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You are being manipulated into another stupid war. RESIST!

On 11 May 2014, Peter Hitchens told it like it REALLY at his Daily Mail blog.

Take note, you Brits, it's not just our bought-and-paid-for politicians, it's the BBC, it's the rest of the media, it's all of them. They all lie. They've been lying to us since way before 1914, when their lies managed to get a million of us killed.

Nowadays, of course, the lie is codified, it's institutionalised. You get sneered at, snarled at, mocked and even imprisoned for telling too much of the wrong kind of truth.

Peter Hitchens is an honest and an angry man. He tells it as an angry man should.

Take special note, you who are now vaguely aware, you who are thinking of voting UKIP. Study the words of a truthful man and compare what he says with the routine dishonesty served up via your television screen.
"The absurd bias of most coverage of the Ukraine crisis is best shown in what it does not say. It never mentions that the USA and EU started the whole thing by trying to bribe Ukraine into joining their gang, and by sending leading politicians to egg on the Kiev mob.

And it never gives a fair deal to the Russian case. Here’s proof, if you like.
Yulia Izotova, a 21-year-old nurse, was shot dead while carrying sandwiches to a checkpoint manned by Russian separatists in Kramatorsk. All the evidence suggests her killer was a Ukrainian soldier. Had it been the other way round, you would have seen a lot of her pretty face, and of her bitter funeral. But you haven’t.

The same is true of the Russians, at least 40 of them, burned to death in Odessa after being besieged in a blazing building by a pro-Kiev mob.

Imagine the headlines and the coverage if it had been pro-Putin marchers doing the besieging. But this horrible event is barely mentioned in the West. You’re being manipulated by people who want your support for a stupid war. Resist."
The 'absurd bias' Hitchens points to will not seem like bias to most. 

Most, even now, will just accept the nonsense served up by the cynics. Just as they've always accepted it.

Supine, unquestioning, bread and circuses two thousand years on.

But others are awake. These will be puzzling it out. Thinking, perhaps, that their government, the establishment their votes enfranchise, cannot possibly be trying to involve them in another 'stupid war.'

But they are. And the puzzlers know it. Or, at least, sense it.

Our world is ruled by monsters. They murder innocent young women in our name.

Do me a favour, kick the sh*t out of them on 22 May.

Peter Hitchens was trying to alert us to the reality before this.

On 20 May 2014, his 'Mail on Sunday' essay, 'Who is using spies and lies to grab power in Kiev? We are,' informed us thus:
"What would you think if Russia’s spy chief had been discovered last week, roaming round Ukraine? The British media would have been raging and howling about sinister Kremlin meddling. Well, as far as I know, no such visit took place.

But something just as astonishing did happen. John Brennan, Director of the CIA, was, in fact, in Kiev last week, and I do not think he was there for the nightlife. It is, by any measure, a hugely interesting fact that such a person, who seldom ventures out at all, was in Ukraine at a moment of great tension. Yet the information was buried by British news media...

What we attack (Russia) for doing is what we have also done, in Yugoslavia and Ukraine. We snatched Kosovo from Serbia. They have snatched Crimea from Ukraine. We like referendums which confirm what we wanted to do all along. So do they. So far, even they haven’t had the nerve to copy the EU habit of re-running any votes that give the wrong result.

We unleashed armed mobs in Kiev, to overthrow the lawful authority. They have done the same in Donetsk.

Just as I have no doubt that Russian secret services and front organisations have helped, encouraged and equipped the crowds in Donetsk, I have no doubt that the ‘Maidan’ protests in Kiev had what I shall politely call help from outside... I think both sides have also shut down broadcasts they do not like.

The simple conclusion we might draw from this... is that it would be wise to stop being so lofty about what the Russians are doing, and pretending that our side are the nice, law-abiding freedom-lovers.
We should ask instead what this conflict is really about.
I will tell you. It is an old-style territorial clash over a very valuable piece of territory, in which the EU, as Germany used to do, seeks to expand its power and influence into areas long dominated by Moscow. This can only be resolved through compromise. 
Yet, on the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the Great War that almost ended civilisation, I am amazed by the partisan enthusiasm for conflict and confrontation that has infected so many politicians and journalists.

Why wait for future historians to tell you that you were rushed into a stupid, ruinous war by crude, one-sided propaganda?

Tell these people now that you want no such thing."
If you want more 'information' that hasn't been 'buried by British news media,' you could do worse than check out the information in the articles that immediately follow this one.

As for those who do the burying, Danny Cohen, the chap who, just this week, wanted to sack Jeremy Clarkson for using the n-word (sotto voce) and 'has been behind moves to try and make the BBC more diverse,' is the head of BBC Television.

James Harding is the boss of BBC News.

Both are Jewish.

Check Harding out here and hereCohen also features in the second essay.

A little more of the hidden actuality may be discerned in the following recent reports:

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Here are four essays that featured this week in the Russian media:

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And a YouTube offering:

Don't forget to take a look at the previously published articles below if you haven't already read them.

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