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Lynne Jones, MP

Lynne Jones, New Labour MP for Birmingham Selly Oak, voted to decriminalise cannabis and signed every Early Day Motion, since New Labour came to power, advocating its decriminalisation.

She also voted for an amendment to a bill which, according to Stephen Byers, who was a member of the Select Committee which tabled the new clause, 'would create a new specific offence of racially motivated violence'.

She also voted for a Bill which sought to remove all the restrictions on 'nationality which apply to persons employed or holding office in any civil capacity under the Crown'. In effect, he voted to further disadvantage the native born Briton by making a great many more good jobs available to the foreigner within this country, which were once the exclusive preserve of the indigenous population.

Jones also signed a great many Early Day Motions sympathetic to and supportive of asylum seekers, refugees and immigrants, within and/or seeking to gain entry to the UK, since New Labour came to power. She also signed an EDM in 2004, commemorating black man Christopher Alder, and calling for a public enquiry into his death in a Hull police station in 1992. She also signed two EDMs noting the death of black man Rocky Bennett, who died in mental hospital custody.

She also signed all three EDMs proposing that the vacant fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square should be occupied by a statue of Nelson Mandela and another recommending that a statue of Mary Seacole, a black woman who nursed British soldiers during the Crimean war, be erected upon the plinth.

However, she did not sign an EDM that proposed that a statue recognising the service and sacrifice of British seafarers in defence of the United Kingdom be erected upon the empty plinth. Nor did she sign the EDM which recognised 'the important and historic contribution made by the manual working class workers of this country', and called upon 'the Mayor of London's Advisory Group to recommend the erection of a statue to the manual working class on the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square'.

Jones also mentioned Asian, Ricky Reel, in Parliament and signed an EDM commenting on his 'suspicious death', even though the police could never conclude anything other than that Ricky, who was intoxicated,fell into the Thames whilst urinating.

She signed an EDM sympathising with illegal immigrant Joy Gardner and another commemorating asylum-seeker, Omasese Lumumba. She also signed an EDM sympathising with the British Sikh community, urging the government to amend legislation 'so that British Sikhs may continue to work in all non-construction employment whilst wearing turbans'. (One law for them, another for us)

She signed three EDMs which mentioned Rolan Adams, one of which offered sympathy to his parents, Richard and Audrey, and signed two EDMs mentioning Rohit Duggal. She also signed an EDM commemorating the death of Ruhullah Aramesh. She also signed an EDM sympathising with black man, Kenneth Severin.

She also signed an EDM sympathising with Muktar Ahmed and signed two EDMs criticising the decision to deport Nigerian immigrant, Sunday Ogunwobi, and his family. Ogunwobi is still here 12 years after the first EDM was introduced on his behalf. He was, last time I looked, a Hackney Councillor helping other immigrants to get into Britain and, once here, to stay.

She also signed an EDM condemning the 'lack of care' of Christopher Clunis, a violent, black schizophrenic, 'with a known history of violence and non-attendance of out-patient appointments, who stabbed and killed Jonathan Zito in an unprovoked attack'.

She also signed two EDMs expressing sympathy for Quaddus Ali. She also signed an EDM noting the death of Roger Sylvester, a black man who died in custody 'following restraint by police officers', signed an EDM condemning the police and sympathising with Asians Shiji Lapite and Ibrahim Sey and black man Brian Douglas, all of whom died in police custody, and has also signed an EDM which expressed outrage at the deaths of Damilola Taylor and Abdi Hamza.

She also signed an EDM condemning Feltham Young Offenders Institution as 'institutionally racist', and sympathising with the family of Zahid Mubarek.

She also signed EDM 944, which eulogised PC Kalawant Sidhu, who fell to his death while chasing a criminal over rooftops in 1999 but has never signed an EDM on behalf of a native, British policeman who lost his life in the performance of his duty.

She also signed an EDM sympathising with Asian, Satpal Ram, who, when drunk, repeatedly stabbed an unarmed Englishman who had been minding his own business. Clarke Pearce died as a result of his injuries.

She has also used the phrase 'institutionalised racism' and mentioned Stephen Lawrence in Parliament and signed many of the EDMs commemorating him.

However, she never mentioned the death of her constituent, 30-year-old Tracy Cullum, who collapsed and died of a coronary embolism six weeeks after she was punched in the face by one member of a five-strong gang of black 'hoodies'.

In fact, Jones has never mentioned any of the many indigenous Britons who were killed and otherwise violently harmed by first and second-generation immigrants since the time of Stephen Lawrence's death, nor has she ever signed an EDM commemorating any of them.

As of the end of February 2005, Jones had signed at least 60 EDMs, since New Labour came to power, sympathising with the plight of asylum seekers, refugees, immigrants and the like.

As of September, 2004, she had signed more than 40 EDMs since New Labour came to power, concerned with the situation of foreigners or non-indigenous Britons imprisoned overseas etc. However, she had signed just 4 concerned with the plight of indigenous Britons unjustly imprisoned overseas.

Consider this EDM:

"This House notes the recent upsurge in inflammatory media coverage depicting asylum seekers as disease carriers and terrorists, notes how damaging such reports can be to people who have come to this country, in search of a safe haven and freedom from political persecution but also have HIV; believes that such media attention only fuels racism and stigma which is wholly counterproductive to the necessity to treat such individuals with respect and compassion; and urges the Government not to succumb to this media pressure."
Now, it seems to me, that a politician whose first instinct would put the welfare of a would be HIV-positive immigrant before any thought of the dire consequences that the importation of such diseases might have upon his constituents, poses an enormous threat to the wellbeing of those who elected him or her.

Such sympathies surely place the health and happiness of the native born population at tremendous risk. Jones was content to put the welfare of the poor immigrant with AIDS before that of the native Briton to whom some of the infected immigrants would, almost certainly, pass the virus in due course. The indigenous population should consider when, if ever, their politicians were as keen to act with such charity towards the British themselves.

Lynne Jones signed both of the EDMs introduced in 2004 concerned with the plight of Czech 'Roma'. One of these stated:

"This House notes that news stories, featured in the Daily Express in particular, concerning large numbers of Roma arriving in the UK from EU accession countries have been characterised by the Minister of State for Europe as a ‘rancid hate campaign’… deplores attempts to incite racial hatred against one of the poorest and more marginalised communities in Europe; and urges the Government to make clear its abhorrence and take measures to address this deep-seated prejudice."
Which is code for 'send us all your gypsies'.

From the time New Labour came to power in 1997 up to February, 2005, Lynne Jones signed about thirty EDMs which mentioned the words ‘cruel’ and/or ‘cruelty’ with reference to the treatment of animals. However, when it came to signing EDMs which mentioned the words ‘cruel’ and/or ‘cruelty’ with reference to the treatment of children, Jones signed just 5 EDMs. That’s 30 or so for animals, 5 for children.

The following EDM, introduced on 26 November 2003, is an example of one of the EDMs Jones did not sign.

"This House is concerned that over 200 children under the age of two are killed or seriously injured each year by their parents or carers, but that only approximately a quarter of these cases are followed by successful prosecutions and then not for murder or manslaughter, but for lesser offences such as cruelty, which carry only a light sentence; notes that the main reason for this failure is joint enterprise, meaning that it is not possible to prove which member of a couple was responsible, leading to the failure of the attempt to prosecute for more serious charges; and calls on the Government to incorporate in legislation at the earliest opportunity measures to facilitate successful prosecution of those responsible for killing small children on charges which reflect the gravity of the act."
Jones voted for a complete ban on hunting with dogs and signed almost all of the many EDMs introduced since New Labour came to power, which signalled abhorrence of the practice.

However, she did not sign a November, 2003, EDM which criticised ‘the profound suffering caused to many millions of animals every year by slaughter without prestunning’. This EDM informed MPs that over 90% of animals slaughtered for consumption by the Muslim community are now prestunned, which implies that the majority of the cruelty associated with ritual slaughter in the UK, now occurs because of the custom and practice of Jewish orthodoxy.

Jones was consistent in her obeisance to all things Jewish in that she signed all of the Early Day Motions, introduced since New Labour came to power, which eulogised and commended 'Holocaust Memorial Day'. However, she did not sign an EDM which acknowledged that:

"In 1932-33 the Soviet regime under Stalin employed genocide to destroy opposition in Ukraine… seven million Ukrainians were starved to death as a result… the United Kingdom Government was aware of the scale of genocide and famine in Ukraine in 1932-33, yet chose to remain silent on the issue… information about the Ukrainian famine and genocide of 1932-33 was suppressed, distorted, or wiped out by the Soviet authorities… presses (the government) to direct a comprehensive review of the UK National Curriculum in schools in all matters concerning the Stalin era, especially with regard to the Ukrainian famine and genocide of 1932-33… the forced famine of 1932-33 in Ukraine was an act of genocide against the Ukrainian nation."
What those MPs who were decent enough to sign the above EDM dared not tell the British people was that the man most responsible for the Ukranian genocide, Lazar Kaganovich, was a Jew.

Jones did not even sign an EDM acknowledging 'the extermination of one million Armenians by the Ottoman empire in 1915', a genocide which, unlike the Ukrainian holocaust, has not been erased from the history books.

Lynne Jones also signed all four of the EDMs, introducing 3 of them herself, which sympathised with the 5,000 or so individuals in Britain who were:

"… born with the wrong gender', stating that 'we have to approach their circumstances with compassion and care', which looked forward to 'legal recognition for trans-men and trans-women' being 'enshrined in British law'."
Jones also voted for all 7 pro-homosexual bills that have been introduced into Parliament since New Labour came to power. These included the bill to lower the homosexual age of consent to 16 from 18; the repeal of Section 28, which banned Local Authorities from promoting homosexuality; the bill to allow homosexual couples to ‘marry’ if they wish; the bill to allow the adoption of children by homosexual couples and a bill which prevented parents from having a greater say over the content of the sexual education in the schools that their children attend.

Jones also signed an EDM welcoming the appointment of the homosexual Jeffrey John as the Bishop of Reading, hoping thereby that 'the Church of England be inspired by Canon John and move forward to a tolerant and inclusive 21st century'. In March, 2004, Jones signed an EDM which stated that:

"This House notes that the 60,000 sentenced prisoners in England and Wales are barred from voting under the Forfeiture Act 1870… is concerned that it impedes the rehabilitative objectives of the Prison Service by failing to encourage prisoners to be active responsible citizens on release; notes, in particular, that the Government has embarked on an ambitious programme of civic renewal to improve community cohesion and… undermines this agenda by excluding those who are already on the margins of society… therefore calls upon Her Majesty’s Government to review the merits of the ban."
In other words, let the murderers, rapists, pimps, child-molesters and drug dealers vote because TW**S like them are more likely to vote for TW**S like us than the decent citizen is.

Jones also signed several EDMs which called for the Church of England to be disestablished, such that it would no longer be considered as the national church of England.

She also signed an EDM commemorating PC Kalawant Sidhu, who was killed whilst chasing a criminal across rooftops on the 24th of October, 1999. However, she has never signed a similar EDM commemorating the more than 80 white, British policemen killed in the line of duty since New Labour came to power.

Let’s take a look at some of the other EDMs that Lynne Jones did NOT bother to sign.

"This House notes that Labour councillor, Lorraine Monk, elected in May 1998, resigned her seat due to a police investigation, following allegations of her being fraudulently entered on the electoral register; regrets the fact that the police terminated their investigations when Councillor Monk resigned; and calls upon Special Branch to re-open the investigation to ensure that any electoral fraud is firmly dealt with."
Lorraine Monk is black.

"This House condemns the Saatchi Gallery’s I Am A Camera, photographic exhibition of naked children and supports the campaign led by the News of the World newspaper, parents and police chiefs to highlight the dangers that this ‘art exhibition’ has to the well being and safety of children in this country; deplores reports that the FreshPetals paedophile website has directed its visitors to the BBC News website to view the pictures online; and believes that as child welfare issues and the real dangers posed by paedophiles to children in this country have never been greater an ‘exhibition’ of this nature is unacceptable and should be closed."
Lord Saatchi is Jewish.

"This House notes with regret the decision of the BBC to cut the sung version of Rule Britannia from its programme for the Last Night of the Proms; and calls upon the BBC to reconsider its decision."
The conductor who decided to cut the favourite moment of most of those who frequent the Promenade Concerts from that years programme was Leonard Slatkin. Slatkin is an American Jew.

"This House recognises that the Barnett Formula was instituted as a temporary measure to offset calls for devolution under the Callaghan government… it remains unfair and to the detriment of the English regions and to the advantage of Scotland and Wales; and ought to be replaced forthwith by a fairer distribution of funds throughout the United Kingdom."
Lord Barnett, who figured out the anti-English formula mentioned above, is Jewish.

"This House notes the conclusions of the latest independent inquiry into the Government’s handling of the foot and mouth crisis which accuses ministers of ‘ineptitude’, unpardonable delays in decision making’ and ‘massive dereliction of duty’; and believes that the Government’s devastating mixture of confusion, incompetence and incoherence is damaging the interests of farmers throughout the United Kingdom."
"This House looks forward to celebrating St. George’s Day on 23rd April; notes that England’s Patron Saint Day is an ideal opportunity for all English people to celebrate their country’s heritage and traditions."
"This House expresses its grave concern that Brendon Fearon, one of the burglars who broke into Tony Martin’s house, is now suing for civil damages in respect of the injuries that he sustained during his criminal acts, including his loss of sexual enjoyment and an ability to practice martial arts; expresses further concern that Brendon Fearon’s case is now being funded by the Legal Aid Board despite the willingness of his solicitor to take the case on a no win-no fee contingency basis; urges the Government to look urgently at changing the law so that criminals who break into properties leave all their civil rights outside that property; urges the Government to reform the rules governing legal aid so that it cannot be claimed in such cases; and further urges the Government to note that 83 per cent of those surveyed by the Freedom Association believe that an intruder should have no case against a homeowner who takes direct action against them."
"This House notes that the proposed EU Constitution in its current form would fundamentally alter the relationship between the EU and its member states; and therefore calls upon the Government to hold a referendum before ratification of such a constitution can take place."
"Around one in 10 sexually active young women are currently infected with chlamydia… syphilis rates have increased by 500 per cent. In the last six years… gonorrhoea rates have doubled over the same period… National Health Service sexual health clinics are clearly unable to cope with the current demand… the Health Select Committee’s report on sexual health and its assessment that the present sexual health crisis has resulted from inadequate political pressure and leadership over recent years… Insufficient central guidance emphasising the importance of sexual health and a severe lack of performance management… the Committee’s recommendation urging a strong commitment to making sexual health a priority and to improving the way in which young people are educated about relationships and sex in order to prevent the situation confronting the next generation of young people from becoming worse still."
"This House expresses its deep concern at the deteriorating situation in Zimbabwe; further notes with concern that the policy of quiet diplomacy has failed and that human rights abuses now abound in that country."
"This House recognises the importance of tropical rainforests in the balance of the global climate; notes that the Brazilian Amazon covers 5.2 million square kilometres, more than 60 per cent. of the country; further notes that the Brazilian Amazon contains about a third of the world’s rainforest and 30 per cent. of the world’s biodiversity; expresses concern that the number of trees felled in the Amazon region has risen by 40 per cent. in the past year with almost 10,000 square miles of virgin rainforest being cut down; deplores the fact that the Government is cutting its programme aimed at saving the Amazon rainforest and preserving the culture of its people in order to fund its reconstruction effort in Iraq; warns that this will have a detrimental effect on the global environment and the lives of the indigenous Amazonian people; and calls upon the Government to reconsider its decision."
"This House regrets that the European Commission has floated the idea of abolishing the Made in Britain label in order to replace it with a label saying Made in Europe."
"This House notes… the statement from Dr Edward Green, that… ‘having multiple sexual partners drives AIDS epidemics’; further notes that the research highlighted the experience of Uganda, where all sex education programmes promote ‘abstinence and faithfulness’ which has been followed by a 75 per cent. decline in HIV rates among 15 to 19 year olds, making it the leading country in the world in successfully reducing the AIDS pandemic; further notes that the 2003 Annual Report of the United Kingdom Health Protection Agency states that ‘increases in high-risk sexual behaviour may be driving increases in STI...and HIV incidence’ and that in 2002 homo/bisexual men ‘remained at greatest risk of acquiring HIV’; also notes that the same Report states that one in 10 sexually active young women in England and Wales are infected with chlamydia, this same group accounting for 66 per cent. of gonorrhoea cases and 62 per cent. of syphilis cases; further notes that the sexually transmitted infections epidemic has followed the intense promotion of free contraceptives and the morning-after pill among teenagers; further notes and congratulates the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Health for her admission at Oral Questions on 20th January, Official Report, column 1206, that ‘the best way to avoid STDs is to abstain from sexual activity’; and calls on the Government to follow the Ugandan example in promoting abstinence and faithfulness among the young in its teenage pregnancy strategy."
"This House notes the alarming rate of CFC leakage from end-of-life fridges; recognises the hugely detrimental effect of these gases on the environment; deplores the Government’s inability to provide figures for the quantity of CFCs recovered from these fridges; notes that figures from Wales suggest a leakage rate of over 50 per cent.; and calls on the Government to publish figures for the whole of the UK as soon as possible, and to take action to reduce the rate of leakage as soon as possible."
"This House notes the Government’s recent announcement of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gas emission levels in 2003; is extremely disappointed to note that carbon emissions have increased by 1.5 per cent. since 2002; further notes that in 1997, 152.9 million tonnes of carbon were emitted and 152.5 million tonnes were emitted in 2003; and therefore calls on the Government to explain why, despite so much being said by the Government on this subject, so little has been done to reduce this figure further."
"This House is disappointed to note that there are no laws ensuring that newsagents only display and sell adult titles from a top shelf out of reach of minors; and… urges the Government to consider introducing such a law as soon as reasonably practicable."
To reiterate: Lynne Jones signed none of the EDMs listed above. In fact, of all the 350+ backbench New Labour MPs who could have signed the above EDMs, only Rudi Vis, Syd Rapson, Adrian Bailey, Jim Dobbin, Lindsay Hoyle, Rob Marris, Janet Dean, Tony Clarke, Hugh Edwards, John Mann, Peter Kilfoyle, Helen Jones, Roger Godsiff, Gerry Steinberg, Helen Clark, Alan Meale, Fraser Kemp, Jane Griffiths, Phil Woolas and Mike Wood, ever did.

Most of these signed just one, no one signed more than 3.

By the way, I’m no Tory, I’d boil Margaret Thatcher in the same cauldron as Tony Blair if I was the boss. As for the Liberals, ask yourselves this, how much of what you find out here did they ever tell you?

The 28 July 2002 edition of The Birmingham Sunday Mercury quoted Lynne Jones thus:

"If you are going to take any drug out of alcohol, cigarettes and cannabis, it would be safer to have a small amount of cannabis… studies show that cannabis, when not mixed with tobacco and digested alone, is safer than both cigarettes and alcohol… when you put it into perspective, there is a certain irrationality in the legal position of cannabis compared to tobacco and alcohol."
Thus, we see that Ms Jones is pro-cannabis. In fact, she voted to decriminalise cannabis and signed every Early Day Motion, since New Labour came to power, advocating the decriminalisation of this substance. However, when is comes to your average fag, Jones says:

"I would certainly extend the rules to pubs and restaurants… We need to send a message that smoking is anti-social."
Thus, the gospel according to St. Jones says that smoking tobacco is 'anti-social' but cannabis is 'safer than both cigarettes and alcohol'.

On 31 March 2004, the BBC website reported thus:

"Men who smoke cannabis could be damaging their fertility, research carried out by Queen’s University Belfast has suggested. The study by the university’s Reproductive Medicine Research Group examined the direct effects on sperm function of THC, the active ingredient in cannabis. The group found that THC made sperm less likely to reach the egg to fertilise it. They also discovered that the presence of cannabis impaired another crucial function of sperm - the ability to digest the egg’s protective coat with enzymes to aid its penetration.

The government reclassified cannabis to a class C drug in January, putting it on a par with tranquilisers. Dr Sheena Lewis, from the university’s Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, said… ‘The need to determine its effects on male fertility is even greater, so that men can make an informed choice about smoking the drug based on its risks to their health’…

The idea for the study came after researchers looking at the lifestyle habits of infertile men noticed that many men attending infertility clinics at Belfast’s Royal Maternity Hospital were regular cannabis users.

Dr Lewis told delegates at the British Fertility Society’s annual meeting in Cheltenham that recent experiments… suggested that cannabis may be a major cause of infertility…

One in six couples in the UK are affected by infertility, with 40% of these cases due to problems with sperm… Dr Lewis said: ‘These experiments on human sperm tell the same story… It is estimated that 3.2m people in Britain smoke cannabis, and that figure may now increase. Add the two together and we may find that the use of recreational drugs will exacerbate male fertility problems’."
On 24 January 2004, the BBC website reported thus:

"Former drugs czar Keith Hellawell has said reclassifying cannabis could ‘encourage’ young people to use drugs. Mr. Hellawell said he believed Home Secretary David Blunkett would ‘live to regret’ downgrading cannabis from a class B to a class C drug next week. He said… ‘Why change it, why cause a problem, why cause confusion, and why, I am sad to say, encourage in some respect greater drug taking, particularly by young people, who don’t know where they stand’…

The move would ‘do this generation and the future generation an enormous disservice’, he said… ‘Every medical institution is saying ‘we are worried about the dangers, we don’t know sufficient about it, and we believe the dangers are even greater than we perceive them to be at the moment’.

Doctors have warned cannabis has been linked to greater risk of heart disease, lung cancer, bronchitis and emphysema, as well as mental health problems'."
'Doctors have warned cannabis has been linked to greater risk of heart disease, lung cancer, bronchitis and emphysema, as well as mental health problems'. 'Every medical institution is saying we are worried about the dangers… and we believe the dangers are even greater than we perceive them to be at the moment'. 'Men who smoke cannabis could be damaging their fertility'.

Surprise, surprise! Lynne Jones was lying!

Jones is not the least bit unusual in her preference for all things alien. Integration, managed migration, (meaning mass immigration) pluralism, multiculturalism, diversity, cohesion, respect for difference, interdependency, globalism, these words form the mantra of the traitor generations. They are the buzz words and phrases of hundreds of on-message Westminster MPs so much worthier than we.

Is all of this OK by you? Do you think that this MP is on your side? Or someone else's entirely? And remember, most Labour MPs, most Lib Dem MPs and even most Cameronian Tories would be much closer to Lynne Jones in philosophy and outlook than they would to most of us.

The reason we are where we are now is because of Brit-loathing politicos like Ms Jones. And, of course, because of people like you who continue to vote for them.

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