Sunday, 1 December 2013

Jews must stand firmly in the corner of immigrants and economic migrants

On 22 November 2013, The Jewish Chronicle published the immigration views of some of its subscribers.

These were as follows:

David Finlay, member of Alyth Reform Synagogue:
“I agree we have to be sympathetic towards new immigrants. But there are broader issues to do with the economy and the benefits system. 
Immigrants who come here need to make a proper contribution to the country. Jewish people have always found work and made a contribution. Immigrants have an obligation to repay the hospitality given to them and not be a burden on the welfare system.”
Not the BNP, UKIP or even the man on the Clapham Omnibus but pretty mainstream, I guess. 5/10.

Rhea Wolfson, aged 23, communications manager:
“The Jewish community absolutely should stand side-by-side with immigrant communities in the UK. We all have a moral obligation to speak out for others suffering hardship and it is hypocritical for Jews not to stand firmly in the corner of immigrants and economic migrants.”
Typical Jew: on the side of everything alien and screw what the indigenous majority want, think or feel. 0/10

Judy Gillespie, aged 56, member of the Liberal Jewish Synagogue:
“There’s not enough space on this island. The Romanians don’t have a particularly good reputation. Crime is escalating and it’s too easy for them to use the benefits system. There aren’t enough checks and balances, and there aren’t enough jobs to go round...

I guess it’s too late now. We’ve opened the door and now all that’s left is to be a gracious host. I’m very worried though. My husband wants to put up new gates outside our house because we feel there has been an increase in crime.”
Could have written the first paragraph myself. Not too keen on the 'gracious host' bit in the second. 7/10

Rebecca Lee, aged 27, recent graduate in sociology:
“Jews have a responsibility always to try and speak up for those deemed ‘outsiders’. It’s worrying that Israelis seem to be ever shifting to the right, and making life hard for immigrants. If British Jews can be a voice for immigrants inside UK society, it will help others, strengthen our shared Jewish values and keep the sense of our own history alive.”
I liked the whistle-blowing bit exposing the hypocrisy of the Israeli Jew but the rest of it could have been written by the Anti-Defamation League. 2/10.

Aya Berr, aged 58, manager of Steimatzky bookshop, Golders Green, originally from Israel:
"Immigration is a good thing, it adds cultural diversity, but immigrants have to obey the law of this country and not try to enforce their culture on the rest of society.”
 Horribly on-message first clause, tempered by the I'm-not-racist-but tone of the rest of the sentence. 1/10.

Adam Cohen, aged 28, lawyer.
"For me it’s a no-brainer. Of course we should welcome these newcomers. But I don’t think it’s necessarily an issue specifically for the Jewish community, it’s a society-wide thing. We get the benefits from being in the EU, like free trade and open markets for our exporters, so we also have to accept the other side of things. 
People from other EU countries are going to want to come here. We don’t say anything about the numbers of French people here in London.”
Another typically Jewish 'let-'em-all-in' response. Pretty obviously, Adam's a tw*t. Anyone taking bets as to what he'll be in ten years time? My bet's on prospective MP. 0/10.

Steven M (declined to give full name), 50, property developer.
“There are two types of immigrants, those who make a contribution like the Jews and those who take advantage of the welfare state. I think there are many immigrants who take advantage of the British temperament of being very open and good to people. But when it comes to Romanians, they make a great contribution and are very hard-working.”
The last sentence is beyond idiotic when one considers the begging, thieving and pickpocketing potential of the Romanian Gypsy. Otherwise the comment is fair enough if you discount the fact that few Jews do any manual labour and the majority always seem to be able to network themselves into the few plum jobs on offer.

Which isn't altogether fair on the rest of us. 4/10.

Elsewhere at the JC, Baroness Julia Neuberger, senior Rabbi of West London Synagogue, said the prejudice against Romanian and Bulgarian immigrants 'really does stink' and added:

“Unless they are a convert, no Jew in the UK is not an immigrant or economic migrant. We who know about prejudice should speak out. There is a Jewish voice on immigration, but it’s not a loud voice. It’s not a popular thing to say, ‘let more people into Britain'... Prejudice hasn’t gone away."

That's us nice, kind, tolerant, fair-minded and decent people who gave their country away to everyone else on the planet whom the Blair-ennobled Baroness is calling 'prejudiced,' ladies and gents. That's us whose attitude 'stinks.' I notice, she hasn't said much about Israel's non-tolerance of Palestinians over the years. Although she did sign a letter which was half-heartedly critical of Operation Cast Lead, so I suppose I should give her 1/10 for that.

Check out the central role her fellow Jews have played in the war against their indigenous hosts via mass immigration and the race laws here, and political correctness here.


  1. You can't win with jews, we kindly (misguidedly) let them in, and rather than showing gratitude, they just want more immigrants. They really do undermine indigenous populations from the second they are allowed in. Then, anyone complaining about impact of immigration is accused of racism/intolerance etc by the jews. I know there are jews who are increasingly concerned about immigration now, mainly because many are muslim immigrants, but I have never seen or heard a jew stick up for the rights of the English.

    On a happier note, I see the Golden Dawn in Greece is fighting strong and despite mainstream politicians and left wing murderers attacking them, the GD's support continues to grow! Wish that would happen here.

    On a different note again, thanks for posting info on Liberty GB, with Paul Weston's excellent video. I'd never heard of Liberty GB before, I'm going to download the video onto my walkman and show it to people if conversation leads to it.

  2. Golden Dawn, the National Front in France, Jobbik in Hungary and a good old Russian two-fingers up at Western fairydom. There's lots of WN sentiment out there but the timidity and gormlessness here is a bit difficult to rev up.

    We are coming on but slowly, and it will be UKIP that collects any accolades, not the real deal, which Griffin's ego banjaxed.

    Paul Weston is impressive and, it seems to me, very user-friendly. I think the bad guys would have a harder time going the 'racist, Fascist, Nazi, bigot,' route with him than they do with Griffin and the NF.

    He and his people won't follow me on Twitter and I think a few have blocked me but that's OK. As long as we're all banging off in the same direction.

    There are two more of Paul Weston's videos on show at this site, which can be accessed at the links below.