Monday, 17 July 2006

Raise the Age of Criminal Responsibility to 18!

The age of criminal responsibility should be raised from 10 to 18, says the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies crowd.

The report they have produced also suggests that children should no longer be sent to prison. Rebecca Palmer, of the Children and Young People's Unit at the Greater London Authority, says:

"The negative perception of young people as 'hoodie-wearing yobs' should be concertedly challenged. The age of criminal responsibility should be raised to 18 and Asbos should be abolished."
My father was feeding his family when he was six. I was making Sunday dinners for my working parents when I was ten and I knew right from wrong a long time before that. The PC creatures who dream up these commonsenseless directives have, almost always, never had a proper job in their lives.

There is one idea and one only behind this latest nonsense. This is it: as black youth is way over-represented in the national crime statistics, we must remove them from the database! (To make it appear to the truly dim as though there is much less black criminality than there actually is)

Enver Solomon, the deputy director of the Centre for Crime and Justice Studies, says this:

"We are publishing this because we believe the current age of criminal responsibility is too low and there needs to be an urgent rethink... We think the new Ministry of Justice should make it a priority to look again at the age of criminal responsibility."
I would suggest that Mr Solomon go back to the land where most of his ancestors are buried and try out his ideas on the current inhabitants. I don't think those who shoot the little boys that throw stones at their tanks would be too impressed with Enver's philosophy.

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