Monday, 3 July 2006

Can you guess what this is?

Can You Guess What This Is?

I know what you're thinking but, no, it's not one of them. And, no, it's not one of them either!

Times up, ladies and gentlemen, it's a... It's a... wait for it!

It's a British barrister!

Come on. Admit it! You knew it all along, didn't you? Yes, the lady in the picture is the barrister, Elizabeth Joseph, who has no less than 25 years years experience at the bar!

The 5 December 2008 edition of The Daily Mail takes up the story:

"Elizabeth Joseph, 56, screamed at police and went berserk after officers stopped and searched her battered Hyundai outside a railway station. The barrister continued ranting at police during the search and even tried to film the incident on her mobile phone. She screamed: 'What? Do you think I'm a terrorist' before sinking her teeth into PC Vincent Geaves' right hand as she was handcuffed, Snaresbrook Crown Court heard.

Joseph, based at Old Square chambers in Lincoln's Inn, central London, continued her bizarre behaviour after she was taken into custody by 'ranting, praying and singing loudly'.

At one point she took her clothes off in preparation for a 'strip search' and continued yelling at officers during her arrest. Now Joseph's professional reputation and 25 year career at the bar is in ruins after she was convicted of assaulting a police officer in the execution of his duty. Joseph, of Leyton, east London, was also convicted of obstructing a constable...

The lawyer, who represented herself in a long running appeal and lost, was sentenced to carry out 60 hours' unpaid work and ordered to pay £8,750 court costs...

Joseph told the court there was no way she would be able to pay the £8,750 cost in 90 days. She said: 'I have got enough issues. My reputation is at stake. Clearly it's something that will be referred to the Bar Council... I have to pay the debts I already have in relation to my mortgage, to which I have to appear at the Bow County Court on the 8th of this month in respect of my mortgage arrears. You cannot sue a man of straw. Basically, I do not have the money. My practice has not been my priority since I became a Christian.'

Judge Beech was forced to warn Joseph about her 'court etiquette' as she muttered replies."
I wonder, if I showed this story to a fully paid up member of the PC Crowd, a Blairite or some random Red, do you think they might insist that barristers have always behaved like this? I think they might, you know.

Anyway, this is what a British barrister looks like nowadays and this is what it's liable to get up to if you don't keep it on a lead.

Ah yes, ladies and gents, all is as it should be in the Multicult.

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