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The New Cross fire

On 14 May 2001, the BBC , which was emerging as a PC champion under the stewardship of Greg Dyke (of 'hideously white' fame) by that time, said this:

"In the immediate aftermath there was much speculation that RACISTS were responsible for the fire...

Twenty years later the cause of the fire remains a mystery, with relatives of the victims still not knowing whether it was arson, a disastrous prank or a tragic accident. However, forensic scientists now say the fire was 'most probably started deliberately.'


Jan 1981: fire at 439 New Cross Road 1983: inquest - open verdict.
1985: criminal investigation shut down due to 'insufficient evidence'. 
1997: New Cross investigation reopened/
Jan 2001: police offer reward for new information.
May 2001: police announce 'grounds' for fresh inquest."
See what I mean about the PC champion? Stephen Lawrence had precisely nothing to do with New Cross, yet they had to go and add him to the 'racist' equation. After repeating the 'many believed it had been started deliberately in a RACIST attack' calumny, the BBC then admitted:
"Today there are few who remain convinced that RACISTS were to blame."
However, Auntie was back on-message in the sentence that followed:
"But most activists and relatives agree that the police were not strenuous enough in their inquiries, and were too quick to discount the theory of a RACIST ATTACK."
The BBC added:
"Two months after the fire, an estimated 10,000 people, led by now TV presenter Darcus Howe, marched on Downing Street in protest at the perceived RACIST ATTACK and the police reaction. The fire, and the police's reaction to it, is widely held to have been the catalyst for the Brixton riots which exploded in April 1981.

Joan Ruddock, former Lewisham Deptford MP and current candidate for the seat, points out it was not just the police who caused anger.

She said: 'I believe there was another kind of white crime committed. The failure of the establishment and the wider society to acknowledge the pain and loss of the black families'."
Do you get what Ruddock just said? 'ANOTHER kind of white crime?' As in, that other crime of arson and mass murder? She's still implying racism was responsible when 'there are few who remain convinced that RACISTS were to blame?' That's the PC Crowd for you, ladies and gents.

And then we're back to Stephen Lawrence:
"The STEPHEN LAWRENCE inquiry, which investigated police and INSTITUTIONAL RACISM, is believed to have had a big impact. The RACIAL and Violent Crime Task Force, which has been running the New Cross reinvestigation, was set up in the wake of the LAWRENCE inquiry."
For many years, Joan Ruddock, who would, as an MP, name all of the black teenagers who died in the New Cross fire on the floor of the House of Commons, waged a campaign of vilification against those she believed responsible, invariably implying that ‘racists’ were to blame.

Aggressive anti-indigenous speculation by such PC crusaders, along with the outraged denunciations of black activists like Darcus Howe, stoked the fires of the Brixton calamity and the Toxteth riots which followed.

In 2004, a second inquest suggested, as did the first, that the fire had started within the building where fifty or so black teenagers were having a party, and that one or more of them had probably started it.

The coroner, Gerald Butler, QC, said this:
"I think it probable, that is to say more likely than not, that this fire was begun by deliberate application of a flame to the armchair near to the television... In 1981, many in the black community, particularly the young, were distrustful of the police and did not show that degree of co-operation that has been shown since the fresh inquiry into the fire began."
I think you might find that the 'co-operation' quotient improved somewhat when the cops offered a 'reward for new information,' Gerald.

After Butler said he was 'unable to return a verdict of unlawful killing', Joan Ruddock said the verdict was 'extremely disappointing.' Oh yes, after all that time, the powers-that-be hadn't been able to pin New Cross on us. That's got be upsetting for a Brit-loathing global villager, like Ruddock.

Whilst being interviewed on Radio 4's Today programme, she finally admitted, twenty three years too late, that the fire must have started within the house. However, she never apologised for a massively destructive decades-long, anti-British campaign of misplaced condemnation, nor did she ever apologise for stirring up racial hatred in the hearts and minds of the immigrant communities against the wholly innocent white Britons of New Cross and beyond.

Darcus Howe has, similarly, never expressed regret for the aggressive part he played in the events leading up to the 1981 riots.

In its 2001 article, the BBC quoted the words of the 'New Cross Massacre Action Group,' thus:
"Britain will take a great leap forward into a MODERN MULTIETHNIC, MULTICULTURAL, MULTINATIONAL STATE AND SOCIETY when such outrageous incidents as the New Cross massacre are properly investigated, the truth uncovered and appropriate action is taken."
A 'multiethnic, multicultural, multinational state.'

Lovely! Just what the British people always wanted.

And the Ruddocks and the Howes made sure we got.

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