Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Taking our jobs is a good thing!

On 3 December 2013, Nicoleta Juncanaiu, a recent Romanian immigrant said this in a BBC news report from ‘north London:’
“I’m sorry because we take their jobs. But this is a good thing for the England, yeah? And for the England economy. You are going to have the best people.”
You're going to give us your 'best people,' Nicoleta? Well, really, your generosity is truly overwhelming but, if your best people could just stay right where they are and do their best by the Romanian folk who aren't quite so gifted, I'm sure we'd find a way to get by without them.

Hands up who wants the best Romania has to offer?

That’d the PC Crowd, the Europhiles, Big Business, the Global Elite, their bought politicians, all the up-the-greasy-pole trough-gobblers, half the immigrants, a quarter of the second-generation immigrants and a good few Jews.

Oh, and the odd shiny-eyed 16-year-old who came top of the class in the foreigners-are-better-than-us module.

Ah, one or two drooling numbskulls and several sheep seem to be onside as well.

Hands up who wants the Romanian elite to descend upon us if they replace you in the workplace?

Wow! The trough-gobblers and the second-generation immigrants sure can shift when there’s nothing in it for them. The recent arrivals are looking puzzled. As are the sheep and the droolers. Oh, sorry, that’s just their normal expression. Can someone translate for the recent arrivals, please?

Whoosh! Faster than a speeding bullet! Not wanting to be in the minority, the sheep are racing after them.

The droolers and the on-message teenagers look like they might be about to leave as well. The fashionable anxiety seems to be proving too much and, yes, they’re off after the others. 'Calling all adolescent airheads and slack-jawed simpletons! The Romanians have apologised in advance for taking your jobs!’

Ah good, they’re coming back. The 16-year-olds' eyes are shining again and the numbskulls aren’t drooling quite so much.

Which leaves the usual suspects.

The BBC's Graham Satchell reported thus:
“Public opinion has hardened against all forms of immigration with worries about crime, housing, jobs… A hundred miles away, Peterborough hums to the sound of foreign voices. It is just one city transformed in the last decade by migrants from Eastern Europe.”
One Peterborough local said:
“I’m worried about integration.”
Another added:
“They don’t have the same culture as us, which makes it very difficult.”
Satchell then told us that ‘recently arrived immigrants are worried’ as well.

“There’s too much’, said one man. “Every second or third one is Polish or the Lithuania, whereas English, maybe two per cent.”

Satchell continued:
“At Fulbridge Primary school the children speak 30 different languages… The birthrate here is up 300 per cent… There is a strong sense here that they have reached a tipping point…

Fundamental questions are being asked about integration, culture, identity.”
Not by the usual suspects they’re not. Not by the PC Crowd, the Europhiles, Big Business, the Global Elite and their bought politicians.

Oh yes, ladies and gents, you can bet your bottom dollar that any thoughts the above may be thinking right now are very different to those that might be taxing us.

In his great novel, '1948', George Orwell wrote this:
“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face, forever.”
If you want a picture of your future, ladies and gents, and that of your children and grandchildren, imagine an immigrant's foot inside the boot.

And know for absolute certain that he does what he does, not just because he is a highly disciplined footsoldier in Big Brother's immigrant army, but because you, the thinking indigen, are the New World Order's greatest enemy.

UPDATE: On 3 December 2013, Romanian Labour minister, Mariana Campeanu, was quoted thus by The Times:
“The British social welfare system… should maybe be a reason why many British people do not access the vacancies on the labour market for which Romanian citizens, for example, are going to apply… 
Romanian citizens in the UK contribute greatly… Many of these people are young and well-qualified, the UK should be grateful that these people have come to live there."
They ‘contribute greatly,’ they do the jobs we don’t want to do any more, we’re lazy benefit scroungers who should be ‘grateful’ to the greatly contributing colonists.

A well-learned mantra if ever I heard one.

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