Friday, 26 July 2013

Inbreds, a***holes, reptillions and cretins

Before the 'godfather of grime', attended the July 2013 gig in Cockrock, Cumbria, he tweeted his agent thus:
“Billy please stop sending me to farms to perform please mate... I am a yardie man ffs wtf”
Wiley continued:
"You can get to Holland and Cyprus quicker than north Wales and Cumbria now u see what I’m saying…there not places I wanna drive too [sic]"
However, when he got there, he found the local food to his liking and tweeted:
"The farmers have made sure the burger is proper beef big up the farmers in cumbria... this burger is proper... 
Having the nicest cheeseburger right now in cumbria ....proper ring trust me."
Once on stage, fans urged him to donate his £15,000 fee for performing at the 'not for profit' festival to charity. Whereupon Wiley 'wildly dismissed' their request.

The crowd weren't impressed by his manner and began to heckle. Rumour has it things were thrown and the godfather left the stage three songs and 15 minutes into a set scheduled to take 45 minutes.

Subsequently, Wiley bragged on Twitter that he had earned '£1,000 a minute' for his 'best job ever.'

After some Twitterers reacted angrily to this, Wiley responded:
“You inbreds get off my @'s and get a life you been tweeting me for days you a**holes... f**king reptillions... 
Today we start the spending of 15 k in style... F**k them pagans in Cumbria... Get the f**k out of here you county of witches children... You bunch of invalids... bunch of cretins.”
The 'Wearing My Rolex' and 'Evolve or be Extinct' rapper added:
"I don't care about anything... You're lucky I ain't even came to Cumbria and done 15 minutes and took your money... 

They want their money back... They are are lucky I am not sueing them for stuff thrown."

He also described Cockrock as an 'EDL festival' and described Cumbria as a 'county of witches.' (click on the image to enlarge)

Nice guy, huh? Inbreds? Witches? Pagans? Reptillions? And this isn't racist?

Of course it isn't. He's black. The 'racism' tag and the race laws were devised to keep the indigenous nice guys in their box, not the non-native nasties.

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