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In England and Wales, 85,000 women are raped every year

In the 1 December 2013 edition of the Mail Online, after Judith Woods, told us that, 'in an increasingly sexualised society... 85,000 women are raped every year, 54% of teenage boys find hard-core internet porn 'inspiring' and 35% of all sex crimes (are comitted) against under 16s', she posed the question, 'so how DO we keep our daughters safe?'

I replied thus:

"'How do we keep out daughters safe?' In the world that LibLabCon and those who own them have created? We don't. We don't keep them safe.
That's the point of all out war. No one's safe. That's the point of political correctness, it makes enemies of the good guys and friends of the bad. That's the point of mass immigration.
Most of the immigrants who entered our society in the last 60 years were not like us. That's why those who are at war with us wanted them here. Diversity and difference are their pet footsoldiers. 
Who do all the race laws stamp down upon? Mr. Nice Guy. Mr. England, the patriot. Who and what have the media and the PC Crowd relentlessly promoted? The alien, pornography, misunderstood villains, the Multicult.  
The Global Elite and their bought politicians have been at war with us since 1913, when the Fed Res was created just in time for WW1 and the Russian Revolution. Just in time for those events to be bankrolled by US loot. 
They've been at war with us ever since."
Judith adds:

"According to NSPCC figures, 35 per cent of all sexual crimes recorded in 2012/13 were against children and young people aged under 16. Keeping our young people safe must surely, then, be a priority."

Not in LibLabCon world, it's not. How long did it take them to act against the Muslim paedophiles who were gang-raping and prostituting our little girls? Decades at least. And it would seem that they only acted then because they couldn't keep it quiet any longer.

On 10 January 2013, the Ministry of Justice, the Home Office and the Office for National Statistics published the following:
“Based on aggregated data from the ‘Crime Survey for England and Wales’ in 2009/10, 2010/11 and 2011/12… around 473,000 adults being victims of sexual offences (around 404,000 females and 72,000 males) on average per year... 
It is estimated that 0.5 per cent of females report being a victim of the most serious offences of rape or sexual assault by penetration in the previous 12 months, equivalent to around 85,000 victims on average per year… 
Around one in twenty females (aged 16 to 59) reported being a victim of a most serious sexual offence since the age of 16. Extending this to include other sexual offences such as sexual threats, unwanted touching or indecent exposure, this increased to one in five females reporting being a victim since the age of 16... 
9,042 defendants proceeded against for sexual offences in 2011 (91.2 per cent of total) were of a known ethnicity. Of these persons… 9.9 per cent were Black; 9.7 per cent were Asian… 2.4 per cent were of ‘other’ (mixed) ethnicity."
Thus, extrapolating these statistics against the 2011 census, black people were 3 times more likely to be ‘proceeded against for sexual offences.’ Asians were 1.3 times more likely.

On 14 January 2004, The Evening Standard reported thus:
"A hard core of violent muggers is behind a surge in gang rapes in London... There has been one group sex attack for every day of the last year. Two thirds of the suspects had convictions for theft and robbery and half had been involved in street crime in the last 12 months. 
The study found a disproportionately high number of black and Asian men were involved in the attacks. Around 49 per cent of suspects were described as Afro-Caribbean and 13 per cent as Indian or Pakistani... White women accounted for 59 per cent of the victims."
The study from which the statistics in Judith Woods' article were drawn makes no mention of the ethnicity of the victims. In our PC age, of course it doesn’t. It would not want the world to know that, where Black and Asian rapists congregate, the majority of their victims are white.

If, indeed, things are still as they were in 2004.

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