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Is the BNP is to blame for Muslim paedophilia?

On 15 May 2013, Sean Thomas said this in The Telegraph:
"Sometimes, amidst the bleakness, it is important to acknowledge that a few people did the right thing. In the hideous example of the Oxford gang rape case, which ended yesterday in the conviction of seven Pakistani and Somalian men for 'sexual torture' of girls as young as 11, one of those people is a Muslim prosecutor.

When Nazir Afzal was appointed head of the Crown Prosecution Service for the North West in 2011, he looked again at the files of a case that had previously been dropped by the CPS. What Afzal saw was an obvious pattern: a tiny, unrepresentative subset of Muslim British males, who were targeting and grooming underage white girls."
So, here we have a shining white Muslim knight ranged against a 'tiny, unrepresentative' Muslim 'subset.' Funny that, I tend not to see some bloke just doing the job he's paid to do as Sean Thomas does. And anyone who thinks Muslim paedophila is 'tiny' and 'unrepresentative' should have a chat with the white families of Keighley, Rochdale, Blackpool, London, Oxford et al. Better still, just check out the map.

Thomas continues:
"The girl is raped, then prostituted and trafficked; often she is threatened and beaten into submission; in one appalling example a girl was, literally, branded.

Disturbed by what he saw, Afzal revived the prosecution, and secured the first major conviction against such groomers; this trial opened the way to others, such as that in Oxford. Why did Afzal succeed where others feared to tread?

Afzal himself says: 'My Pakistani heritage helped cut through barriers within the black and minority ethnic communities, And white professionals' oversensitivity to political correctness and fear of appearing racist may well have contributed to justice being stalled'."
Thanks for this, Afzal. 'Barriers within the black and minority ethnic communities,' political correctness and the cowardice in the face it of 'white professionals,' has aided and abetted the bestial foreigner as he has wrought havoc upon our world. If there was any great British justice left in Great Britain, the PC Crowd would be brought to book for what their malign philosophy set in train.

Unfortunately, this isn't going to happen. At present, they are still in chage and thus, the politically correct war they have been waging upon us ever since the second world war ended is still to be won.

Thomas continues:
"There are others with reason to feel a certain grim vindication today: Ann Cryer, the one-time Labour MP for Keighley, and journalists such as Andrew Norfolk and Julie Bindel, have all drawn our attention, over the years, to what was happening in our cities.

There's one more figure who played an important role in this saga. As long ago as 2001, Nick Griffin, the leader of the BNP, was making claims about Asian grooming gangs.

In 2004 he repeated these allegations in a speech clandestinely recorded by the BBC for a TV documentary, Secret Agent. He was arrested and charged with inciting racial hatred.

Which is exactly what he was doing, of course. He was making his allegations to stir up ethnic strife."
Do you get this? According to Thomas, Griffin wasn't trying to warn his kinfolk of the danger, when every last politically correct politician, journalist, social worker, police officer and 'white prossional' in a position to do something about it would not, he was 'inciting racial hatred' and stirring up ethnic strife.

Who hates the Muslim paedophile that drugs up, rapes and prostitutes our little girls? That'd be just about everybody outside of the 'barrier' folk 'within the black and minority ethnic communities' and the PC Crowd, I reckon. Nevertheless, express your hatred too visibly and you might just have a politican accusing you of bigotry, a media darling wailing 'ethnic strife' and the politically correct 'professionals' clamouring for a lengthy spell in Pentonville, alongside those you dare to hate.

Thomas continues:
"The political Establishment, conscious of the BNP's record as liars..."
British nationalists lie? What, you mean like politcians and journalists? Routinely, as a matter of course? I don't think they do, actually. Some might. At about the level the rest of the British community do so but, generally speaking, I think the Nationalist has been demonised in the way he has over the course of the last eighty years because he dares to tell the truth.

You know, the off-limits, anti-establishment truth, that which the powers-that-be don't want told. Anyway, Mr Thomas, if you're reading this, let's have a few examples of BNP dishonesty and I'll hold my hands in the air and call you Sherriff. Otherwise, and I know it's difficult, you being a mainstream journalist and thus a company man, do try to be a little more respectful of the actualité.
"The political Establishment, conscious of the BNP's record as liars, therefore presumed, fatally and glibly, that Griffin's accusations were just racist demagoguery. The result? No doubt Griffin feels vindicated today: for telling the truth before anyone else. And yet, paradoxically, it was his thuggish intervention that gave society another excuse to ignore the scandal. And thus the abuse continued."
Have you any idea how utterly dishonest the paragraph above really is? In his desire to paint those who tried to warn the British people of the awful truths the politicians, the police and the press were actively covering up as somehow responsible for the long march of the Muslim paedophile, Sean Thomas expects us to believe the completely unbelievable. He expects us to believe that the only people who were aware that this was going on were British Nationalists, the abused children and their families and the criminals who were abusing them.

Well, the police knew, as did the social workers, you know, the 'white professionals', they knew because they were being told. They were being told by the kids, their families and a variety of concerned individuals, including the BNP. And, of course, they knew because such professionals make it their business to know. That's their job. Where crime is occuring, the police have a duty to investigate. Where children are suffering abuse, the social is duty bound to get involved. So they knew.

These will have known what was going on at least as long as the BNP. But they chose to say nothing and do little. Shortly after these discovered what was happening, the politcians and media will have been informed. These also chose to say nothing and do as little as possible until the point where the abuse was so terrible and so widespread that it just couldn't be covered up any more.

At which point a cynic might wonder whether a newly appointed head of the Crown Prosecution Service for the North West, who just happened to be a Muslim, was instructed to ride to the rescue.

After Sean Thomas' article had been up for a while, we were supplied with an editor's note. This reads:
"Editor's note: In the original version of this post, Sean Thomas's copy was edited in a way that made it appear that he was blaming Griffin for the grooming. He did not do so, and the final paragraph now reflects his true opinion. We apologise to Sean for the confusion this has caused."
The outrage engendered by what was said must have got the bad guys shivering, I guess. Anyway, it appears that poor, old Sean wasn't to blame after all. The Telegraph's editors added the scurrilous, stupid and dishonest final paragraph all by themselves.

I wonder whether this is regularly done? I wonder whether there is an army of furtive censors out there in the mainstream ready, willing and supremely able to insert the odd bit of anti-British nastiness, a hint of immigrant-friendly spin, a touch of indigene-belittling deceit.

I wonder how many authors allow their essays to be mutilated in this way? Perhaps they're worried that, if they complain, they'll be out on their ear. I don't know. All I know is that the censor who added that last paragraph is a malign anti-Brit who should not be allowed to edit the copy of a National newspaper.

He came a cropper this time but, trust me, folks, he won't be going away. The bad guys are in it for the long haul.

I wonder whether the censor in question was the guy who got me banned?

I am no longer able to comment upon the articles published by The Telegraph.

Here's why.

There's something else I've been wondering about. Has the Telegraph editor who apologised to Sean Thomas apologised to Nick Griffin and the BNP as well?

Silly question really.

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