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Dostoyevsky: observations and prophecy

On 9 February 1881, the great Russian novelist and poet, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, (1821-1881) died.

This is how one Russian writer described his funeral:

"Enormous crowds attended his funeral: men and women from all walks of life; statesmen of high rank and downtrodden prostitutes; illiterate peasants and distinguished men of letters; army officers and learned scientists; credulous priests and incredulous students, they were all there…

In that coffin lay a noble and lofty man, a prudent teacher, an inspired prophet whose thoughts, like mountain peaks, were always pointed toward heaven, and who had measured the depths of man's quivering heart with all its struggles, sins, and tempests; its riddles, pains, and sorrows; its unseen tears and burning passions."
In My Paradox, Dostoyevsky, who always identified with the sufferings and hardships of the Rusian peasant, said this:

"Now Jews are becoming landowners and everywhere people write and shout that Jews are draining the soil of Russia; that a Jew, after having invested a certain amount of capital in the purchase of an estate, in order to retrieve the capital plus interest, promptly exhausts all productive forces of the purchased land.

Yet try to say something about this and people will immediately start vociferating about the violation of the principle of economic freedom and civil equality. But what kind of equality is this if we have here an obvious and Talmudic state within the state, above all and in the first place?

If this is not only the exhausting of the soil but also the future exhaustion of our peasant, who having been liberated from the landowners, unquestionably and very soon will be driven into a much worse slavery of far more pernicious land owners, those same landowners who have already drained the sap out of the peasant in West Russia; those who are now not only purchasing estates and peasants, but have begun to buy liberal opinion, and who continue to do so quite successfully."
In Status in Statu, he said this:

"They already dominate all international politics, and what will follow, the Jews themselves know full well: their kingdom is coming, their complete empire."
"I know that in the world there is certainly no other people who would be complaining as much about their lot, incessantly, after each step and word of theirs, about their humiliation, their suffering, their martyrdom. One might think that it is not they who are reigning in Europe, who are directing there at least the stock exchanges and, therefore, politics, domestic affairs, the morality of the states."
In The Very Last Word of Civilization, he says this:

"The questioning man stands perplexed: Where is truth? Is it possible that the world is still so far from it? When will an end be put to strife? Will men ever get together? What stands in their way?... Where is humaneness?...

Once more the Jew has enthroned himself everywhere. Why, not only has he 'enthroned himself,' but he never ceased to reign!"
In Diary of a Writer, Dostoyevsky continued his condemnation of those who would exploit the Russian peasants:

"Jewry is thriving precisely there where the people are still ignorant, or not free, or economically backward. It is there that Jewry has a champ libre. And instead of raising, by its influence, the level of education, instead of increasing knowledge, generating economic fitness in the native population, instead of this the Jew, wherever he has settled, has still more humiliated and debauched the people; there humaneness was still more debased and the educational level fell still lower; there inescapable, inhuman misery, and with it despair, spread still more disgustingly.

Ask the native population in our border regions: What is propelling the Jew and has been propelling him for centuries? You will receive a unanimous answer: mercilessness.

'He has been prompted so many centuries only by pitilessness to us, only by the thirst for our sweat and blood.'

In truth, the whole activity of the Jews in these border regions of ours consisted of rendering the native population as much as possible inescapably dependent on them, taking advantage of the local laws. They have always managed to be on friendly terms with those upon whom the people were dependent.

Point to any other tribe from among Russian aliens which could rival the Jew by his dreadful influence in this connection! You will find no such tribe. In this respect the Jew preserves all his originality as compared with other Russian aliens, and of course, the reason therefore is that status of statu of his, that spirit of which specifically breathes pitilessness for everything that is not Jew, with disrespect for any people and tribe, for every human creature who is not a Jew."
In Diary of a Writer, Dostoyevsky also predicted, with uncanny accuracy, what might happen to the peasant population of Russia if the Jews gained control.

"Now, what if somehow, for some reason, our rural commune should disintegrate, that commune which is protecting our poor native peasant against so many ills; what if, straightaway, the Jew and his whole kehillah should fall upon that liberated peasant, so inexperienced, so incapable of resisting temptation, and who up to this time has been guarded precisely by the commune? Why, of course, instantly this would be his end; his entire property, his whole strength, the very next day would come under the power of the Jew, and there would ensue such an era as can be compared not only with the era of serfdom but even with that of the Tartar yoke...

Now, how would it be if in Russia there were not three million Jews, but three million Russians and there were eighty million Jews? Well, into what would they convert the Russians, and how would they treat them? Would they permit them to acquire equal rights? Would they permit them to worship freely in their midst? Wouldn’t they instead convert them into slaves? Worse than that: wouldn’t they skin them altogether? Wouldn’t they slaughter the Russians down to the last man, to the point of complete extermination, as they used to do with alien peoples in ancient times, during their ancient history?...

Step out of the family of nations and form your own entity, and thou shalt know that henceforth thou art the only one before God; exterminate the rest, or make slaves of them, or exploit them. Have faith in the conquest of the whole world; adhere to the belief that everything will submit to thee. Loathe strictly everything, and do not have intercourse with anyone in thy mode of living. And even when thou shalt lose the land, thy political individuality, even when thou shalt be dispersed all over the face of the earth, amidst all nations, nevermind, have faith in everything that has been promised thee, once and forever; believe that all this will come to pass, and meanwhile live, loathe, unite, and exploit—and wait, wait".
Dostoevsky was speaking more prophetically than he would ever know. Only 36 years after his death, when the Tsar’s government was weakened by WWI, the Jews finally succeeded in bringing off a successful armed revolution against the traditional Russian government and established in its place the greatest tyranny that the world had yet seen. No sooner had the Jews secured their political powers than they turned viciously on the Russian and Ukranian Christian peasantry.

It is estimated that the system imposed upon the Russian peoples by Lenin, Stalin, Trotsky, Zionviev, Kamenev, Sverdlov, Uritsky, Kaganovich, Yagoda et al., cost around 60,000,000 lives in the countries of eastern Europe where Judaic rule held sway. These dead do not include those that perished in WWII.

Of the top Communists mentioned above, Stalin was a Georgian Asiatic, one of Lenin's grandfathers was a Jew, Kamenev's father was a Jew, the rest were wholly Jewish.

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