Monday, 17 July 2006

It should have been Rena that died

On 10 September 2002, Lorna Stewart was murdered at her west London beauty salon in Chiswick, West London.

On 21 February 2007, The Daily Mail told us that Rena Salmon now believes:

"I should have been the one to die, not her."
The Mail adds:

"Rena Salmon shot Lorna Stewart after Salmon's wealthy husband Paul started an affair with the younger woman. Former Army crackshot Salmon loaded her husband's shotgun and drove 60 miles from her village home in Great Shefford, Berkshire, to Ms Stewart's west London beauty salon.
Salmon had denied murdering her rival and claimed she was suffering from severe mental depression which diminished her responsibility. But she was convicted by an Old Bailey jury in May 2003 after the prosecution said she was driven by 'revenge and anger' when she confronted Ms Stewart, who was two months pregnant, and shot her twice at close range…

Speaking from hospital, in an interview to be broadcast on ITV1 documentary series Real Crime next week, Salmon, who is aged in her 40s, spoke of the regret for what she has done. ‘Regret? I live with it every day. Her dying didn't achieve anything. It didn't stop my pain. It would never have brought Paul back. It was past the point of being about him any more. I should have been the one to die, not her’…

As her former friend lay dying in front of her, Salmon rang the ambulance service, telling them: ‘I have shot my husband's mistress’.

She sent text messages to her husband. One declared: ‘I have shot Lorna. It is not a joke. You have both pushed me to it’…

Salmon claimed that she did not intend to shoot Ms Stewart - and instead meant to kill herself. She described her own actions as 'selfish' adding: ‘I took a life and it was somebody I loved and cared about’.”
Your kind of love, Rena, the British can do without. As for you being the one who should have died, you’re right. If you had died the world would have been a better place and a lovely English girl would still have been here.

Killing British folk runs in Salmon’s family. Her nephew, Imtiaz Hussain, murdered a lad called Iain McKay.

The Bangladeshi half-caste drove sixty miles to shoot Lorna twice. The fact that she blasted Lorna in the lower abdomen is deeply instructive. Salmon didn’t just kill Lorna, she made sure that she killed her husband's unborn child as well.

If any non-Nationalists read this and then get to see Real Crime next week, do me a favour, don't feel sorry for this unborn-baby killer. That is most definitely, what she wants. And to get out that bit quicker as a result, of course.

Here are a few more bits and pieces you should know abour our Rena.

Her mother was a prostitute, her father, Tathar Uddin, as previously suggested, was Bangladeshi. He disappeared before she was born. In court, Salmon's sister, Sabeya Uddin, said that their mother had called them 'little black bastards' and scrubbed them with bleach when they were children.

By now you'll be feeling even more sorry, I'm sure. However, at thirteen she was boasting about her sexual exploits and her teachers described her as 'wild.' A school friend said:

"If anyone crossed her she would take revenge without any thought for the consequences."
After her husband left her, he and Lorna set up home together. At which point Salmon tried to persuade her children, both under 14 at the time, to commit suicide with her.

On one occasion, she took morphine washed down with a bottle of port as she sat in her Mercedes. She then drove round to Lorna's house and threw the bottle through a downstairs window before passing out. She also threatened Lorna many times and, on one occasion, physically attacked her.

She was seen parked outside her salon up to three times a week and, in May 2001, it burned down. Salmon was the chief suspect but nothing was ever proved.

Three days before the killing, Salmon said Lorna had told her that she and Paul were getting married and intended to have children. On hearing this Salmon said that she would shoot Lorna in such a way that she would not be able to conceive.

The jury at Salmon's trial heard how she took her husband's shotgun to Lorna's beauty salon and in a fit of 'anger and revenge,' shot her twice in the lower abdomen. Lorna died almost immediately, as did the child she was carrying.

Peter Clarke QC suggested Salmon was as 'cool as a cucumber' when she murdered Lorna. He accused her of exaggerating her past for the psychiatrists and added:

"I suggest you have gone back to your childhood to find an excuse for your filthy temper."
Judge Neil Denison told Salmon:

"You know that there is only one sentence I can pass for the offence of murder and that is the one I do pass, life."

Salmon's niece, Saedia Bibi, said:

"We had thought that things were looking good for her. We knew she would be found guilty but thought she might have been convicted of manslaughter. She will not be able cope with this sentence."
Ms Bibi was wrong. The sly, self-serving and manipulative murderess is coping very well.


  1. Do you think it's acceptable for a husband to treat him wife in this way when she is clearly unstable following her childhood? Which he would have known about. That was her friend. Newspaper reports say he had two girlfriends within a year after the shooting, that isn't normal. He married not long after either. I feel empathy for Rena

    1. No, I don't think it's acceptable. But it's lot less acceptable for a half-caste bullygirl to murder an Englishwoman. You feel empathy for Lena yet you do not mention the girl she murdered. Seek help.

      On second thoughts, given the fact that you empathise with a murderess, perhaps your friends and acquaintances might be the ones who need the help.

  2. "Killing british folk" she was born in Britain her father wasn't get ! So I don't get your point ?

  3. What? The killing of "British folk" by second-generation immigrant mixed-race folk should not be spotlit? Any more PC b***ocks and your comments will not be published.

  4. I was a witness at the trial being renas best friend for many years. what happened was shit. they were both at fault and there is a lot of stuff that has never been made public. but I can confirm she is a cold calculating lying woman who said and did things to make her look better. she lied about a brain tumour, having brain surgery and suffering from MS. I have no contact with her anymore but im glad paul is moving on.

  5. Michael i read your article and u talk like a rasist.U write a lot and say nothing.Point out what really doesn t matter.What upsad u the most,the fact that a dark skined killed a white british? U didn t calculate this incident with open mind.Here is my opinion as a person who read about the story and have formed an opinion.Let s start with Lorna.First of all what woman leave her kids to go and leave with another men? And then she bragg about making a kid when she already abandon the other 2.Second what woman with self respect have intimate relation with her best friends husband? Is so awkard! Third and this is the bigast stupidity,why she will challenge with messages back and forth an obviously disturbed ,desperate and emotional woman?She was clearly not perceptive and not bright either.We all inderstand that affairs and cheating happen but In this case if they really fall in love,they should have left england for a year or so until dust settle not stay there and force the dog to bite.If i was in her place i will see it caming,but i will never be so stupid to do what she did.

  6. Thus do you justify murder.

    Tell me, do you have some non-native blood close up in your pedigree? There's rather a lot about your nastily dismissive contempt for a murdered girl (and the sympathy for her killer) that doesn't square with Britishness.

  7. I find it unbelievable that skin colour is even an issue here murder is murder it makes no diffrence if it is a white/black person pulling the trigger or a white/black person being shot!!! What Paul salmon and lorna Stewart were doing was disgusting but lorna Stewart did not deserve to be murdered for having an affair with a married man as far as I can tell Paul salmon should feel the most guilt rena may have been the one that killed lorna but he fired the (emotional) bullet that set in motion the terrible events that occurred when he continually cheated on his wife and treated her with such little respect over the course of there marriage and the fact that he had 2 girlfriends within 8 months of the murder just shows how little he thought of his girlfriend lorna who was killed in my opinion rena salmon should have been found guilty but on the grounds of diminished responsibility as she was not right-minded when she committed the murder (as proven by four physiatrists) and should b let out now and given a chance go make up to her children all the yrs she has lost with them and try and make some kind of apology to lorna,s children

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  10. You are VERY wrong about skin colour. Which isn't surprising seeing you will have been subjected to Brits-are-bad Marxist propaganda all your life.

    Black people, in this country, are somewhere between 50 and a hundred times more likely to kill white people than the other way around. Asians are about 20 to 30 times more likely.

    Here's the proof:

    That's the kind of thing LibLabCon kept from you. The kind of thing that makes you such a wagtail-for-Rena right now.

    If, as alleged, Paul Salmon is an a***hole, why didn't Rena blow him away? Why did she stalk and then slaughter poor Lorna? Because she was, and probably still is, a self-pitying nasty tw*t, that's why.

    I don't have time for stupidity and/or goody-goody-let's-all-be-nice-to-the-poor-murderer types. Any more of your gormless PC bull on here and I'll scrub it and you immediately.

  11. The facts are a wife gunned down the mistress of her husband. Race does not come into it.

    But seeing as you think it does, the married name of Lorna Stewart was Rodriguez. She too was in a mixed race relationship, which produced children.

    There is no "your country" or "your own type" to protect. Just a few people own this country and all of its resources. The kind of people who want to protect "their own type" are generally more worthy of being bred out of existence.

    Your blog entry made for a hilarious read - I genuinely can't believe there are people who think the way you do.

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  13. "The kind of people who want to protect "their own type" are generally more worthy of being bred out of existence.,, I genuinely can't believe there are people who think the way you do."

    And yet I really can "genuinely believe" that there are many more who think just the way you do. Which is why I do what I do. I think the British people should be warned about those who want them disappeared.

    To sum up: on the one hand you have a patriotic Englishman who points out the detailed provenance of a particularly nasty murder. On the other you have an achingly PC apologist suggesting such folks be "bred out of existence."

    Whoever you are, you're one hell of a sneering anti-Brit and, if Multicult horror must befall anyone, I shall keep my fingers crossed that it be someone with a mentality like yours.

    Your observations are now no longer welcome here and will not be published.