Monday, 3 July 2006

Children should come together in a common purpose

On 4 October 2011, David Levin, Headmaster of the City of London School, said this at the annual Headmasters' and Headmistresses' Conference in St Andrews.

"I grew up in South Africa, where apartheid was imposed by the government. People had to live in different areas. Increasingly I am alarmed at the way LONDON IS DIVIDED INTO GHETTOS. We are becoming a silo society.”
Levin, who is Vice-Chairman of the Conference, added:

“I think LONDON IS SLEEPWALKING TOWARDS JOHANNESBURG – THE GHETTOISATION OF THE COMMUNITY. It means they are not mixing with people from other faiths, different races and different socio-economic backgrounds…

One of the things I have learned pre and post – particularly post – apartheid is that your imagination is much stronger than the reality. YOU MAY NOT LIKE SOMEONE, BUT IF YOU KNOW THEM THEN YOU DO NOT FEAR THEM… I think schools should be an area in which, in a rational protected way, CHILDREN FROM A DIFFERENT BACKGROUND, FAITH, RACIAL GROUPING SHOULD COME TOGETHER in a COMMON PURPOSE of education and get to know each other. I THINK THAT'S VERY IMPORTANT."
I wonder, David, more than 3,500 Boer farmers and their family members have been murdered by marauding black gangs since Nelson Mandela came to power. Do you think they might still be here if happy-clappy melting-potters like you hadn’t forced them to 'come together' in a 'common purpose' with their killers?

As for us ‘sleepwalking towards Johannesburg’, this is what happens when you fill a homogeneous society with outsiders. All of a sudden you get ghettoes, no-go areas and, if the government prefers the immigrant to the indigenous, ethnic cleansing. At this point, what once worked well becomes hell on earth for those whom the immigrant is encouraged to muscle aside.

Levin is, of course, complaining that the socially engineered multiculturalising process, imposed upon the British people by the likes of him, isn’t working. Thing is, nowhere on planet earth have people ever wanted to live alongside others they don’t know and don‘t care for. The human race is happiest living amongst its own kind. This is the way of the animal world.

Unfortuately, it is not the way of the Cultural Marxists who rule our lives.

Levin is a common Jewish name.

Jews were prominent in South-Africa’s anti-apartheid movement and have featured prominently in that country's post-apartheid governments. These things, coupled with the fact that Mr Levin wants to inflict the Multicult upon the British schoolchild, suggest to me that he is, indeed, a Jew.

Within the YouTube video, RACIST!, you will see a 'death to Whitey' type hymn being sung by the ANC at one point. Nelson Mandela features, as does Ronnie Kastrils (the guy in the green shirt), a minister in his first government. Mandela doesn't actually sing but Kastrils does.

Kastrils is Jewish. As were many of those whom Mandela chose to employ when he became South Africa's President.

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