Monday, 17 July 2006

Prince Charles’ pal murdered in Mandelaland!

On 26 January 2007, half a dozen Zulus descended on the farm of historian and tour guide David Rattray in KwaZulu-Natal, broke into his home and demanded money.

Before David could respond, Fethe Nkwanyana shot him dead at point-blank range. Whereupon the gang ransacked his home. Mark Read, head of the World Wildlife Fund in South Africa, said:

"Prince Charles told Nicky (David's wife) of his horror and outrage… He said this represented a terrible new milestone for South Africa."
David’s sister, Julia said:

"He dedicated his whole life to the Zulu community. Now he has died at their hands… He was one of the greatest ambassadors this country has seen, and now he's gone. He built up the poverty-stricken Zulu people, enhanced their lives and gave them jobs. He put food on their tables and gave them a dignity they had not enjoyed since their days as warriors. He treated them with respect. We will find his death very hard to forgive."
When the PC chickens come home to roost, eh? It’s called biting the white hand that feeds them. Entirely against our wishes, we working-class British folks have had to put up with being stuck with more and more of the Fethe Nkwanyana types for over sixty years now. It was never the leafy suburbs, gated communities and elegant farmhouses of the do-gooders they made for when they got here. About time the Zulus took a bite out of the upper-crust, I reckon.

I wish no harm to the David Rattrays of this world. He was, I'm sure, a very decent chap but if somebody's got to suffer whilst they're playing the old 'black-is-beautiful and somehow so much more noble and deserving than we are' routine, much better that the real world gets stuffed down THEIR throats rather than OURS.

For once.

I wonder if they’ll be sticking Mandela’s statue up in Trafalgar Square now?

Four Early Day Motions were introduced by backbench MPs asking for a statue of Mandela to be erected on the Alison Lapper plinth in Trafalgar Square. An EDM asking for a statue of the 'manual working-classes' in the same place was also introduced, as was an EDM suggesting that a statue of a 'British seafarer' put put atop the plinth.

All of the following MPs signed at least one of the Mandela EDMs (number signed in brackets) but did not sign either of the Brit-respecting EDMs. (All of them could have signed at least one if they had wanted to)

First, second and third-generation ethnics, Jews and bits of both: Abbott, Diane (3) Kumar, Ashok (3) Sarwar, Mohammad (3) Vaz, Keith (3) Singh, Marsha (2) Follett, Barbara (2) Banks, Tony (2) Bayley, Hugh (2) Cohen, Harry (2) Dhanda, Parmjit; Khabra, Piara; Ellman, Louise; Godsiff, Roger; Harris, Evan.

Gay: Price, Adam (2) Betts, Clive; Borrow, David; Bryant, Chris; Eagle, Angela;

Traitors: Allen, Graham; Anderson, Donald; Anderson, Janet; Bailey, Adrian (2) Baird, Vera; Baker, Norman; Barrett, John (3) Beith, AJ; Berry, Roger (2) Best, Harold (3) Brake, Tom (2) Breed, Colin (2) Buck, Karen; Burstow, Paul; Vincent Cable (3) Calton, Patsy; Caton, Martin (4) Challen, Colin; Clark, Helen; Colman, Tony; Cooper, Rosie; Corbyn, Jeremy (3) Cotter, Brian; Crausby, David; Cruddas, Jon; Cunningham, Tony; David, Wayne; Dawson, Hilton (3) Dean, Janet; (3) Dismore, Andrew (2) Dobson, Frank; Donohoe, Drew, David (3) Brian H Drown, Julia (2) Durkan, Mark; Edwards, Huw; Ewing, Annabelle; Field, Frank; Foster, Derek; Foulkes, George; Francis, Hywel (2) Gapes, Mike; Gerrard, Neil; George, Andrew (2) Griffiths, Jane; Griffiths, Win (3) Hall, Patrick; Harvey, Nick; Hemming, John; Henderson, Doug; Heyes, David; Hermon, Sylvia; (2) Holmes, Paul; Hopkins, Kelvin (3) Howarth, George; Iddon, Brian (4) Jackson, Glenda; Jackson, Helen (2); Jones, Kevan; Jones, Lynne (4) Jones, Martyn; Keeble, Sally; Keen, Alan (2) Keen, Ann; Keetch, Paul; King, Andy; Lepper, David (3) Lewis, Terry (2) Mahon, Alice (2) Marshall-Andrews; Martlew, Eric (2) McKechin, Ann (2) Meale, Alan (2) Morgan, Julie; Munn, Meg; Naysmith, Doug; Olner, Bill; Osborne, George; Owen, Albert; Pope, Greg (2) Palmer, Nick; Perham, Linda (2) Pickthall, Colin; Pike, Peter L (2) Pollard, Kerry; Robinson, Geoffrey; Ross, Ernie; Ruddock, Joan (2) Russell, Christine; Salmond, Alex; Sawford, Phil (2) Shaw, Jonathan; Skinner, Dennis; Stewart, David; Stewart, Ian; Strang, Gavin; Taylor, Dennis; Teddy; Dennis Taylor, Taylor, Richard; Thomas, Simon (2) Turner, David; Turner, Dennis (2) Turner, Desmond (2) Tyler, Paul (3) Tynan, Bill; Weir, Mike; White, Brian; Williams, Betty (3) Wood, Mike; Wright, Anthony D; Wyatt, Derek (2)

Barry Gardiner and Gordon Marsden, who is gay, signed only the EDM asking for a statue of the black Crimean war nurse, Mary Seacole, (who was, obviously a decent cove) to be erected. They did not sign either the 'manual working-class' EDM or the 'seafarer' one.

Vera Baird, Karen Buck, Vincent Cable, Tony Colman, Jeremy Corbyn, Brian Cotter, Frank Dobson, Kelvin Hopkins and Lynne Jones signed EDMs asking for a statue of Mandela AND a statue of Mary Seacole to be erected but did not sign either of the EDMs asking for a statue of the manual working-classes and a British seafarer to be sited there.

Lynne Jones signed all five of the pro-black EDMs and neither of the two a true Brit would have signed.

Now you know what a parliamentary traitor looks like. Go here for Lynne Jones’ PC credentials

Check out Nelson Mandela and the Rainbow Nation.

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