Monday, 20 May 2013

The cult of money and a faceless dictatorship

On 16 May 2013, Pope Francis said this, as he received four new ambassadors to the Holy See:
“Fear and desperation grip the hearts of many people, even in the so-called rich countries; the joy of life is diminishing; indecency and violence are on the rise; poverty is becoming more and more evident. People have to struggle to live…

One cause of this situation, in my opinion, is in the relationship with money, and our acceptance of its power over ourselves and our society. Consequently the financial crisis which we are experiencing makes us forget that its ultimate origin is to be found in a profound human crisis. In the denial of the primacy of human beings!

We have created new idols. The worship of the golden calf of old has found a new and heartless image in the cult of money and the dictatorship of an economy which is faceless and lacking any truly humane goal…

Human beings themselves are nowadays considered as consumer goods which can be used and thrown away. We have begun a throw away culture. This tendency is seen on the level of individuals and whole societies; and it is being promoted! In circumstances like these, solidarity, which is the treasure of the poor, is often considered counterproductive, opposed to the logic of finance and the economy.

While the income of a minority is increasing exponentially, that of the majority is crumbling. This imbalance results from ideologies which uphold the absolute autonomy of markets and financial speculation, and thus deny the right of control to States, which are themselves charged with providing for the common good.

A new, invisible and at times virtual, tyranny is established, one which unilaterally and irremediably imposes its own laws and rules. Moreover, indebtedness and credit distance countries from their real economy and citizens from their real buying power. Added to this, as if it were needed, is widespread corruption and selfish fiscal evasion which have taken on worldwide dimensions. The will to power and of possession has become limitless.

Concealed behind this attitude is a rejection of ethics… Ethics, like solidarity, is a nuisance… because ethics leads to God, who is situated outside the categories of the market. These financiers, economists and politicians consider God to be unmanageable, unmanageable even dangerous, because he calls man to his full realization and to independence from any kind of slavery…

There is a need for financial reform along ethical lines… This would nevertheless require a courageous change of attitude on the part of political leaders… Money has to serve, not to rule!

The Church encourages those in power to be truly at the service of the common good of their peoples.”
Well said, Frankie!

Such accurately targeted top table broadsides are few and far between. The elite are not known for kicking the proverbial out of each other! Here, however, we have globalism and elite greed on the receiving end.

Take heed, you you Biderbergers! Beware, you bankers and bought politicians!

We’ve got a pal in the Vatican!

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