Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Immigrants want to live next door? You should be flattered!

On 19 May 2013, The Jewish Chronicle quoted children’s author, Judith Kerr, O.B.E. thus:
“It’s nothing to do with immigration, just to do with the number of people who all have to go somewhere, and it’s rather flattering that they all want to come here… I came here as a refugee and to put it simply, it’s very nice to know that nobody regrets having let me in.”
After being given an O.B.E. in 2012, she said:
“I keep coming across Jewish refugees [who got similar honours], and I’m terribly pleased because it means that we did good.”
The Chronicle added:
“The British should be flattered that so many refugees and immigrants want to settle in the UK. That is the view of one of the country’s best-loved children’s authors…

Speaking in the week that tougher rules on immigrants were included in the Queen’s Speech, Judith Kerr noted the growing public mood against new arrivals, but… insisted that immigrants should not be deterred from coming to Britain…

Mrs Kerr is famous for her two classic works for children, The Tiger Who Came to Tea and the Mog the cat series, and for When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit, the fictionalised memoir of her Jewish family’s escape from Berlin to Switzerland, France and finally Britain.

The book is considered a good way of introducing children to the events of the Holocaust.”
I’ll just bet it is.

Hey, Judith, would it be O.K. if we sent all those flattering refugees and immigrants to live in your leafy suburb?

No? The neigbours wouldn’t like it? Why’s that then? Surely they’ll be flattered if a boat load of Muslim paedophiles, West Indian Yardies, Africans with AIDS and Polish job-gobblers come live next door to them?

Judith! Judith! Judith?

Where's she gone?

Judith lives in Barnes, which Wikipedia says is:
“… home to some of the most affluent districts of London such as Barnes, Richmond and East Sheen.”
London’s Poverty Page website informs us thus:
“Richmond is one of the least ethnically diverse boroughs in London… Richmond upon Thames is a prosperous place, not a single ward in the borough has an above average proportion of adults receiving out of work benefits.”
'Holocaust' for kids? Even more immigrants? But not in your back yard?

Hey, Judith, you know when you said 'nobody regrets having let me in?'

Sorry, love, but the jury isn't out.

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  1. And don't forget the T.B infested roma... Wouldn't want to leave them out now, would we?