Thursday, 10 April 2014

The most powerful woman in the country

In April 2014, Doreen Lawrence was named the most powerful woman in the country in a list compiled for BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour.

The four-strong committee that decided Dame Doreen is number one was as follows:

Emma Barnett: Orthodox Jew, feminist and women's editor of The Daily Telegraph.

Reni Eddo-Lodge: a little-known black writer.

 Liz Bingham: a lesbian 'campaigner for diversity and inclusiveness in the workplace... Ranked No.31 in the World Pride Power List of influential LGBT people worldwide.'

Rachel Sabiha Johnson: sister of 12.5% Turk, Boris Johnson.

The more used to their elite, untouchable status they get, the more obvious their agenda and the more blasé and, ultimately, downright careless, the PC Crowd become. Such commonplace idiocy as this is all to our advantage.

Those who ushered such a foursome as unrepresentative of British womankind as this into a place where they could declare a Brit-loathing immigrant like St. Doreen, 'the most powerful woman in the country' are at war with us, they really are. However, their destructive agendas are all too obvious nowadays and they are stupidly unaware of the patriotic outrage bubbling up just underneath the surface.

There are no brave soldiers here, folks. Join the rest of us in letting the world know how keen these foully atypical 'Brits' and their handlers are to promote anything that humiliates and bewilders the British majority and we will have our country back before you know it.

P.S. Today I was asked this question:
"Has any mother of a white child murdered by blacks been treated in this way?" 
This was my reply:
"No. When you are at war with civilised world, the less publicity the better for the sufferings of the civil."
Here are some of the victims whose mothers the above committee, along with the rest of the anti-British establishment, choose to ignore:

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