Monday, 17 July 2006

Blair's final betrayal

The 23 June 2007 edition of The Daily Express commented thus:

"BLAIR'S FINAL BETRAYAL. In a final dash to secure his European legacy, the outgoing Prime Minister caved in to a demand by France’s President Nicolas Sarkozy to remove the 50-year-old commitment to 'undistorted competition' from the document’s main statement. Critics claimed the move will allow Britain’s continental rivals to erect trade barriers, impose more red tape and pour subsidies into their failing industries...

Eurosceptic campaigners accused the Prime Minister of wrecking Europe’s common market, THE ONLY ASPECT OF THE EU WHICH BRITISH VOTERS HAVE EVER SUPPORTED IN A NATIONAL REFERENDUM.

Mr Blair cut his deal with Mr Sarkozy during a one-to-one meeting yesterday… He agreed to scrapping the commitment to 'undistorted competition' in a concession to Mr Sarkozy’s desire to protect French jobs.

Thus, we are now largely governed from Europe, something we never signed up for, never agreed to, were assured was not the point of joining, and were likewise, assured would never happen, and the one thing we did sign up for, free trade amongst the member states, is now history.
Blair’s FINAL betrayal? Trust me, there will be more. But in handing us this 'distorted competition' document, the continentals, who have never believed in playing by the rules anyway, have just been handed another massive stick to beat us with.

What follows are some of the main points in the Treaty as listed by the BBC web site:

"The scope of decisions to be taken under the new system IS EXTENDED TO 40 NEW AREAS…
More control of our affairs by unelected, invisible EU bureaucrats then.

A president to be elected by EU leaders for a two-and-a-half-year term will replace the current system in which EU leaders rotate into the president's post every six months.
A.N.Other grotesquely overpaid non-native stuffed shirt none of us ever voted for telling us what to do.

"The constitution's envisaged post of 'Foreign Minister' has been dropped in favour of a High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. He or she will also become Vice President of the union."

"From 2014, the EU's executive arm, the Commission, will be reduced in size. There will no longer be a commissioner to represent every member country - but from two-thirds only."
Further reducing the national clout of some of the smaller states within the international whole.

"To assuage fears that it is developing into a super-state, the IGC has been tasked to agree on the following declaration: 'The conference confirms that the fact that the European Union has a legal personality will not in any way authorise the Union to legislate or to act beyond the competences conferred upon it by the member states in the treaties'."
Thing is, if all of the representatives of the 'member states' are as happy to betray their own country as Chairman Blair was to betray us, then the formation of the so-called 'super-state' (run by a global cabal of Blair clones) is a fait accomplit anyway.

Chairman B opined:

"The truth is we've been arguing now for many years about the constitutional question. This deal gives US a chance to move on."
By 'us,' Chairman Blair means the Global Villagers, the New World Order Boys and those who do their dirty work for them out front.

Subsequently, Foreign Secretary, Margaret Beckett, instructed Radio 4's Today programme listeners that Britain was NOT a country which 'governs by referendum' and added:

"People buy into the notion that somehow some massive change has taken place. This is not a massive change."
And if you believe that you’ll, probably, believe that George Bush is NOT a smirking chimpanzee and 'Yo Blair' was never the pet bunny of those who own the chimp.

Shadow Foreign Secretary, William Hague, said Blair had 'absolutely no democratic mandate' to push through the changes that had been made and added:

"Blair and Brown have signed up to major shifts of power from Britain to the EU and major changes in the way the EU works. The EU would now be able to sign treaties in its own right and, despite any 'opt-ins', the European Commission and Court of Justice would now have new powers over criminal law."
The leader of UKIP, Nigel Farage, said:

"The real achievement of this summit - and Tony Blair has helped in this - is that the European Union itself has taken a significant step forward to becoming THE GLOBAL SUPERPOWER THAT IT HAS ALWAYS SOUGHT TO BE."
when it comes to the EU, the oily F does sometimes say things most of us can agree with.

Check out The truth about the EU and the sinister organisation, Common Purpose.

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