Friday, 21 June 2013

Muslims are very good at breeding and abusing our system

In 2002, just before the local elections, Christer Ewe, a Swedish councillor respresenting the Moderaterna (moderate) Party, was interviewed by Swedish TV.

During the interview, he was asked how he would react if a person with hostile attitude towards immigrants and refugees joined the party. He replied:
“I would first of all try to explain to him why I believe that we should accept refugees and immigrants. The most important thing for me is the UN convention on refugees. And then I would try to change his views, if that’s possible.

But a lot of the people like that whom I have met on previous occasions are impossible to convince. They are simply not receptive to valid arguments.”
Q. "But how would you go about convincing someone that it’s important to be tolerant when it comes to these issues?"
A. "I would say that Sweden is such a big country that we need immigrants. We need a mix of different cultures in Sweden, where the Swedish culture, of course, is the dominant one. And ask them why a… country that actually has a lot of money and is in a position to receive more immigrants than we have done so far. But it requires that the government be more generous with their money in order to fund this."
Q. "What is behind your generous sentiments?"
A. "I believe it has something to do with being a human being, and I believe I’m born that way."
Q. "Denmark has clamped down on this issue… What are your views on that?"
A. "I don’t like the restrictive attitude that the Danes have adopted. As a matter of fact I believe that in the long run it will be damaging for the country. And I really hope that we here in Sweden don’t go down the same path."
Q. "What are your personal thoughts on Muslims?"
A. "I don’t know that many Muslims, so I can’t comment on that. But what I know about the Muslims residing in Kristianstad is that many are really trying to become ordinary citizens and adapt to Swedish norms and values..."
However, on another occasion, he was secretly filmed saying this:
“We simply accepting too many. Yes, we are. I travel down to Malmö quite frequently and things there are really bad… Our immigrant population is currently at 7 percent compared with Malmö where the immigrant population is 20 percent..."
Q. "Why are we afraid to address the issue? I don’t understand it. What about you guys at the local level?"
A. "Nobody wants to address it..."
Q. "It’s not exactly wrong what they have done in Denmark?"
A. "No, you are bloody right about that…"
Q. "What types of immigrants are here? There are obviously different types of immigrants..."
A. "We have quite a few Kurds and... Kosovo Albanians… It is certainly not incorrect to claim that the Muslims are not the best behaved group. They are very good at breeding and at abusing our system."
After this point Mr Ewe is confronted with his duplicity.

Christer Ewe got caught telling the truth when political correctness says he should have lied. In the latter part of the film below he denied saying that Muslims were good at 'breeding and abusing' the 'system' on two occasions. In other words, he denied that he had told the truth, knowing that truth, in a time of deceit, would end his career.

Unfortunately for Mr Ewe, the proof was there for all to see.

He lost his job.

Anyone out there think that his was a one off case? Anyone out there who doesn’t think that, these days, almost all politicians put progression up the greasy pole and/or maintenance of a cushy number way before the welfare and happiness of the the people they are elected to serve?

You really think that most politicians are not like this?

Seek help.

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