Monday, 8 June 2015

White cops out! Non-white cops in!

In the BBC documentary, The Met, first aired on 8 June 2015, Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the UK's chief policeman, said this:
“I have always said if other people think we are institutionally racist then we are.”
Oh? And if 'other people' were to say that cops like you are traitors, that's what you be, eh, Bernie?

Hogan-Howe continued:
"You're very much more likely to be stopped and searched if you're a young black man. I can't explain that fully.”
That's odd. I'm not a policeman and I can explain it easily. Black people commit a lot more serious crime in this country than the indigenous white population. So it stands to reason, if the cops are doing their job properly, a higher proportion of black suspects will be searched.

Of course, in a PC age, top cops, politicians, journalists and just about every last civil servant who wishes to progress in his chosen career, has to be careful when it comes to telling it how it really is. I can say black people commit a lot more serious crime than white because it's true, and whole truth matters more to me than career, but anyone who manages to slither all the way to the top of the greasy, establishment pole cannot, I'm afraid, say the same.

Hogan-Howe's on-message guff comes straight from the pages of 'The Big Girl's Best Book of PC Botty-Baring.' He knows precisely why more black people are stopped and searched, he just doesn't want to say it out loud. He knows he'll score more brownie points with his political masters (and theirs) if he accuses himself and his peers of ongoing 'institutionalised racism' than he would if he ignored such nonsense.

Hogan-Howe wasn't finished. Having dropped his own trousers, he than suggested that the rest of us ought to be doing the same.
“I think in some ways society is institutionally racist. We see lack of representation in many fields, of which the police are one.”
That would, of course, be white, British 'society' he's castigating. You know, the one that everybody else on the planet has been (and still is) so desperate to partake of over the course of the last sixty-odd years.

Despite the 'institutional racism.'

There's more. These days we're so used to such meek, anti-British treachery that comments such as these cause little outrage beyond the patriotic fringes. However, Hogan Howe also opined that one way to redress the balance so the force became more representative, would be to offer financial incentives for older white officers to leave the force early!

Get it? White cops out, non-white cops in! If ever there was a reason to describe a discriminatory idea as 'racist,' this one, I reckon, would take the cake. One must suppose that the Hogan-Howes would feel quite a bit more more comfortable if the Metropolitan Police Force had more of these within its ranks:
Secret report brands Muslim police corrupt

And these:
Convicted drug users and thieves will be allowed to join police

What do you think, ladies and gentlemen?

Policemen and women drawn from the native, British population or an enriching diversity of corrupt Muslims, drug users, thieves and other criminals?

Sadly, I have a feeling that, in the near future, what we 'think' and want will count for even less than it does now.

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