Saturday, 13 December 2014

Barbara Castle's files would have revealed sixteen Westminster paedos!

Don Hale, a journalist for more than thirty years and former editor of The Bury Messenger, blows the whistle here on elite links to the Paedophile Information Exchange.

In the 1980s he was passed a file containing the names of sixteen parliamentary big shots and around thirty 'professionals' in the North-West who were abusing children.

The files were sent from the office of no less a Labour personage than Barbara Castle.

"There were two lists. One was a list of sixteen active MPs who were involved with this paedophile ring and they were actively encouraging P.I.E. members to come and give talks at fringe meetings and were campaigning for funding etc.
There was a second list of around about thirty, I would say, names from the north-west who were heads of primary schools, public schools, scout masters, teachers, professional people."
Cyril Smith, MP for Rochdale paid Gordon a visit. He knew about the 'lists.'
"He went from Mr Nice Guy to Mr Nasty in ten seconds. He was, sort of, staring you in the face, pointing fingers at you and, basically, threatening you not to do anything about this. he was adamant that this was rubbish and I should not print it."
The presenter of the piece then tells us this:
"A day later the Bury Messenger was raided by officers from Special Branch and the paper's editor was warned that he'd be jailed if the details were ever published. The documents were seized and most probably destroyed."
Don says Cyril Smith was sent 'to put the frighteners on me., to try and stop me running the story.'

Smith warned Gordon off again three years later.

Don now says he'd be happy to tell everything he knows to the child abuse enquiry.

I bet we don't find out anything much before the next election.

I bet we don't find out anything much about the parliamentary perverts who are still with us after it either.

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