Saturday, 30 November 2013

An enemy of Israel’s is an enemy of mine!

At a Downing Street reception to celebrate the Jewish festival of Chanukah on 27 November 2013, David Cameron lit the candles with the Chief Rabbi In the presence of Gerge Osborne and former Israeli prime minister, Ehud Barak.

At the reception, he informed the gathering of his 'scepticism over the Iran deal' and then said:
"An enemy of Israel’s is an enemy of mine!"
No matter what Israel does, eh, David? You know like the massacre of around 1400 men, women and children in Gaza recently? And the murderous attack on the peace Flotilla? And the non-stop slaughter of Palestinian leaders? And their alleged involvement in 9/11? And the murderous attack on the USS Liberty? And the plot to kill British foreign minister, Ernie Bevin? And the bombing of the King David Hotel? And the murder of Lord Moyne, Count Folke Bernadotte and a great many British soldiers, policemen and civil servants by Irgun and the Stern Gang during and just after WW2? And the massacre of the innocents at Deir Yassin?

Yep, if you can excuse that little lot you're the heir to Blair all right.

Our Israel-hugging P.M. isn't just a distant cousin of the Queen but, according to Dr Yaakov Wise, may well be directly descended from Moses, no less! You see, his great-great grandfather, the 'wealthy banker,' Emile Levita, was a Jewish immigrant and Moses was the leader of he Levites when they escaped from Egypt.

British Israelism also claims that our royals are direct descendants of King David, which would seem to give Dave a double dose of Hebraic fabulousness.

No wonder 'an enemy of Israel’s is an enemy of' his!

No matter what it does.

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