Saturday, 30 November 2013

No one knows how it's going to end

Let's see if you can guess who said this and what kind of people prompted him to say it:
"We are no longer in a simple dispute among neighbours and no one knows how it's going to end. Once the night has fallen, we can't go out any more without being spat on or a drunken youth telling us to go back to our own country."
No idea? Well, that's understandable. You see, the words of Father Nikodemus are never going appear in The Mirror, The Mail, The Express or The Sun. You won't find him or those who prompted his comment looming large at the BBC either.

You see, all negative commentary about certain groups of people is off limits, proscribed, non-U, in the land of no-free speech these days. Anyway, here's France's second best selling newspaper, Le Figaro, to explain all:
"Sputum, flat tires, blasphemous graffiti: the Benedictine monks of the Abbey of the Dormition in Jerusalem has been the target for several months of incessant harassment.

In early October, the tension rose a notch when a dozen graves were vandalized in a cemetery adjoining the monastery Protestant...

Twelve monks and twenty students that live on top of Mount Zion, close to Old Town, attribute their torments young Jewish extremists orbiting the nearby Yeshiva.

Israeli police informed of the most serious incidents, made some arrests... According the monks, however, the suspects were immediately released and the authorities show a limited willingness to punish these acts...

At the end of May, persons unknown punctured the tires of several cars parked in front of the abbey and tagged on its walls, 'Jesus is a monkey'."
Oh yes, that's the most hated tribe in all human history for you. That's your average Talmudic type.

Minus the spin and the snti-defamatory protection.

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