Friday, 12 December 2014

Gordon Duff' at the Damascus Terror Conference

Senior editor at the prestigious anti-Establishment website, Veterans Today, Gordon Duff is a disabled Marine who served in the Vietnam War.

He is a leading global intelligence expert.

On 1 December 2014, Gordon said this at the International Conference on Combating Terror and religious Extremism terror in Damascus, Syria.
"We don't guess. We know what we're talking about here.. There motivation is largely economic. They're a criminal organisation but they're part of a worlkdwide criminal organisation. And they're here in your territory taking your things. Your factories, your lives, your people. For the enrichment of a very specific group of people who need to be held to account...

This terrorism that your suffering is worldwide crime on a scale we have never seen before. We have never seen anything like this. It's very difficult to understand what has happened as far as Israeli control of American politics...

In 2005, the supreme court of the United States, in a decision called Citizens United, the decision of the Supreme Court legalised unlimited corporate bribery.
This turned control of the Congress of the United States over to human traffickers, narcotics traffickers and, in particular, the most powerful person in the United States today, a gambling boss named Sheldon Edelson, an Israeli citizen who fled the US and (is) living in Macao.

He spent over $1billion dollars in the last election and bought control of both Houses of Congress.
Now Senator John McCain, the father of Al-Nusra, the father of ISIS, will be running US legislative and military foreign policy.

American Generals, like MacInerney and General Paul Vallely, specialists in psychological warfare, helped organise Daesh (ISIS) and travelled in and out of your country here, Syria, over and over, as did Senator John McCain, meeting with Al-Qaeda, an organisation created by the American, Saudi and Israeli Defence forces and intelligence services.
Only a little over a week ago, the United States Secretary of Defence, Charles Hagel, Chuck Hagel, resigned. Chuck Hagel was the individual who stopped the United States from bombing Syria over the false flag gas attacks near Aleppo. It was our organistaion here that supplied the intelliegence that stopped those attacks.

It's our goal here, while we're here, to try to establish a method of communication that will allow Syria and other nations within the area to understand Israel's control of the US. Their control of the US by organised crime and how the government of the United States is subservient to a worldwide criminal organisation."
It doesn't get any more hard-hitting than this.

Or more accurate.

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