's not just fluoride, you should check out Aspartame as well. It's in all sugarless fizzy drinks and sweets. THEY don't want us living forever, you see. In fact, seeing as there are far too many of us on the planet, I'm sure the bad guys would rather have most of us hurry up and die.

Thing is, it's not me or people like me encouraging the fast breeders by beckoning them over to the cushy number our ancestors fought for a thousand years to build. Once here, of course, they populate our world at a furious pace. So furiously, in fact, that I seriously doubt the various toxic control agents can keep up.

One imagines that, overall, these toxins and all the other nasty stuff will have much more effect upon us, who reproduce at a much more disciplined rate.

And that, I guess, is the point. Most of us know very little of the terrible things that our own governments do to us. DELIBERATELY! So, really, it's up to you to make sure others find out. The individual can only do so much, so please do your best to ensure that those prepared to listen are informed. That they are apprised of at least a little of the stuff the beasts they vote for get up to when the rest of us are sleeping. Maybe then they'll end up a little closer to me on the hate-a-politician scale.

And, they, their children and grandchildren will be that much safer as a result. 

Andy Burnham, the current favourite to succeed Ed Miliband as Labour leader, was, until recently, the Vice President of the Fluoridation Society. 

This organisation wants the whole of the UK fluoridated. 

A guy who's on our side? Or one of THEM? 

Draw your own conclusions.

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