Monday, 3 July 2006

A different kind of Briton

On 1 October 2011, The Daily Express reported thus:

“Christians reacted furiously last night after it emerged that COUNCIL MEMBERS HAVE BEEN BANNED FROM SAYING PRAYERS AT MEETINGS. Two councils in East Sussex have been warned that CHRISTIAN PRAYERS ARE NOT PART OF THEIR DUTIES.

Mayfield parish council was issued the ‘advice’ by the Sussex Association of Local Councils after voting to include a prayer session in its meetings. Councillors were told it was not appropriate at a public meeting and should be taken off the agenda. The row prompted councillors from nearby Crowborough town council to get involved, claiming prayers have formed part of their meetings for as long as anyone could remember."
So, ladies and gents, tell me whose side you’re on here?

Are you with the Crowborough Mayor, Kay Moss, who says:

“NO ONE’S EVER SAID THERE WAS A PROBLEM. THE prayer predates me by a long way. There was a motion a few years ago to do away with it but WE VOTED FOR THE PRAYER TP CONTINUE. I’ve never heard since that we were doing anything wrong.”
Or do you prefer the thought processes of Former Crowborough town councillor, Julian Salmon, the bloke responsible for the ‘motion a few years ago,’ who says:

“When I attended meetings I just wanted to get on with it and talk about issues in the town, rather than anything religious. If people want to pray just do it before you come to the meeting.”
Do your own opinions coincide with those of Alan Craig, leader of the Christian Peoples Alliance?

“THIS DEMAND IS PART OF THE SECULARISATION OF OUR SOCIETY. As we rip up Christian values and now Christian prayers we see the result on our streets in the form of rioting, binge drinking and drug culture. The most important thing is to get Christian values and Christian prayers back into our society and not take them away. Having Christian prayers is saying Christian values are good values for public life and a council meeting is a part of public life.”
Or do your opinions line up with the outlook of Jacqui Simes of the Sussex Association of Local Councils, who says:

“Prayers are not part of a parish council’s duties AND CANNOT BE INCLUDED IN THE AGENDA. THEY SHOULD NOT BE PART OF THE MEETING. It should be something completely separate.”
The fact that prayers CAN be included in the agenda and are so included by many parish councils should not, in this politically correct day and age, encourage anyone to think that Ms Simes is a liar.

Well, folks, I know whose point of view I tend towards and I’m an agnostic!

Just in case you’re undecided as to which way to go on this matter, just remember that those who would ‘rip up Christian values’ NEVER have a bad word to say about Islam, mass immigration or foreigners being given preference in the jobs and council housing markets. Then write down the names of a reprentative of ‘the Sussex Association of Local Councils’ and a ‘former Crowborough town councillor’ in the blackest of your little black books. For reference in a future governed by a different kind of Briton.

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