Sunday, 16 July 2006

Sarah Silverman would kill Christ again!

Here are a few one and two-liners from the Jewish comedienne, Sarah Silverman:

"I hope the Jews did kill Christ, I'd do it again. I'd ****ing do it again—in a second!"
I wonder if this kind of thing means that it's OK now for all the 'holocaust deniers' (those who aren't locked up) to make jokes about ovens and such?

Silverman is not above mixing up her politically incorrect targets, thus:

"If black people were in Nazi Germany the Holocaust would have never happened - or at least not to the Jews."
Race is definitely not off-limits to Ms Silverman:

"The best time to have a baby is when you're a black teenager."

"I wanna be the first comic to s*** on Martin Luther King!"

"These little (African) kids with the giant bellies and the flies, and these are one and two year old babies, you know, nine months pregnant!"
Daring is not the word for our Sarah. Describing 'her boyfriend’s two kids,' Silverman says:

"They're nine and eleven. He made them that age to commemorate 9/11."
Her 'comedy' isn't above taking the mickey out of her own, it must be said.

"So I was licking jelly off of my boyfriend's penis the other night and it occurred to me that I'm turning into my mother."
And, as regards Jewish (or maybe American) consumerism, talking about a new jewel she's just bought, she explains that they grow on the tailbone of Ethiopian babies. As she describes the de-boning process, she says:

"Oh God, it sounds so bad when you say it out loud… It's like a diamond that smells like baby… If you guys could see it. It is so cute, so worth it."
Steve Almond, who wrote the piece from which I extracted the above quotes, fawns thusly:

"I don't mean to make Silverman out to be Noam Chomsky. As noted, she has plenty of dumb, crowd-pleasing jokes about anal sex… BUT THERE IS SOMETHING BRAVE, EVEN CONSCIENTIOUS, about her willingness to articulate all the worst attitudes of our citizenry. In this sense, Silverman belongs to the long tradition of Jewish comics - from the Marx Brothers to Mort Sahl to Bruce - as SOCIAL OBSERVERS. Like them, she views transgression IN THE SERVICE OF THE TRUTH to be no vice.

She would prefer offending the righteous to indulging the relentless hypocrisies of modern American life. She understands - as do ALL GREAT COMICS, Jewish or not - that the danger lies not in saying something cruel, but in concealing the impulses that lead us to act cruelly."
Yeah right. You missed out the most important bit, Steve. If the Jew says it, if the Jew does it, THE JEW GETS AWAY WITH IT! The Jew can get away with just about anything. We can’t. The Jew has seen to that.

Steve Almond is also Jewish.