Saturday, 29 June 2013

An amnesty for illegal immigrants would make sense!

On 27 June 2013, Nadhim Zahawi, Conservative MP for Stratford-on-Avon, said this in The Independent:

In the United States Republican Party senior figures like Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio now openly champion the idea of A TEMPORARY AMNESTY FOR ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, as has Boris here in the UK.

Economically, A ONE-OFF AMNESTY WOULD MAKE SENSE. There are an estimated 570,000 ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS IN THE UK; this vast hidden economy cheats the Treasury out of billions while undercutting the pay and conditions of low income workers. At a time of austerity, MOVING THESE PEOPLE INTO THE LEGITIMATE ECONOMY HAS OBVIOUS ATTRACTIONS, not least because the state of UKBA’s backlog means THEY ALREADY ENJOY EFFECTIVE AMNESTY."
Well, there you have it folks. An Iraqi immigrant whom David Cameron parachuted into the safe Tory seat of Stratford-on-Avon thinks foreigners are fab. Even if they are prepared to break our laws before and after they get here (the clue is in the word 'illegal') and may well turn out to be a benefit-savvy burden on the taxpayer once enfranchised. Look, he says it himself:
"Of course the objections are equally obvious: that WE WOULD BE REWARDING CRIMINAL BEHAVIOUR and potentially putting further pressure on public funds."
570,000 more in one gigantic wedge! Plus their 'dependants' a little way down the line. Good, eh? Just what we always wanted. And yet, at his own blog, Zahawi says this to the people of Stratford-upon-Avon:
"I will be someone who will put local people first, someone who will understand their problems, and represent and fight for their interests."
He's 'avin a larf, ladies and gents! Hey, Nadim! You like your polls, don't you? (He co-founded the polling organisation YouGov) Well, why don't you ask your constituents what they think about your idea? Ask them if they'd like more than half a million law-breaking foreigners given the same rights as them in their country! And while your at it, ask them if they think they made a mistake at the last election!

Right now, Zahawi's law-breakers will be working for peanuts in the black economy, undercutting British workers and ushering a great many of us into the dole queues as a result. Do you think Zahawi gives a damn? For that matter, do you think Nick Clegg, whose pedigree is 75 percent non-Brit, and Ed Miliband, a second-generation Polish Jew, give a damn either?

David Cameron's ancestry is as cosmopolitan as it comes. He's got Yankee, German-Jewish (Emile Levita was a big shot banker), royalty (he's related to William IV), as well as Scots, Welsh and English (in that order) in his pedigree.

Oh no, it's not just the Zahawis, Westminster is chock full of unrepresentative types nowadays. Unrepresentative of us, that is. Zahawi continues:
"At the 2010 general election just 16 per cent of ethnic minority voters ticked the box marked Conservative while more than two thirds voted Labour. Our failure to appeal to ethnic minorities should send loud alarm bells ringing in Downing Street and Central Office... Unless we act now this electoral penalty will only get worse. Ethnic minorities make up 8 per cent of the electorate, a figure which is on an upward trend...

Many non-white Britons have never forgotten Enoch Powell’s ‘Rivers of blood’ speech..."
Many white Britons haven't forgotten it either. As we have since discovered, 'ENOCH WAS RIGHT', wasn't he?
"... nor the notorious slogan from the 1964 Smethwick election ‘if you want a n***** for a neighbour, vote Labour’."
We voted Labour. Guess what we got.

Zahawi continues:
"The handling of the Brixton riots, as well as the inquiry into the murder of Stephen Lawrence, convinced many others we were indifferent at best, downright hostile at worst."
Indifferent to Stephen Lawrence? What planet is this bloke on? Even now, twenty years on, the media is banging on about him. The law was changed because of him, for goodness sake! The possible penalty for a 'racially aggravated' offence was raised from two to a massive seven long years! More than 400 hundred MPs have mentioned him in parliament on close to two thousand occasions! whereas, almost all of the indigenous Britons who have died at the hands of the non-indigenous since Stephen died have NEVER been cited once!

As for the Brixton riots, check out what Zahawi isn't telling us here.

In the Independent article, Zahawi tells us the particular 'community' he identifies with:
"... my own community, the British Kurds."
The Iraqi immigrant did say one thing that few would argue with:
"Under David Cameron the Parliamentary Party has become more representative of modern Britain..."
Unfortunately for us, the fast-disappearing majority, it's not a Britain we like much any more.

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