Saturday, 9 September 2006

Who aided and abetted the foreign criminals?

On 19 July 2012, The Daily Mail told us this:

"Almost A FIFTH OF ALL PEOPLE CHARGED WITH RAPE OR MURDER LAST YEAR WERE IMMIGRANTS and some were deported only to return and commit more crime...


Freedom of Information data from English and Welsh police forces show last year 91 immigrants were accused of murder while 406 were charged with rape... In London 174 out of 547 people (31.8%) accused of rape were from abroad, with the highest numbers from Jamaica, Nigeria, Poland and Australia...

One infamous case from 2011 involved illegal immigrant Younas Beraki who was jailed for life after he murdered his ex-lover by pushing her 30ft from a bridge despite being deported from Britain three times...

Kent had the highest amount of non-British murder suspects - 53%, followed by Surrey on 50% and Gwent on 40%. London had a non-uk rape suspect rate of 32% last year, followed by Wiltshire with 30% and Hertfordshire on 27%...

The Home Office, which runs the UK Border Agency, maintains THEY HAVE A TIGHT GRIP ON THE ISSUE."
How many rapes and murders were committed by second and third-generation immigrants, I wonder? You know, those who back in the peaceable day were foist upon us by the know-better, see-further pity-the-poor-immigrant zealots who never gave a damn what WE wanted or thought?

Tell me, who aided and abetted the crimes of these utterly un-British types? Was it the BNP or the National Front? Was it the League of Empire Loyalists? Was it Oswald Mosley's Blackshirts? Was it the man on the Clapham Omnibus or disgusted of Tonbridge Wells? Was it the bloke down the pub who told the unfashionable truth and got laughed at, called nasty names and, once in a while, beaten up for doing so?

The PC Crowd in parliament and the press who encouraged the criminals to come in the first place rolled out the red carpet for the immigrant murderers and rapists AND THEY ARE STILL DOING SO! Despite Cameron's promises, the aliens are continuing to invade our land in their many hundreds of thousands every year!

For more than fifty years now, an elite, anti-indigenous clique has howled down anyone who dared voice their quite natural concern with the immigrant-partial propaganda and dictat. A thousand and one race laws were created and imposed to criminalise us if we ever dared speak out too strongly against the rapidly burgeoning 'diverse' and 'enriching' Multicult heaven of establishment fantasy.

Well, it looks like the 'racist,' 'Fascist,' 'bigot,' 'Nazi' (he who dared to tell the truth about the perils of mass immigration) was right all along, doesn't it?

You know, the PC establishment was never the biggest sponsor of immigrant criminality. That particular award goes to the gormless, follow-me-leader teletubbie who, even now, casts his vote for more of the same. When the immigrant footsoldiers of New Labour, the Lib Dems and the Cameronian Tories are raping and killing his loved ones, the elector who still insists on choosing a foreigner-first candidate to represent him in parliament is, without doubt, more responsible than anyone else for the immigrant criminality that haunts our world.

The British people have a great deal to answer for. In just two generations, their unconscionable foolishness has given away everything their ancestors sacrificed so much for, worked so very hard for and died the deaths in all the wars for.

Just because the animals at the top of the tree were dumbing everyone else down, drugging everyone else and spinning for the rest of the world up didn't mean that Mr and Mrs Smith had to sign up for the same treatment!

But sign they did.

And so, we are we are now.

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