Sunday, 30 June 2013

War on humanity defines Israel's agenda

On 30 May 2013, the Stephen Lendman essay, Israel Threatens Russia, appeared at his blog.

This said:
“Israel gives chutzpah new meaning. War on humanity defines its agenda…

Israel, Washington, and key NATO partners want Syria deprived of weapons, munitions, and defensive missiles. They're needed to counter Western-initiated aggression.

At the same time, Washington and key NATO partners want increased supplies sent to their proxy foot soldiers. They're terrorists. They're US-enlisted death squads. They massacre noncombatant civilians. Their atrocities are well known. Washington offers full support.

On the one hand, John Kerry and other US officials urge diplomatic conflict resolution. At the same time, they support greater escalation than already. Double standard duplicity defines Washington's agenda. It prioritizes war. It deplores peace.

It wants Assad ousted. Expect whatever it takes to do so. Whether it's possible remains to be seen. Most Syrians want no part of Washington's agenda. They value their sovereign rights. They want no outside dominance. They're willing to fight to prevent it.
On May 28, acting deputy State Department spokesman Patrick Ventrell praised EU nations' willingness to escalate conflict in Syria. They'll do so by supplying anti-Assad elements more arms than already…

At the same time, Ventrell ‘condemned the continue supply of Russian weapons’… In other words, do what we say, not what we do. Washington operates that way. He continued with a litany of lies. He accused Assad of massacring his people. He claimed US-enlisted death squads are ‘defending themselves.’

He and other US officials repeat these claims ad nauseam. They're directly involved in recruiting, funding, arming, training and directing foreign fighters. The more vicious and ruthless the better. Al Qaeda and its affiliate Al Nusra are key. They're recruited and sent to Syria. They reflect Washington's death squad strategy. It's longstanding.

Terrorists are US-enlisted foot soldiers. They're committing monstrous atrocities. They're waging lawless aggression. They're trained to do so. They're targeting a nonbelligerent country.

At the same time, Ventrell condemned increased ‘Hezbollah activity’ in Syria. They're defending Syrian sovereignty. He called their involvement ‘destabilizing.’

He duplicitously said Washington wants diplomatic conflict resolution. He and other US officials want Syrians to have no say. He and White House spokesman Jay Carney defended John McCain's meeting with anti-Assad terrorist leaders. He did so inside Syria.

He crossed the border lawlessly. He met with Lebanese pilgrim kidnappers. They committed numerous other crimes. He praised them. He twittered: ‘Important visit with brave fighters in Syria who are risking their lives for freedom and need our help.’

Assad must go remains US policy. No nation may interfere in the internal affairs of others. It's standard US practice. Doing so violates international law. Waging aggressive war does so flagrantly.

Ventrell calls it ‘working toward a new, free Syria.’ Perhaps he has one like Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya in mind. They've been ravaged and destroyed. Conflicts continue. Violence is widespread. Human suffering and misery are appalling. America bears full responsibility…

Washington's conflict resolution strategy is full-scale war. Waging it could come any time.”
You would do well to remember whose side Cameron, Hague and good many of their parliamentary fellows are on. They bat for the bad guys in Syria and the even worse guys in Washington and New York. The 'terrorists,' the 'US-enlisted death squads,' those who 'massacre non-combatant civilians' and commit the 'atrocities' and the men in suits who make 'war on humanity,'  that's whose side they're on.

Stephen Lendman is one of the many Jews who contend against Zion's Satanic grip on international affairs. Unfortunately, the Lendmans do not own and run the Western media. Which is why most of you have never heard of this Harvard-educated radio host, author and prolific blogger.

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