Sunday, 16 July 2006

The Miliband Prerogative: New Labour Manifestos

Cabinet Office minister, Ed Miliband, is preparing New Labour’s 2009 Manifesto.

Just as his brother, David, who is now the Foreign Secretary, did in 1997.

The brothers are the sons of the Marxist theoretician and lecturer, Ralph Milband, who arrived in Britain as a 16-year-old in 1940. Almost immediately upon arrival in 1940, the Milibands' father was moved to write the following in his diary:

"The Englishman is a rabid nationalist... they are perhaps the most nationalist people in the world... When you hear the English talk of this war you sometimes almost want them to lose it to show them how things are."
Which does tend to make you think that old Adolphe (Ralph's real name) wasn't exactly all that grateful to those who had just given him and his dad sanctuary. The Guardian once said this of old Adolphe:

"Driving around the capital with other labourers, looking at everything with the quick eyes of a new arrival, Ralph acquired a sense of England and its underlying structures: 'We found out about middle-class meanness and snobbery', he said...

One boiling afternoon during his first summer in London, he went to Highgate cemetery, found Karl Marx's grave and, standing with his fist clenched, swore: 'My own private oath that I would be faithful to the workers' cause'. Not that he intended to remain a worker himself: he found clearing bombsites 'an arduous business' and felt a distance from his fellow labourers... He wanted to be an intellectual."
I guess, the Miliband's dad was one of those who wanted to do the thinking for the labouring classes but wasn't all that keen on getting his hands dirty.

Adolphe Miliband was a Belgian Jew whose parents were Polish Jews. The Milibands' mother, Marion Kozak, whom The Guardian described as having a 'background and politics' similar to her husband's, was also a Polish Jew.

Thus, via the Manifesto of the New Labour Party, do the immigrant Jews, in the second-generation, plot what our British future is to be.

P.S. The Tories' 2010 Manifesto was prepared, in the main, by Oliver Letwin, who is also Jewish.

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