Thursday, 7 September 2006

Treated like criminals when their home was stolen

After a family of Romanian Gypsies moved into Samantha Mosedale's home, the 13 January 2010 edition of The Daily Mail quoted her thus:

“We called the police as soon as we found out they were in there. AN OFFICER SUGGESTED I WAS RACIST when I asked if they were Romanians, and did they have a legal right to be in this country.

We are hard-working citizens YET GET TREATED LIKE CRIMINALS WHEN OUR HOME IS STOLEN. This whole thing is making me feel constantly sick. All we want to do is get on with our lives. WE FEEL LET DOWN BY THE LAW, BY GOVERNMENT, AND BY THE POLICE, IN FACT ALL THE AUTHORITIES THAT ONE WOULD EXPECT TO PROTECT SOCIETY...

All the children are incredibly unsettled… We were in the process of creating our dream home and it has been ruined. At the moment there are at least four women, four children and one man living in our home, but neighbours said they have seen many more people going in and out. In the meantime WE FACE THE PROSPECT OF BECOMING HOMELESS OURSELVES”.
Her husband Julian added:

The Mail added:

“When Mr Mosedale turned up with a possession order to reclaim his property yesterday, the families demanded compensation for the £2,000 they claim to have paid to an unnamed man they claim posed as the landlord...

Before the police arrived yesterday, the two husbands disappeared into another house about 100 yards away with an estate agent's board outside. Throughout the day, the women carried their five children (plus some kitchen equipment and one of their two TVs) down the street."
Samantha added:

“I just hope someone takes notice of what has happened and the law changes in future.”
Someone take notice, Sam? What, like the cop who called you racist? Like a traitorous New Labour government that would rather see a bunch of Romanian Gypsies living in YOUR house than YOU? No, love, those who make our laws are at war with us. THEY wish the British disenfranchised and demoralised in their own land. Characters like the ones who stole your house are merely their willing foot-soldiers.

I just hope the British people are taking notice. I just hope they still give a damn. Trouble is, we’re not what we were. Too few, nowadays, are prepared to raise any kind of a fuss unless it’s actually happening to them.

Will you and Julian be voting New Labour when the next General Election rolls around, Sam? Perhaps not. But I guarantee that many who read of your plight will. It hasn‘t happened to them yet, you see.

Check out the video, GYPSIES and the essay, Renata Gural and the Demetries.

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