Monday, 7 April 2014

Jae'Don wanted to stop people doing bad things

On 15 December 2004, The Evening Standard reported the murder of Jason Fearon and the reaction of his son, Jae'Don.

“Jason Fearon was an innocent victim, the unintended target in a gangland shoot-out. His violent death was traumatic for Jae'don, but even at the age of 10, and in the midst of his grief, the boy was inspired to help others. Since the murder he has been dedicated to a campaign against gun crime.

And today Jae'don, now 11, will be honoured with a Woman's Own Children of Courage award, following a meeting with Tony Blair in recognition of his work. Tomorrow he meets Prince Charles at Clarence House…

Jae'don, who grew up in Hackney but has since moved to Harlow with his mother and sister, said: ‘I just want to stop violence and what happened to my dad is a big reason for that. This is to stop people doing bad things’…
In the poignant speech Jae'don made at his father's funeral, at the Upper Clapton Reform Church, he told mourners the tragedy would make him more determined to become a professional-footballer and artist. He also promised to be a father figure for his sister Janae, now two.

His mother Syreeta, 29, said: 'His speech was on television news… I've heard that police and people in the Home Office have seen the video and cried… He was a naughty boy before his father died but he's turned it around'." 
Jae'Don is 13 years old in the photograph seen above.

10 years after his father was killed, on 2 April 2014, The Metro reported thus:

“A businessman bled to death on the road in front of his helpless friend after being stabbed by carjackers who stole his Mercedes, a court heard today. Harjinder Singh Bhurji tried to stop the robbers taking his £33,000 SLK Coupe but was knifed in the heart, jurors were told.
His friend, Kajal Bhardwa, was dragged out of the passenger seat as the attackers allegedly threatened to slit her throat. The carjackers then drove away with their mobiles, leaving her unable to call for help as the 32-year-old died on the roadside…

Rory Gordon, 23, and alleged accomplice Jae-Don Fearon, 21, both deny murder.”
Do you get it yet?

The cops and the Home Office once cried for Jae'Don. I guess some might possibly have shed a few tears for the odd Harjinder but for the murder victims seen below, (apart from the ‘budding architect’) you can forget it.

The PC Crowd, the media darlings and the politicians make heros out of the alien and those who defer to their bestial, anti-human philosophy. However, it almost never de-heros the chosen. Thus, if he is found guilty of the crime cited above, Jae’Don’s name will appear very few times in the mainstream media and, when it does, it will probably be a mistake. Those who put his name out there in connection with Harjinder’s death will not know, or will have forgotten, that he was once a ‘Children of Courage’ award winner, met Tony Blair and Prince Charles, was ‘dedicated to a campaign against gun crime,’ 'turned' his life 'around' and wanted ‘to stop people doing bad things.’

As it happens, if the killers had murdered any of these, his name may never have been mentioned at all.

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