Saturday, 30 November 2013

The dark side of globalisation

After the former Chairman of the Conservative Party, Governor of Hong Kong and current BBC chairman, Lord Christopher Patten, made a speech at the British Embassy in Paris, on 29 November 2013, The Daily Mail quoted him thus:
"Today with porous borders, the amount that politicians and political leaders can actually do on their own is very limited… Immigration, organised crime, drugs… epidemic disease… (are) aspects of the dark side of globalisation…

Politicians are so reluctant to say we're not any more facing a series of challenges which are manageable within our own space.”
So, according to Patten, there’s very little that politicians of the LibLabCon variety ‘can’ (or will, or want to) do about the downside of the global project. In which case, shouldn’t the British people rid htemselves of the no-can-do folks and elect some proper Brits who, not only ‘can’ do something but, if given the chance, would and want to?

Patten continues:
“It’s proved extremely difficult for political leaders to tell people what they may not want to hear and get elected.”
This, of course, is one gigantic lie. The only people who do ‘not want to hear’ ‘no more immigration,’ ‘screw the EU’, ‘bash the bankers’, ‘ban the Burka’ and ‘deport the foreign ciminals’ are top table enablers like Patten; the PC Crowd; the EU bureaucrats; the immigrant criminals and the bankster and big business elites that that own them all. If ‘political leaders’ promised us the aforesaid, they’d be telling us precisely what we want to hear and there’d be a veritable landslide come the General Election.

Patten continues:
“The general consequence has been that political leaders only tell people a bit of what they don’t want to hear, which doesn’t entirely prevent the growth of populism and parties on the extreme but can just about secure their election or near election.”
‘Populism and parties on the extreme.’ Aye, there’s the rub. They can’t be seen to acknowledge that the ‘racist,’ ‘Fascist,’ ‘Nazi’ ‘bigots’ were right all along, so they can only let the truth out in dribs and drabs. This only works, of course, as long as LibLab and Con are all singing from the same same political hymnsheet. i.e. ‘political leaders’ must ‘only tell people a bit’, they must never tell us the whole, utterly damning, truth. If they do the global game is up and they’re history.

‘Currently there isn’t any European demos,’ admits Patten. Which is about as truthful as a Western politician is ever going to get. Couched in political newspeak, some may have missed the significance of this confession. For ‘demos’ substitute the word ‘democracy’. Got it now?

‘There is no democracy in Europe’, and this from a quintessential top bloke. The system we currently enjoy is no democracy, that’s for sure. If one had to describe what it is that we vote for, an ‘elective dictatorship’ would just about sum it up. In other words, we can vote for A, B and C and, if we’re lucky, a little bit of D now and again, but all the other bits of the political alphabet, where ‘populism and parties on the extreme’ reside, are off-limits.

‘At the moment we’re in a crazy world,’ adds the bright and shiny all-nu truth zealot.

Who built this ‘crazy world,’ Chris? Who forced the global insanity upon us? Was it you? Was it your lot? Was it Thatcher and Lawson, Blair and Brown, Mandelson, Harman, Straw, the Milibands? Was it Kissinger and the Bilderbergers? Greenspan, Bernanke and the Fed Res? Was it Hollywood, the recording industry and 70 years of intellectually and spiritually degenerative popular culture? Are Clegg and the Cameronian Tories forcing us to accept the this socially engineered lunacy as we speak?

What about the BBC? If the Beeb has played it’s part in the craziness, surely now that you have admitted your awareness of it, it is your duty, as Chairman, to fix it.

Isn’t it?

It’s all gone quiet over there.

Finally Chris says this:
“I bet you would hardly find a single European political leader who thought that the right way to get greater accountability into the system would be by giving more power to the European parliament.”
I bet you would hardly find a single digusted person from Tonbridge Wells or any man at all on the Clapham Omnibus who thought it was a good idea.

As for your average bought-and-paid-for political leader, I’m not so sure.

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