Sunday, 11 May 2014

UKRAINE: Preparing for war


On 25 February 2014, soon after Viktor Yanukovych's hasty departure, Arseniy Yatsenyuk became Prime Minister of the Ukraine.

Yatsenyuk, a lawyer and banker by profession who had previously held the titles of both Foreign and Economics Minister, is Jewish.

On 5 March 2014, The Voice of Russia published the following interview with Paul Craig Roberts, former Assistant Secretary of the US Treasury:
VoR: "Why do you call the US media portrayal of the situation as the absence of integrity?"
PCR: "Well, the American media, since the final years of the Clinton regime, is a propaganda ministry for the government. We no longer have independent print or TV media, they are owned by five large firms. They are no longer run by journalists, they are run by former government officials and corporate advertising executives. And the value of the firms is they have federal broadcast licenses. They can’t go against the government because they wouldn’t be able to retain their licenses. So, the free and dispersed independent American media ceased to exist around 1997."
VoR: "And in your opinion, why did that happen?"
PCR: "I don’t know if they were getting ready to control the information, or whether it was just a favour to campaign donors. The campaign donors gave the Clintons a lot of money and they wanted to monopolize the media. So, that’s probably the reason, but the consequence is that the media is no longer independent. And if it goes against the government, first of all, the reporters lose their government sources, the editors get disciplined. And so, they don’t try to go against the government, they do not challenge the government’s position.

If you noticed, in the American media there is no challenge from the print or TV media to the government’s interpretation of what is happening in Ukraine or Syria, or anywhere. So, it is essentially a propaganda ministry. I’m the former editor of the Wall Street Journal and I can no longer recognize the American media as a media. It has nothing in common with the media that I had a permanent position in."
VoR: "And what are the drawbacks of John Kerry’s policy towards Ukraine?"
PCR: "It is propagandistic, it is extremely provocative, it demonizes Russia, it demonizes the Russian President and the Russian government and it prepares the American public, which has no independent source of information, it prepares them for a war. They are being prepared to accept all sorts of punitive moves against Russia, any one of which could provoke a war. So, it is a very dangerous situation when the Secretary of State stands up and tells public lies.

The fault in Ukraine is not Russia’s, it is the US’. The US is the one who organized, financed and provoked the coup. And the US was incompetent and lost control of the coup to the ultranationalists. And these ultranationalists have threatened the Russian populations of Ukraine and threatened the Russian strategic interests...

None of this information is conveyed to the American public by the official print and TV media. And so, you have a public which is in the dark about what is really happening and the Russian government is being demonized, and presented as a new Hitler or something. So, this is dangerous, it can get out of hand. In other words, there was no public constraint on the actions of the United States government, because the public is completely in the dark...

When these Russian-speaking areas see the threats being issued from Kiev, see the ban on the use of the Russian language in any official way, see the destruction of war memorials that celebrate the liberation of Ukraine by the Russian troops from the Nazis, when they see these hostile actions, it scares them, they don’t want these people coming in and threatening them...

They don’t want any of that and they are saying – we really are Russians and we want to go back to where we belong...

So, that’s the whole purpose of the coup in Ukraine. It was part of Russia for 200 years and half of Ukraine was always part of Russia. So, the whole thing is madness and when the country behaves this reckless, it is a serious thing... Like the fools who took the world to WWI."
The British media is, nowadays, almost as bought-and-paid-for as America's.

Our people are, as a consequence, as 'in the dark' as our American cousins. This is no longer much of an excuse. We have the internet. if I can access information like this, so can you. So can the sheeple. They won't, of course. Finding stuff out is not what they do.

That's what the Clinton, Kerry and the 'five, large firms' rely on.

In 1997, when the 'free and dispersed independent American media ceased to exist,' three of the 'five large firms' were owned and run by Jews. One of the others was owned and run by Rupert Murdoch who, though not Jewish, is the world's leading media Zionist.

For a peek inside the tribal nepotism at the heart of America's media, check out Jews control the media, Marlon Brando and Sumner Redstone and MTV.

Listen to Estonia's Foreign Minister advising Catherine Ashton, the EU's top foreign policy wonk, that the Kiev protestors were, in fact, assassinated by their own side!

Now check out this video, which examines the Kiev killings in forensic detail:

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  1. UK media obsession with Stephen Lawrence continues.

    The reverse races killing no one's heard of.

    The murder of 17 year-old Charlie Wright.

    The teenager was shot dead at a flat in Park Mews, Calvert Road, Greenwich, south London, at around 2.05am on April 23, 2010.

    Police are trying to trace four or five young black men were seen running from Park Mews towards Woolwich Road shortly after the shooting.

    Facebook page for Charlie Wright who would have been 21 this year, still no-one has been charged.

  2. Although off topic, the above observations are spot on.