Thursday, 10 April 2014

Putin tops Independent's world leader poll by a mile

On 31 March 2014, The Independent reported thus:
"Nigel Farage has announced that his favourite world leader is Putin. Yes, the same Putin who is helping Assad in Syria, and riding roughshod over international law to annex the Crimea. The UKIP man was quick to add that he didn’t necessarily agree with all of the 'Russian bear’s' actions, but does find his style as an “operator” profoundly admirable. Beauty, we suppose, is in the eye of the beholder."
Beneath this comment, the Independent presented a poll of 'favourite world leaders.' 

The scornful tone of the above commentary would suggest that the Independent was hoping the results of the poll would undermine Farage. If so, the backfire was beyond spectacular.

Here are the most illuminating results:

Putin - 92%

Cameron - 1%

Merkel - 3%

Obama - 2%

Hollande - 1%

If anyone out there finds the above startling, I guess you won't be aware of the educative power of the internet.

In which case, you are probably still hamstrung by the mainstream hype that insists Assad is a psychopath whose brutal nature is entirely responsible for Syrian holocaust, the Syrian rebels are freedom fighters and mostly Syrian and the West was NOT in at the beginning of the unrest in that country, stoking up the fires of discontent and conflagration.

Just as they were not there in Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya and now the Ukraine.

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