Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Vote for Izzard!

On 15 May 2013, The Daily Mail told us that the transvestite comedian, Eddie Izzard, was 'seeking the Labour nomination for mayor of London in 2019, and if he does not get that, hopes to stand as an MP.'

Izzard said:
"I hated the 80s and I hated the politics and I really didn't like her... She said Nelson Mandela was part of a terrorist organisation and that if the ANC think they're going to be running the country, they are in cloud-cuckoo-land. That sums up Margaret Thatcher for me."
Thatcher didn't get everything wrong then.

Izzard, however...

On 27 May 2009, he was quoted thus by The Daily Mirror:
"Last time, 65 years ago, people from around the world got together to fight fascism. But this time, unless we stop them, the Fascists will be democratically elected. The racist BNP needs only a small swing in some areas, and at a time of unprecedented national anger with the mainstream parties…

We all know the BNP is a racist party and racism is active hatred. The BNP talk about racial purity, a concept they learned from Hitler. But the idea was always false. If the same genetic people have kids with each other, we all know where that leads. It's called in-breeding. It is the blend of your genes that makes you powerful and makes us, as a country, strong.

If your mum's from England and your dad's from Ukraine, that's a good thing. If you're born in Hawaii, your mum's a white woman from Kansas and your dad's a black man from Kenya, you could be President of the US…

I was in the us for the elections and witnessed hope's great victory. Yet now, in Britain, we are about to elect racists to represent us in Europe. I was born in Yemen but, whatever the place of my birth, I feel I am a British European...

I AM TAKING MY INSPIRATION FROM BARACK OBAMA, but I am also taking it from the hundreds of students, workers, housewives, activists, trade unionists, doctors, teachers, mums and dads who have been uniting these past weeks under the banner of Hope Not Hate.

Today, I will be in Manchester with the Hope Not Hate bus, meeting veterans and 'Holocaust'survivors and hearing their stories of the horrors that occurred when fascism almost triumphed 65 years ago.

June 4, 2009, is our D-Day and we owe it to that great generation to simply walk to the ballot box. If you believe in humanity, in our modern, diverse country, I ask you to reject the politics of hate. On election day, I WILL BE VOTING LABOUR."
Is there anyone out there, aside from the odd gene-blending transvestite, who thinks British men were fighting and dying in WWII, so that a 'British European' alternative comedian (born in the Yemen) could encourage Ukrainian and Kenyan men, amongst many others, to breed their kinfolk out of existence?

Is there anyone out there who thinks that if the Englishmen who fought and died in World War I were to rise up out of their graves, they wouldn’t string up a traitorous, make-up caked loony like Izzard, who suggested that for them to have had a child with an English girl before their death was tantamount to 'in-breeding?'

'Unless we stop them, the Fascists will be democratically elected,' he says. Is he suggesting that democracy shouldn't have to apply to anyone who doesn't think like him? Should it not pertain to those he likes to think of as 'Fascists,' for example? Almost all of whom, unlike him, were born right here.

During the course of his Daily Mirror rant Izzard also said this:
"I believe it's a weakness of the human spirit to hate people."
And yet the Izzards positively bristle with hatred for anyone who dares to speak up for the indigenous 'people' of these islands in these fashionably anti-British times.

The PC Crowd's spittal-drenched hypocrisy would be comical if the lunatics were not running the asylum.

But they are, aren't they?

So, if it's even more PC lunacy you're after...


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