Thursday, 16 May 2013

We need to invest in rainbow casting!

Interviewed by Tim Walker at the BAFTA awards ceremony on 12 May 2013, the comedian, Lenny Henry, said this:
“There weren’t any black people at the Baftas; there was no black talent... What’s the matter with those people? What were the judges doing? There’s just not enough programmes with black people in them.

In 200 years’ time, our children are going to look back to now and say, 'Remember that really weird period when there weren’t any black people in any programmes.’ It’s unthinkable, but now we’re having to live through it. We’re in this slow, idling process towards change...

I’m working on things and trying to bring about change, but I can’t do it all on my own. We need to invest in these programmes, in rainbow casting, in all of the great black writers, producers and directors who make these programmes. And these shoudn’t just be niche programmes – they must be about things we can all to relate to...

We’re an inclusive nation, it’s time to make some inclusive programmes. Frankly, it’s just ignorance from the top down.”
What's the matter, Len, not politically correct enough for you?

Positive discrimination not working as it should? Perhaps you should set up a BAFTOBO awards ceremony? You know, a British Academy of Film and Television of Black Origin thing? Just so the lesser lights, who happen to be black, won't feel left out?

Come to think of it, I doubt that'll be necessary. Somebody up top will have been listening. We're bound to get a ton of unwatchable PC tat rammed down our throats in the near future after your pity-the-poor black chap whine. Yeah, 'something we can all relate to.' Like mass immigration and a ton of unwanted immigrants being offended by this, that or the other. Lots of parts for you 'rainbow' folk in a programme like that, Len.

Not sure how many would want to watch it mind. But, hey, as long as one or two less white folks win BAFTAS next year, who gives a f*** about that?

P.S. I hope this doesn't upset you, Len, but I just have to say it. You're horribly unfunny, pal. In my opinion you are about as funny as the least funny thing that ever lived. Yeah, I think my eyes might twinkled a bit back when you were sixteen and you did that Frank Spencer impression. Remember? You had your back turned, you were wearing the beret and the Mac and you turned around and, what do you know, you were black! But I haven't smiled since. Really, I have to switch off or change channels when you're on now. Yeah, you're just that crap at comedy.

Is that racist? Is it racist to tell a black 'comedian' that he's totally bl**dy useless?

Probably. I should be pretending he's the funniest thing since Yasmin Alibhai-Brown fell down that manhole in the best dream I ever had but I can't, I'm afraid.

Put me down as one of those 'top down' ignorant types.

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  1. The Midsomer murders producer, Brian True - May has been booted cause there's no minorities in the show