Monday, 17 July 2006

Seven reasons to vote for the BNP

In response to a submission by a BNP voter, titled Seven Reasons to Vote for the BNP in the Have Your Say section of the Staffordshire Sentinel, Paul from Crewe said this:

"There is no quick and easy solution. The BNP might portray that there is an easy solution but there just isn't."
To which comment I replied:

"The PC crowd have been wringing their hands and saying there is nothing that can be done for the last 40 years. And so we are where we are now.

I've never been a member of a political party and I'm not too sure what the BNP would do if they got into power but I can tell you what one English bloke, who would put the British first in their own land, would do.

First off I'd treat the white British members of the PC crowd with every bit as much nastiness as they have treated the native, working-class inhabitants of this country in recent times. I think that when the alien got wind of how we were prepared to revenge ourselves upon our own traitorous miscreants they would be a lot less likely to want to come here.

Secondly, I'd remove the financial and housing safety blanket for the unwanted immigrant.

Thirdly, I'd bring the army back from everywhere in order to police these first two reforms.

Fourthly, I'd put a stop to the media airbrushing the levels of immigrant crime and feckless behaviour out of the news.

Finally, if the unwanted non-natives were still here, I'd turn off the tap. No heat, no light, no TV, no telephone, no water.

Draconian, yes. But I want my country back from those who stole it from me. And if PC Paul thinks I'm a bad guy for being prepared to go this far, he should think on this: extrapolating from the 2005 British Crime Survey and the 2001 British Census, it can be seen that, from 2002 to 2004, a black man was 110 times more likely to kill a white man in this country than the other way around. An Asian was 20.5 times more likely.

These stats were compiled before one black man and three Asians blew up 52 people in London on 7/7/2005. Those who have relentlessly promoted the immigrant and deliberately disenfranchised the native-born are wholly responsible for these horrifying figures."
The 'seven Reasons to Vote for the BNP' were these:

"Country being sucked dry by illegal immigration; being a member of the EU is a total waste of money; EU now controls all our borders; illegal war in Iraq; three main parties are all the same and not worth voting for; Stoke-on-Trent is dead and a dump, due to the loony Labour council we have had for years; the capitalist system in the UK is out to get the BNP and UKIP, which tells me they are good for me."

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