Wednesday, 15 May 2013

White employers employ people who look like themselves!

On 13 May 2013, former England footballer, Sol Campbell, lamented the fact that 45 percent of young black men are unemployed in The Daily Mail:

He said:
"Some employers who are predominantly white, they employ people who look like themselves, that's wrong. They say don't judge a book by its cover, but its happening up and down the country.  
Give these young men a chance to show what they can do. It's not always going to work but there are a lot of black teenagers and men who are willing to work, got the education, desire, the degrees, but there seems to be blockages all the way."
After having met some black men from Toxeth who thought they were being discriminated against, Campbell added:
"The area you're from can be a problem... People will look at a CV and say they're not employing people from a certain area. The environment they're from, the history they have."
Know what you mean, Sol. An employer based in Liverpool might remember the Toxteth riots. It might occur him, when he's got a black lad from Toxteth sitting opposite, that almost all the rioters were black. Might put him off. Tricky one that.

And their history? If they've never had a job but have a wrap sheet as long as your arm, well, the'd be another tricky one, I guess. And the 'degrees' he's got, would they be in media studies, pop music or football culture, for example? Not much call for such specialist knowledge when you're operating a lathe or a Tesco till, Sol.

And then there's that old bogey word 'racism.' Tell you the truth, Sol, I wouldn't want to give a job to a black lad when a white lad was similarly qualified. Even though political correctness almost always insists I should. You see, that white lad has a shared history with me, he is my tribal kin. In fact, if we were to retrace our ancestral steps for five or six generations, we'd probably find we were related.

I'd just feel much more comfortable giving the job to someone like him, you see. Just as the average Asian chap would much rather give a job in his restaurant, corner shop, post office or business to one of his own and you'd probably rather give a job to one of your Toxteth lads than a fellow from a little village in Devon. That's the way it is the whole world over, I'm afraid.

Tell you what, Sol, why don't you try this: seeing as the Jews invented Cultural Marxism, (which morphed into political correctness along the way) and they've alway been at the forefront of the anti-racism campaign in the West, and one of their own, the Russian revolutionary, Leon Trotsky, was the first to use the word 'racism' in its pejorative sense, why don't you advise your unemployed black lads to go try their luck in Israel? The fair-minded non-racist types you're liable to find out there are bound to sympathise, aren't they?

Oh yes, that's got to be the answer, Sol. Ship 'em over to Israel! There's bound to be work for them there.

Or Africa. Or the West Indies. India! China even. They might not find a job but, hey, racism won't be to blame, will it? Well, it might. But at least it won't be the type everyone associates the term with.

Which should make the forty-five percenters feel a whole lot better about everything.

Shouldn't it?

P.S. According to The Mail, 21 percent of white males of the same age are unemployed in the UK.

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